Tuesday, March 27, 2018


The SUO challenge this week is encouragement - in a thank you, or a thinking of you, or something like that.  This week, I am definitely thinking of Robin Messenheimer, our fearless leader for the SUO challenge blog, who is stepping down as our leader.  I have taken part in a lot of different groups like this over the years, swap groups, blog groups, etc.  The leader always sets the tone, and they aren't all like Robin.  Robin has been such a pleasure to work with.  She has shown the patience of Job with my lack of technology skills.  She never made me feel lame, not even once.  She has taken care of business with mind numbing regularity and always with a cheerful heart.  Gosh I will miss you Robin, truly.  At first I thought I might move on with her, but this SUO challenge blog is what currently keeps my blogging, so I think I will stick around and see what the future brings.  More stamping, more blogging, but I surely will miss you Robin, I surely will.  Until next time,  Karen

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


The SUO challenge this week is SPRING!!  And butterflies make me think of SPRING!  And good on me, I used my Brushos for this card!!  Hard to achieve this level of brightness without them!!  This is also my favorite DSP in the Occasions Mini catalog.  It was fun to experiment with Brushos and in the end I was happy with my results- I think a rule of thumb for Brushos would be to keep trying until you are happy!!  This big bright butterfly is also in the Occasions Mini - so much fun stuff in there - so many stamps, so little time!  Someday when I retire I will stamp all day!  :) Happy Tuesday everyone!! Keep on stamping! Until next time......Karen

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Okay, so the SUO challenge this week was supposed to be our favorite sentiment.  Truth be told, MY favorite sentiment is NO SENTIMENT.....it's amazing how many times I make a card and I just can't figure out where to put a sentiment on the front of the card, so I end up without one.  So this is one of my favorite stamps right now, and I designed the card around the sentiment, instead of designing the card and trying to place a sentiment somewhere on it.....but THIS VERSE.  Right?  How many people can you think of right this moment who need to grab a hold of this verse and hang on?  Life can kick you when you're down.  But Fear not!! He is with us!!  NOW that's a sentiment to hang your hat on!!! Until next time........Karen

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


The SUO challenge this week was to case a catalog sample.  Casing is not my thing.  If I try to copy someone's card to the T, mine never looks as good as theirs.  So my style of casing is to use the other person's card as a sort of "springboard" and to just add my own twist.  So i chose one of the samples for this picnic set in the Occasions MIni catalog.  I used sort of the same layout, and the same stamps, and the same sentiment - but changed it up some.  The worst part about making this card was cutting all those weeny posies with the dies....cuz they were jumping around like Mexican jumping beans on the magnetic platform....I was exhausted by the time I finished.  HAHA.  Is there a secret to using the magnetic platform and NOT having stuff do the Irish jig on top??? If so, someone, please share.  Put me out of my misery.  Okay - I'm waiting.......happy Tuesday everyone!! Until next time,  Karen

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


The SUO challenge tonite is Hearts a Plenty, but for me the biggest challenge is STAYING AWAKE long enough to get this post ready to go!! I am sooooo sleepy tonite - I was supposed to load a sample for the color challenge at 10:30 as I am a sampler.....and I patiently waited and waited for the magic hour of 10:30....and the next thing I knew my phone said it was 11:07......YIKES!!! Sleep is so delectable when you aren't supposed to be sleeping.....right?? So I am going to load this card - which has been dancing around in my head for days and yesterday if finally made it from the brain to the paper....gotta love the pandas, and they are FREE with a $50 order!!!  Happy Tuesday everyone!! Until next time......

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


The SUO challenge this week is a monochromatic card....something I have not made in a long time.  I tend to be all about coloring....so it's good to stretch now and again and do something outside the box.  I used crumb cake ink for this - worked up very quickly for me.  I had so much company over Christmas I thought I would never stamp again.  Then, just like that, they are all gone and the house is so big, and empty, and lonely.....and.....I stamp.  Stamping is the best therapy.  Anyone else?  Stamping has gotten me through many a lonely day and night.  Anyway...this is one of the new Saleabration stamp sets - one of the FREEBIES.  Really makes a quick card!!  Guess that will do it for this time - Happy Tuesday everyone!! Keep on stamping and save money on shrinks!! ;) Until next time........Karen

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


The SUO challenge this week is a favorite image, and holly berries and these ones in particular are a favorite for me.   I just love holly and ivy.....such an iconic part of Christmas.  At my house this year, our kids are here from Africa for a whole month....so not alot of stamping is getting done as I am spending every available moment soaking up the visit of my family.  My firstborn grand daughter is here...and her sister.  It's funny how much JOY it fills my soul with, and yet there is always an ache for the ones I am not near.  It even feels a bit more acute when I am with SOME of them but not ALL of them.  What's up with that?   At any rate, I am enjoying these two girls to the max.  God is GOOD.  Tears will fall when they leave, but I am always left with a grateful heart for the time I had.  That's it for today my friends, Merry Christmas to all!! Until next time, Karen