Tuesday, December 16, 2014


The SUO challenge blog this week is a challenge to make a winter themed holiday card or project.  I opted for the card.  I'm not the most proficient at the anything but a card thing…..and since I procrastinated till Sunday night…..well you know…..projects take time. :) Actually so did this card! ;)  I just love the little letters die set, and I am the hostess for the color challenge this week and chose these pretty soft colors, soft sky, old olive and cherry cobbler.  I think I am realizing that though I generally just love COLOR, cherry cobbler may be my all time fav.  :) Soft sky might be second.  Anyway - maybe you should hop on over to SCS today and play in the color challenge!!  Isn't this just a yummy color combination?  I hate when people call colors yummy, but I'm sorry, these ARE yummy.  And it's Christmas,,,,so spread a little JOY!, right?  Have yourself a merry little Christmas…..and remember to thank God for HIS unspeakable gift!! ;) Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


The SUO challenge this week is TAGS…..I had one of those weeks this week…..just one where I didn't get up to my stamp room at all.  The color challenge came out, and it was exactly the colors of a card I made a while ago and had not used for anything yet…..and I even love it!! Then Saturday, I happened to get up and for some unknown reason, I felt moved to put my coworkers little Christmas gifts together, and make tags and personalize their bags, and I won't be even giving them to them until Christmas week….but I just felt like getting it done so I did.  Then I remembered it was the SUO challenge week, and I was like OH, NO, what is the theme? Cuz I was so busy…just didn't know when I would have a chance to take my time and CREATE…..so low and behold, it was TAGS, and I had just finished making 5 little bags like this one and decorating with a TAG!!!!  I love when God knows you are stretched to the limit and then shows you in a way like that that HE understands and HE has your back. :) Don't you?  My friend Lillian who I told you all about last time has gone straight into the arms of Jesus.  I cried for a few days, but not for her, for me.  I know Lillian is walking with Jesus, and I know she is happy and I know the angels are rejoicing over this saint who came home…..but us here, we are crying at the loss of a precious friend and mother, grandmother, etc. etc.  Oh the blessed hope that we will one day meet again, and I hope my mansion is on the same street with Lillians!! Until next time…..Karen

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The SUO challenge blog subject this week is MARKERS.  I colored these posies with the cherry cobbler blendabilities.  Those new markers are the BOMB.  I have always loved to color - it's my thing, but these markers make it so much easier!!  Okay, this week I chose this stamp in honor of a dear friend of mine who is probably living out her last days.  She is old enough to be my  mom, but yet we had such a bond of friendship over the years that she felt at times more like a peer.  She has been motherly to me, a sister in Christ, a spiritual mentor, an encourager, just a lifelong friend from my New York days.  So now she is at AIM's retirement center in Florida and this past week they thought she would be seeing her saviour face to face.  The last report is that she had stabilized, and maybe she will be with us longer after all.  If I think over my spiritual walk, I think no one else has had as much influence on me in my life then Lillian.  She helped me over so many hurdles in life.  She is one of those people that just helps you understand Jesus in a whole new way.  She has not had an easy life, and whenever I face trials it goes thru my mind, maybe this will make me more like Lillian in her faith walk.  She never let disappointment separate her from Jesus.  I think over the years that is what I have done a little.  Life is full of disappointments and Lillian has turned all of her disappointments into a reason to praise her God.  It's a genuine likeness of Christ that seems to ooze out of her every pore…..she is so real, so down to earth, so much an example of the beauty within that is born of the refiners fire.  It's been years since I lived close enough to Lillian to have her as a companion as I did for many years in NY, but I still hear from her every now and again and if I saw her tomorrow I know we could pick up right where we last left off, it's that kind of a friendship.  As I contemplated her going to be with Jesus, I have to say I don't know anyone who would be as ready to walk into the arms of Jesus as Lillian would be.  She is so in tune with God, I can just picture her stepping from earth to heaven's gates, and it being a natural transition for her.  Absence from her body will be instant presence with the Lord, she is already present with the Lord, in HIS kingdom on earth.  Tears will flow from people she has influenced on this earth….I know I shed a few this weekend just thinking of losing her here on earth….but I know that when she does go from this world into the next, whether it be sooner or later,  I think the voice of God will be almost audible to HIS believers as he takes her hand, and says, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant!  Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


The SUO challenge blog theme this week is a theme of THANKS or THANKFULNESS. As humans, we don't naturally foster a heart of thankfulness, do we?  Or am I the only one who finds it much easier to complain than to remember all I have to be thankful for?  First of all, Thank you Lord for family, for a loving husband and for four children and their wonderful spouses who all make me so proud when I see the adults they have grown into - but really Lord, thanks for THAT too, because without you, where would they be?  Where would we all be?  Thank you for GRANDCHILDREN, oh yes…the biggest thank you EVER for GRANDCHILDREN. Thank you for my mom and my stepmom who live close enough to share our lives with us.   Thank you for JOBS, and our HOME, and a huge one, our HEALTH.   How much do we take our HEALTH for granted??  Thank you for extended family (my sister Tammy!!)  and for friends who are like family, thank you for the gift of your salvation…. thank you for dying on a cross for my SINS.  If we REALLY wrapped our heads around BEING THANKFUL….all day long, every day, even thankful for trials and testing…..our lives would be so much happier.  I'm gonna try to go a full day without complaining about anything or anyone.  Tomorrow.  I'm gonna do it.  I'm gonna try really hard to be thankful all day - every day…I have so much to be thankful for!!  That's all, that's it, I'm just gonna try to be a person who is thankful….that's all, that's it!!  Until next time….Karen

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The SUO challenge this week is for TREATS…..so I made this weeny little shopping bag full of "treats".  :) I used a lot of discontinued items on this little creation, like ribbon, dsp, and corduroy button. :) Speaking of treats, I just got home from celebrating my 41st wedding anniversary with my husband where we surely ate way too much. :) We ended our meal with a piece of caramel sugar crusted cheesecake, can you please tell me, "WHY??"  Oh my, it's gonna be a long night.  It was really yummy but my tummy is now asking, "Why, why, WHY??"  And all I can say is, I promise I will never do it again. haha.  It's so dang easy to overeat.  Well, 41 years of marriage to your high school sweetheart is something to overeat about, right?? In this day and age?? Right??? :) Okay, off to bed where I shall toss and turn from over eating.  Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


The SUO Challenge this week was "Out in the Woods" and right away, I thought night time. :) So I used this GREAT new photopolymer stamp set called "White Christmas" - all these cute little stamps to put together in different ways….so fun!!  I had my annual Eastern Ohio ladies weekend this past weekend.  That's where some of my first stamping customers join me for a weekend of stamping, eating, laughing, stamping, listening to music, stamping, etc, and did I mention stamping??  This week I was joined by only 3(Gloria, Joann, and Margo) of them for various reasons.  But we still had a stamping good time and made a pile of cards. :) It was so fun to show them the Blendabilities and see how happy they were with their coloring efforts.  Well as you can see there wasn't much coloring that went in to THIS one, but it still took a while to make. :) Not my usual flower card - but fun to stamp all the same! :)  We decided that we wouldn't ever do this for our mass produced Christmas card, just at the thought of cutting out all those weeny cardinals.  Holy Shnikes that is SMALL.  Okay well I am in rambling mode again so I will leave you with my woodsy creation here and say until next time, happy stamping!! Karen

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The SUO Challenge this week is FALL COLORS, or Colors that make YOU think of fall….Fall is by far my favorite time of the year.  I always get that hunker down, warm, cozy feeling in fall…..and I LOVE the colors of fall,,,,I love pumpkins, and everything made from pumpkins, I love the changing leaves, I love the snappy mornings, I love sweaters, and boots, and hoodies, and I love FALL!!  Today our house was photographed so it can be listed….I can hardly wait to see it when they get the pictures posted.  Some lady got ahold of the fact that we are selling and she keeps sending me listings in my email, even though we already have an agent.  The other day, she emailed me my own house.  RUB SOME SALT IN THE WOUND WHY DON'T YOU??  HAHA.  My husband and I are going to see if we can get into some really good habits from this experience, since the house will have to look stellar at all times, it's forcing us to wash the dish we just used, pick up after ourselves immediately, and be generally good cleaners.  Wouldn't it be nice if we just lived like this?? Cuz I LOVE coming downstairs in the morning when everything is in  it's place, and there is a place for everything.  This all gives me that cozy fall feeling, a clean house, yes!! okay I am just rambling now……who, me?  Ramble?? Time for me to jet……Happy Stamping everyone, go stamp yourself some FALL!! Until next time………Karen