Saturday, December 29, 2007


Okay, when I first saw this stamp set I jumped for joy(metaphorically speaking for anyone who really knows me I am really not the "actual jump for joy" type) at one that really looked like I would LOVE it!! Ordered it as soon as we could, all the time thinking, word stamp,Embrace Life,,,what were they thinking? Like hmmmmm, who do you give an embrace life card to anyway?? (as if I ever send 1/2 the cards I make ANYWAY....)but I was thinking I wish they would just make more HB and Thinking of you and Thanks stamps and lay off the EMBRACE LIFE stamps, or the Delight in this or that stamps......but hey- upon deeper thinking and further reflection I stand corrected. The stage I am at in life right now, I should send MYSELF an Embrace Life card everyday!! And I could also send one to all my menopausal, empty nester friends as well on a daily basis!!
Look at my life with me for a bit......I am living hundreds of miles from most of my family and friends......I am working really long hours, I am separated from my husband all week who I worked side by side with for 23 years.....and the list COULD go on....but I will stop there, isnt' that plenty enough to feel sorry for myself about?? BUT, if we turn it around and look at it THIS way, look what happens.....I live in my beautiful little dream house in a beautiful little town surrounded by potential new friends, my daughter and her husband and our grand dog Moseley live right across town, I work hard at a new job I find challenging and FUN, I am temporarily separated from my husband so he can get a job locally after doing over the road time for experience,(meanwhile we talk on the phone a gazillion times a day thanks to verizon to verizon free minutes) I have children who live far from me but love me and stay in touch with me, I have 5 beautiful and HEALTHY grand daughters and a golden retriever who is faithful and loyal and loving and keeps me company on lonely nights......AND I HAVE AN AWESOME STAMP ROOM TO BOOT......I have so much TO BE THANKFUL FOR!! So, as Mary Engelbreigt says, Life is 10 percent about what happens to you and 90 percent about what you do with what happens to you.....I love that!! I work with a young girl right now who has suffered with health maladies since she was born prematurely....Her latest battle has been with cysts on her optic nerves that cause her to go eye is pretty much blind at this point unless she takes large doses of steriods, the other eye has temporarily gone blind on her two times. Her attitude has taught me so much......her standard answer to any situation where she could feel sorry for herself is, "It's only an eyeball and I still have one that works". So much wisdom from a 22 year old. Her standard line to me if I am feeling sorry for myself about something is "At least you have 2 eyeballs that work" - Very times it has taken an extra measure of grace not to fire a smart remark back at her when she says that but you know why? Because she's RIGHT......We all have so much to be thankful for, and yet I for one find myself focusing on the half empty part of the glass too often. I had a nice long talk with a friend in my DL who called last night - as we talked on, and we don't know eachother really well, have just always sensed a kindred spirit in eachother, we discovered that our lives are pretty similar. We both love to stamp, we both love Mary Engelbreigt, we are both Christians who try to love and follow God, we are both big worriers and we tend to focus too much on worrying about our adult children. We both miss our grand children a LOT. As we talked we both realized we need to focus on the positive at this stage in life and to really EMBRACE LIFE!! I really enjoyed that nice long chat SUE!! :) I think this is going to be my New Year's Resolution!! Last year it was to lose weight, and I now attend Curves regularly and have lost the post Ohio weight that crept on(about 10 pounds) when I ate my way thru loneliness and probably an additional 6 or 7 pounds after that - So hopefully I will be equally as happy with my resolution to COUNT MY BLESSINGS MORE next year!! I do count my blessings, but I feel like I live on the edge of sadness alot, and I want to move. :) :) Perspective is everything. Last year Keith and I cleaned models every Friday night and I used to say to him, I really enjoy Friday nights.....we would always go out to eat, then go clean models, which is great as far as cleaning goes, if you have to clean, it's better to clean stuff that never actually gets used......but Keith would always say, I can think of lots of things I would rather do with you then clean models though, and then this year I said to him, "Wouldn't it be great to clean models on Friday nights again?" and he chuckled and said yes, since now we don't SEE eachother till sometime on Saturday........and there you have it- perspective. We should not complain about our present situation cuz comically, we need to realize our next could be WORSE. And if we are really just passing thru this life and I believe we are and our purpose is to grow closer to and more LIKE JESUS, then we should really and truly EMBRACE LIFE and count our blessings and enjoy the ride!! That's what I intend to do in 2008....Happy New Year everyone - Hope you enjoyed the cards and the blab, and don't forget to read on for the Christmas's pretty funny and not so heavy!! Happy New Year!!

I've Found the BOOTS, now where are the BONES?

Okay, so I am making time to blog right now.....I have at least a million other things I SHOULD be doing, but I have so much blog material overflowing my brain that if I just take the time to get it OUT, I may have time to do some of those other things. IT ALL STARTED, when I lost the boots. How does one lose an entire pair of BOOTS that one just purchased as the main Christmas gift for one's daughter? But alas, they were lost. I spent the entire Saturday before Christmas turning the HOUSE upside down looking for those boots, doing the necessary cleaning as I went along. I combed our 4 stories counting the attic bedroom TOP to BOTTOM. I found lots of other stuff I wasn't looking for, like little bird poop deposits from the bird who got into our house the week before, (I hid in the basement until my neighbor Linda showed up with her husband's fishing net, and then her husband later scooped the bird up and took it out for us....I thought it was a BAT, that's why I was hiding in the basement but that's another story altogether) BUT how HAPPY one is to FIND the poop BEFORE the Christmas house guest, my dear friend Annette found it.....Annette and I have so much in common, but having a kitchen floor you could EAT OFF OF is NOT one of those imagine my delight that I found the poop before she did!! :):):):) In case you haven't guessed from reading the above, it is not I who has the floor you could eat off of!! Okay- so back to the boots, I did NOT find them and I finally came to the conclusion I would have to buy another pair, but since we haven't switched gifts with Rebekah and Jon yet, I won't need to. :) Read on.....They (bekah and jon) went to Chicago for Christmas, so our two Christmas guests this year were Annette Horton, our friend from AIM days.....AND of course, the beloved and angelic Moseley, Bekah and Jon's golden retriever. We usually make both dogs sleep in our bedroom at night, but Moseley has had an inflamed knee and when he protested climbing the stairs earlier that day, we decided we would trust him to sleep all curled up on the living room rug where he looked so compfy. The first night was uneventful, he slept soundly and no mischief was he up to. :) :) Now to back up a little, after ALL my shopping was done and the gifts were tucked under the tree, I remembered that in my haste and thoughtlessness, there were no gifts for Luca and Mosley. Another of a myriad of last minute trips to Kroegers was in off I went with Annette, one more time. It soon became apparent that everyone else in Miamisburg had the same problem as the dog toy selection was pretty pathetic. I ended up with two very interesting looking toys, they had a stuffed tiger head with a huge rope hanging out of his mouth with a ball on the end of it......not exactly cute, but it was the only one that had two the same, and everyone knows you can't play favorites even if you do love your own dog the best......Moseley is our KID too when he's here and we treat them equally. I found two roast beef bones, and off we went. I wrapped these also and put them under the tree. I remember thinking at the last minute, roast beef bones under the tree.....hmmmmm, not smart and I THINK I took those BONES and put them in a safe place, but ALAS, I still cannot remember where. (okay, so I just wiped out my favorite card, DARN IT! - there will be more then one post today cuz it's one of my favs and I am going to go and add it later.....Will I EVER learn how to do this right???????????????)Back to the bones........The next morning, which happened to be Christmas, I vaguely remember being awoken from dream land with Keith whispering, HEY, DO YOU HEAR THAT?? And I was like, yeh, someones opening our my head,,,,but I was in that strange land of dream world where you know you need to wake up and DO SOMETHING but your brain and your body aren't on the same page......gosh, gee, sounds like the noise of ripped paper,......KEITH bounded up in his boxers, and got to the door and realized he was in his boxers and we had a female house guest so he stops to get dressed, but me, upon fully waking up, I ran to the top of the stairs in my UNDERWEAR and yelled, very loudly, MOSELEY- BAD BOY - NO - STOP -WHATEVER....and then I bounded DOWN the stairs in my undies and chased him away, he sort of slinked off toward the living room, and then I saw it, he had that stupid tiger head with the bouncing ball on it hanging out of his mouth.....and he sheepishly sat down on the living room carpet and I just lost it laughing. About 1/2 of the gifts were deposited all over the floor, but he had found what he was looking for. Most of what he unwrapped were gifts for my coworkers, we had a gift exchange yesterday and some of the YANKEE candle boxes had Moseley bites taken out of them but the contents were in tact. Okay - so NOW, the question is....and the question remains......did I put those bones in a nice safe place.......or had I put them under the tree after all and then if so, did Moseley devour them paper and all like he did the three chocolates that were in my coworkers gift? (Moseley is living proof that chocolate, dark, or milk, with nuts or without does NOT kill dogs) AND - the final part of this story is this.........when I bent over to pick up my coworkers gifts that were strewn all over the dining room floor, there to my utter amazement, tucked away on a DR chair under the table, were those elusive BOOTS - in a nice safe place. I had LOOKED under the dining room table for those BOOTS at LEAST 10 times on the Saturday before Christmas.....but upon investigating I discovered that if you walked into the DR and looked under the table at just the natural angle......the rungs of one chair blocked out the boots and you never saw them at all!! They were hiding there so I had to at least be grateful to Moseley for something in that whole charade!! And that is how we started Christmas morning.... which they say is boring without children, so if you have no children left at home and life and Christmas has turned boring.....I suggest two large golden retrievers to keep you young!! Keith was able to make it home for Christmas, a bonus that we did not expect and really, the best Christmas gift of all and one that this trucking job has taught me I will NEVER take for granted again.......and it was wonderful having Annette here all weekend and catching up with her......we got to talk to some grandmas, my sister, and all four kids on Christmas which was a real bonus.......had a nice long conversation with the Davis family in Kenya and mostly what I heard was they anticipate coming home in July instead of August, YIPPEE....and we talked to Tovah who sounds more and more like a little lady and we at least heard Lami cry, Talked to Mike and Jenna and Layla - Layla is 2,1/2 but talks like a 20 year old....and told me all about the "pitcher mommy bought for daddy where all the guys had their hands in the air and gramma, they are freakin out!" (which was actually a picture of the RED SOX winning the WORLD SERIES......We talked to Bethany and Brian who were on the way to get Madyson and Chloe, and spent their CHRISTMAS weekend looking at houses and they now plan to close on a townhouse on Jan 17th.....and we also chatted with Bekah a bit as well in Chicago with Jon's parents....All in all a happy Christmas, cuz at least we live in a world where when we can't BE together we can at least TALK together......and we thank our GOD for that!! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR in store!! I guess for me, I will always wonder if the bones are in a nice safe place, and if so will they turn up one of these days and make Luca's day!! Now, I am off to add the card I wiped out and maybe a couple more too! :)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Merry Christmas to All......

Hello Friends~ Since I never ever get around to sending Christmas cards, I decided to send them this way!! Take your pick - I have posted several here and you can pick the one you like and consider it my card to you and your family!! That's sad, that ever since I became a demonstrator I never seem to get Christmas cards out!! Every year I at LEAST design one in my HEAD.....and the one with the Christmas tree bulb design down a couple of cards I actually have 100 half made cards of......isn't that pathetic?? Maybe some year I will actually finish them and send them along with the Christmas letter that I have also written in my head, but it actually never makes it to paper and then gets sent here is what I would say if I DID write a Christmas letter,,,,,I would say, we have been in Ohio now for over a year and a half........
and this is already our SECOND Christmas....we love so much about it, we love that after 23 years of apartment living we actually have a house of our's warm and cozy and beautiful.....when I walk thru the door at night it just hugs me....and no matter how long and hard my day has been, my house welcomes me, along with Luca who practically attacks me with JOY to see me after a long day at this aspect of Ohio we love, our spacious yard... our hot tub...also very welcoming at the end of a long day....we have sweet neighbors.....I came home the other day and they had shoveled the snow off my sweet. We love living close to Bekah and Jon, we have our usual Sunday ritual of eating out after church and then crashing at one of our houses for the afternoon....I love my job at Dr. Sato's office, although it is all consuming I still love it, and I love my nice spacious stamp room which I retreat to every chance I get, Keith is starting to enjoy his trucking job and has finally found a connection to his boss that makes the job more enjoyable....and so therefore the separations more bearable...At least he is getting home on weekends now consistently. We even got to spend Thanksgiving together - which was an unexpected bonus.....and we are praying he'll be home for Christmas.... eventually after a year or so of working this trucking job...he can get something local and then be home on a daily basis.....but you need a year of experience for that....Let's see - in a Christmas letter you give family news too.....Jen and Davis are getting ready to go to France for language study before spending time in the Congo....Tovah and Lami are growing fast - so adorable and we miss them so much,,,,,but we get to talk to them on a pretty regular basis on the phone and we send email regularly and we happily anticipate the next time they will be home which will be late next summer Lord willing...... Bethany and Brian are doing well in Minneapolis with Madyson and Chloe, they are trying to buy a house right now - we talk to them lots and miss them lots too.......Jon and Bekah are very busy in the church, and with their jobs....and we live about 10 minutes from them which is a blessing, ( and makes us anticipate more grandchildren) We do get to babysit for Moseley on a regular basis since Jon is the youth pastor and they spend lots of time with the youth so we take Moseley to keep Luca company..... and then Mike and Jenna are in NY with Layla girl and we talk to them lots on the phone and Mike has a very good union job in the city now....and Jenna has been babysitting for a little boy with autism and has found that challenging and she gets to take Layla with her....Layla is a chatterbox and so adorable - we get to chat with her a lot on the phone now and that is such a treat as that's the family news....Of course we wish with all of our hearts that they all lived around the corner....but this is life, and we thank God for the chances we DO have to see them and we just pray for them and love them long distance when we can't see them. This weekend we finished our Christmas shopping and I just got through wrapping it all, I actually I decided that instead of doing Christmas wrapping this year I would do Christmas dumping.....I went and bought a bunch of those bags and did it that way....much easier!! It is
so much fun to shop for FIVE grand daughters... and then so much fun to wrap it all.....I could shop for TEN grand daughters, girls are so much fun to buy I lovingly "dumped" it all into bags tonite, haha, and Keith will go to the post office tomorrow and send it on it's way with LOVE and hopefully next year some of us will be together for Christmas! Mike and Jenna want us to go to NY, but we don't know if Keith will even be home and with Mike's new job he has to work Christmas eve, and then it's Jon and Bekah's year to go to his parents, so we may have a quiet Christmas but that's okay too....we have the memories of last year when we saw them all during the holidays and JOY knowing we will have other years when we are all together again........last year we had the gramma's here was awesome but this year they both decided to stay put we will all have a quiet Christmas, and give thanks to GOD for HIS UNSPEAKABLE GIFT........and for friends like you and family and grand daughters, warm homes, good jobs, all the blessings that we have to be careful not to take for granted.....Thank you Lord, for all these blessings that we do not deserve. Thank you for sending your SON to die on a cross for me to remember that you are the reason we even celebrate Christmas, JOY TO THE WORLD~ the LORD HAS COME - LET EARTH RECEIVE HER KING~~~ Merry Christmas everyone!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well I decided to help you all keep your faith in me, and show you that before I stamped again, I actually did clean the it is all shiney and clean. We have two, and I cleaned the other one too, but I didn't take a picture of it. The house was completely clean when my true friends came from NY, and it was just the best catching up with them. Old friends who fit you like a glove.....what a special weekend. And after all, Keith got to unexpectedly come home in time to see them and then to stay right through Thanksgiving - that was the best. He had to leave Thanksgiving evening, but we had 3 whole days with him - it was awesome. Anyway- I didn't stamp until all that was over. My new friend from the dentist's office got very sick over the holiday so had to take a raincheck, but we will have her over soon. The day after Thanksgiving I had my friends from work over to stamp with me. It was a wonderful time of bonding, it's good to do something besides WORK together. We stamped and laughed and ate and stamped some more - and of course I had to show them the Black Magic technique-thus
I promised no more Black Magic cards but there are two more in this post. To your left now is one of the cards I designed for my NY/NJ customers - if you click on it you can read the Wisdom from a Snowman part- it's pretty cute. The best part about this card is using real twigs for his arms, actually I vamped them off the grape vine wreath on my front door - very handy. I actually spent my day Christmas shopping today. So different from last year when we had our kids living here.....and we got to see Layla girl for Thanksgiving and then Tovah and Lami for was so fun to shop knowing we would see them, but then two days after Christmas is when we said goodbye to our darling two grand daughters who went to Kenya with their parents. I remember the last few nights that Tovah and Lami spent here before they left, their sweet daddy let me put Tovah down to bed. She was in a stage of hating bedtime and wanted someone to read to her, etc. I would go up there and lay by her little toddler bed and read to her and sing to her....Tell me why the stars do shine, Tell me why, the ivy twines, tell me why the sky's so blue, and I will tell you, just why I love you.......Because God made the stars to shine, because God made the ivy twine, because God made the sky so blue, Because God made you...that's why I love you.........and then Mr. Moon Mr. Moon you're out too soon the sun is still in the sky, Go back to bed and cover up your head and wait till the day is night......and she would say Sing me another song Gramma, and after a night or two Davis gave me a limit of how many songs I could sing before telling her she just had to go to sleep, but one night before they left she woke up crying and cried out for me instead of her parents, I nearly thought my heart would BREAK in two.....and even as I am remembering I am crying a little here....I miss those girls as well as their cousins so much!! Anyway- the holidays last year were awesome knowing everyone was getting together and we saw all our kids between Thanksgiving and Christmas,,,,this year is kinda blue in comparison - but we won't have that heart wrenching goodbye two days after Christmas. There's so much pain in goodbye....isn't there? On your left now is the other card/bookmark I made for my NY/NJ customers - it's called a crossover card- and uses the awesome background papers.....those were fun to make though I would have liked to be AT the BACKWARDS workshop and see all my friends!! I'm getting kinda blue here, I better cheer up.....You know, for at least a month Keith and I had to keep the door to the little grand daughters room shut, we could not even go in there after they was like we were in's nice to know that your kids are where God wants them to be.....and you can be so peaceful in your heart knowing things are right, but you can still hurt really really bad. When I talk to Layla( in NY) or Tovah( in Kenya) on the phone and hear those precious little voices, man it smarts. Think of the olden days when families moved away from eachother, they didn't know if they would ever see eachother least being missionaries in this day and age you get to see your family more often and we are blessed to have email and telephones, I thank God everyday for that!! There's another Black Magic card for you on your left -(it's on MY left right now anyway) - Those are addictive!! Anyway- it was still fun to buy some warm things for Tovah and Lami today and of course Layla and Madison and Chloe always need warm things......I went to one store that I ALWAYS shop at and everything just looked ugly....did that ever happen to you? But then I went to Old Navy and just went nuts with the cute things they have!! Kids things- just adorable. I can picture our precious little girls in everything we bought them. Grand daughters are just the best. Wouldn't know much about grandsons yet....don't have any of those. Actually tho, I have a little nephew Malachi, first born of my only sister, who I can't imagine loving a grandson anymore then!! I used to sing these songs to him too, and he would always make me sing the coo-coo part of one song where you coo like a bird over and over and it made me feel so silly but hey, it was his favorite part. He also lives far away now. Well, I think I will close on this last card with this - for Madison, and Chloe and Tovah and Layla and Lami......"Tell me why the stars do shine, Tell me why the ivy twines, Tell me why,,,,the sky's so blue? And I will tell you just why I love you.......Because God made the stars to shine,,,,,Because God made the ivy twine, Because God made the sky so blue, Because God made you, that's why.....I LOVE YOU. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas sweet Grand daughters....I hope the clothes we bought you will wrap right around you and hold you tight with a great big hug from Gramma Karen and Grampa Keith. We sure do love you. Good night girls. Sleep more stories now, no more songs....go to sleep.
HELLO friends, I promise to post some cards after this - but I got TAGGED by Penny......and in her tag she did this cool thing where my name lit up so you could just click on it and go right to my blog, but of course I would need her sitting right here beside me for me to figure out how to do that......and she lives in the UK, so that ain't happenin........but if you want to see her AWESOME blog, you can go into my comments, (leave one while you're there :) and click on Penny, she has comments on many of my entries, (she's my new friend.....:)) and from there you can go to her blog - it's very cool. I'm sorry I can't do the instant thing yet, but I get there, I just take is my tag below and I hope I cut and pasted the whole thing,,,,,I feel pretty proud that I made it that far- and then in the end I might tag YOU!!

1. If you could have 100.00 worth of scrapbook paper or assorted embellishments, which would you choose?I think I would have to choose the embellishments, but then I would feel guilty for using them cuz it's so ingrained in me to stick with SU stuff,, when will I grow up and get over it? I use "other" stamps.....I own a boat load of "other stamps" but somehow I feel like I'm cheating if I use a "brad by another name"- I think I need counseling. Oughto, at this rate, my TAG blog will be 4 pages long so I am going to keep the rest of my answers short, if possible.

2. If you had to choose between using only stamps or rubons, which would you choose?Uh, what are rubons? I'm a stamper, not a ruber, whatever they are. Stamps, hands down.

3. If you knew how to do both awesome cards and layouts but could only do one for a whole year, which would you do? That is a very anxiety producing question which I cannot answer. I make cards sort of like I breathe.....I couldn't go a whole year without making a card.....but I scrapbook as therapy for having adorable grandchildren who live far the thought of choosing is giving me symptoms....anxiety's giving me a new thing to worry about, I would rather not answer that question.....okay? It's not mandatory, right?

4. Would you rather own a scrap booking store or have your own scrapping room at home (can’t have both hee hee).I am blessed to have a nice craft room at home, but I would want a stamp store, not a scrapping store. I couldn't sell SU stuff in it anyway, so more guilt, I think I'll just stick with my room. Oh I don't REALLY have the choice anyway- this is just make believe.

5. What is your CURRENT card making or scrapping style?It's just me, I mean I never named it....what is a card making style? If it gives you any clue, one of my DL used to pick at my events the project that she named, "What were you thinking?" - because there was a lot of cutting and stuff, she had to WORK a little, I used to tell them NO WHINING......just get busy.....why do you want everything to be so easy? So I guess my style, is kind of "involved"?? Is that a style?

OKAY - now I tag.....gosh, Cindy has already been tagged cuz I read hers....who can I TAG?? Clairey- my niece Clairey- cuz she set me up with this whole blog thing and it's such FUN!! You're it Clairey!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

One More Card and then I'll go to bed.......

Okay- so I have a serious issue here, I went upstairs to "clean my stamproom" tonite...and really, that was my intention since I have TRUE FRIENDS coming to visit me tomorrow....all the way from good old NY......and I MEANT to just clean, but as soon as I finished the gray cards I had it on my mind I had to try another brown one or two and then I kept thinking about trying it also on a lighter color and seeing how that I did clean my stamproom, but it was just like 3 hours later then I planned.....and lets not even talk about whether I cleaned the bathrooms yet.....but tomorrow they get here at 7:00 pm and I work better under pressure ANYWAY, so I will be knocking myself out because though they moved us in to our house, they have not seen it since and we have made it so homey and gotten new furniture etc etc, so I want them to see it perfect.....but I will get it all done, I always do. :) :) And I had a nice relaxing evening after a nice long nap in the afternoon,,,,what a nice here are the LAST three cards I am going to do using this technique for a long while because it's just TIME to move on...
I really like this one done on River Rock, I have to tell you that I struggle big time when there is no good place to put a bow on a card.....and somehow I keep thinking it just needs ribbon but truly not every card does and when I tried to put one on this card it looked dumb.....but I really liked this one cuz it used the orange and rust colored pencils so it was a change from the pink and blue, which at this point I am pretty sick to death of.....yes, it's definetely time to move on. Anyway- it's a fun technique and I hope you try it. Last night all my good buddies in NY had a Backwards Workshop run by my friend who arrives tomorrow evening and a couple of my other friends.....I miss those events so much....I miss my DL who would come and then all my faithful customers/friends.....this time I designed two cards that they made, I hope they liked them! Maybe I will post them next time I blog.....cuz I am definetley not posting more Black, Brown, Gray, River Rock Magic.....I am beating a dead horse here....I have managed to make myself sick of a good thing. :) Just make 42 cards using the same technique with slight variations - it works everytime. :) :) :) Okay, so here is the last one here, in blue and brown and then that's it - really - no more. I promise. Last night my dog got sick. I think Mosley taught him that when a bag of dogfood is in the pantry and the bag is slightly open you can stick your nose in there and feast.....cuz I always kept it that way and Luca never touched it till one day Mosely taught him how,,,and I think that's what happened last night, he got into that bag and he got sick,,,,it was coming out both ends.....and "it" woke me up several times last night for cleanup....and why am I telling you this? I'm very bored my friends, no one to tell my problems to, Keith on the road, etc, so anyway, I hope he learned his lesson, and I hope he sleeps thru the night tonite.....cuz last night, oh man, I was so tired at work today I could not see straight. That's why I slept all afternoon, stamped all evening, and didn't clean the bathroom again, perfectly understandable, right? I deserved it.....but now I can promise you that I won't make even ONE more card, before the WHOLE house gets cleaned, cuz that's the way I am, I work best under pressure, and the stamproom is all clean now so I won't be messing it up again till the whole house is clean, bathrooms and all, it's 12:17, and I'm about to START.....till next time, happy stampin, and pity me, I'm cleaning. :):):) Oh darn, I lost the last card, AGAIN....and I had not wiped one out in several posts so I will go and grab it here, I'm gonna try to add it and see what didn't work, darn it, but alas, you MUST be as bored as I am with that technique but if not and you want to see that last brown and blue one, go visit my SCS gallery, the link is on the side of this post somewhere.....and now, it's time to CLEAN. Bye.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Boy- has this technique gotten some attention!! I think I have come to the conclusion that I am just a comment junkie....I need to be able to show my stuff to people and get responses.....or it's just not fun!! I need to see other peoples stuff too, so SCS has been such a blessing to me, to go on there and just look, I watch a slide show every day while I do my hair.....and sometimes I'm a wee bit late for work because of it!! So how do you like it in gray? I think I still like the black better....but now I have this overwhelming urge to try a couple more on chocolate chip cuz that one was one of my favorites that was pink and brown....My friend Nancy B. sent me a thread where people were talking about me on SCS, very flattering.....but one friend of mine made the point that though I learned this from my DL Cindy, it actually originated at Stamp and Scrap University in NJ which is I think my uplines baby.........(although I think the white gel pen is my own twist.....but who knows??) I tried my Prisma colored pencils and I could not get the same rich look, so that 's the only problem is that we are limited in colors with the pure colored pencils.......anyway- I have had so much fun making these cards and getting so many comments from everywhere, even the UK and ITALY!! wow!! I think it's because Allison put me as her blog of interest or some such thing that I started getting lots of visitors on my blog....such fun, I mean I have fun just talking to myself....but this is even MORE fun!! :) I stayed up last night till 1:00 AM, (and had to work today) making these gray cards......I think I have gone back to being almost as obsessed with stamping as I was in the early days......and that is pretty obsessed. I was a little tired at work today and honestly, I had to DRAG myself around the circuit at CURVES tonite....and I am ready to go to bed about a 1/2 hour ago.....but wanted to get these new gray ones posted - You know the older I get if I don't get enough sleep it's not pretty.....I feel like a computer that has too many windows opened at the same time and everything starts moving in slow-motion.....and I can't switch from one "screen" to another really's tough to get old....but as a good friend of mine always says, it beat the alternative. :) And I figure I can stamp until I'm about 100....I mean what would stop us? It's a hobby you can grow old with. I am going to have all the ladies I work with at the dentist's office over for a "stamping sleepover" the day after Thanksgiving....that is gonna be so fun.....I CANNOT wait. We're gonna have such a good time. I even got some new pajamas today - I have been wanting to do this for a long time, there are 8 of us at work. We will stamp and maybe watch a movie and go in our hot tub and stuff like that. Mostly stamp. It will start mid afternoon. This last one is just okay to me.....I love those first two, but this one -maybe the purple is too close to grey but it doesn't seem to pop as well....huh? Anyway- this is a very fun stamping technique and eventually I need to pry myself away from it so I can play with those new stamps that SU sent us- I got mine today- the set called Time Well Spent - that's stamping in general. :) Time Well Spent!! Send me your cards(on email I mean) that you make with this technique- Penny from the UK used a gold pen to accent hers instead of the white gel pen and that was way cool too!! No limit to the fun!! Show me what you are making with this fun magic technique, and now, so I am not fried to a crisp tomorrow - I will say, Night night, stamp tight. :) Until next time, I really MUST get some sleep.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Somebody help me STOP.........

Okay, so I am totally out of control now....I have company coming next weekend, I have so much stuff I COULD be doing, but I am like absolutely obsessed with this new's not new, I actually learned it from Cindy L, but it's new the first time you play with it yourself.....and I think I do more with the white gel pen then the actual Black and Cindy, don't take away our white gel pens, right Cindy?? Everytime I make a new card it's my new favorite - but these three made with this set, they are my new favorites.....I wish we had MORE colors to the pure color can use Prismacolor pencils which I also have, but I always feel like I'm cheating on dumb is that?? Okay, so I thought I would have a problem keeping the whole blog thing going and now I am like obsessive about it, blog blog blog blog.......I can't seem to stop myself, upstairs to stamp, downstairs to download, and then blog blog blog.....this is what my LIFE has turned into!! :):):) A really nice person named Allison featured me as her blog of the month or something and now all these really awesome people are checking out my it makes it even more fun to stamp when you get FEEDBACK.....I love feedback. :):):) If you go to my comments you can check out Allison's blog -it's like the mother of all blogs....she has more links then anyone I know!! But this is it for a while guys, I am going to walk the dog and get my mind off stamping and blogging and stamping and blogging and stamping and blogging......, -do the twelve step thing or something, like, I AM a stampaholic!! I have too much other stuff I SHOULD be shucks, it could be worse, I could be out drinking or robbing a bank, I'm just stampin.......I need to lay off myself.....I work hard all week....if I would rather stamp then clean the toilet...who can blame me, right? Today I had HGTV installed in my stamp room.....oh boy, I will probably only come out for food now......and to run down the hall to use the bathroom which needs to be cleaned......Any HGTV fans out there? I have watched more room makeovers since we moved to Ohio then times I have cleaned the bathroom, I can tell you that much!! Oh man, that is addictive come so much in life is addictive? Even good stuff,,,,,where's the moderation in my life....??? Do you like these cards???? It's so neat to read comments, I am a comment junkie,,,,,so nice of Leslie who is in my DL to take the time to share the truckin stuff with me......I think Keith is getting home late tonite and has to be back on Monday morning......argh.....but at least he's getting home late tonite!! I was supposed to get orders placed today.....clean the house.....go to the mall.....etc etc etc.....what did do??? I blogged and stamped and stamped and blogged and now I'm blogging again. I keep getting more ideas, another one just popped into my head but I'm gonna ignore it and see if it goes away cuz I have to walk the dog, (he has his legs crossed, it's TIME!!) Okay - one more card coming up there, if I manage to find this one at the bottom this will be the second time I posted without wiping out any cards....
Practice makes perfect and I certainly get enough of that lately!! This is a very cool stamp set.....but I am not going to play anymore today....but I want to try one with basic grey...but hey- tomorrow is another day.....I am not making anymore cards tonite.....I can hardly believe I had been so lazy about stamping when I first moved here, it just proves I am a "feedback junkie" cuz really, ever since Clairey set me up at SCS and with my own blog and Tinabeana gave me the you can't give up stamping lecture, magically my love of stamping came back,,,,so maybe I really just crave know, Bob, from What About Bob? - he's got nothin on me.....I'm a little neurotic myself - that's it - off to walk the dog, hope you liked these cards....stay tuned.....Basic Grey is next!! (But I'm gonna clean the bathroom FIRST!!)

One is the Loneliest Number......

Okay, everybody say L-O-N-E-L-Y.......that is a word I don't think I ever knew the meaning of until I moved to Ohio......but you know, it's good for me, it builds character, AND, it means I get a lot of stamping done!! :) Next to Luca, stamps are a girl's best friend!! (He's faithfully lying at my feet even now, HE is my best friend when Keith's not home) :) LONELY just SOUNDS like it's lonely, doesn't it? It's one of those words that just sounds like it knows what it's talking That's another word that sounds like anyone relating to what I mean out there, or are you all going, "Oh boy, the loneliness got to her....." - but HOME is just a word that wraps around you and gives you a big HUG. When I come home at night after a long day at work, my house hugs me, I'm not joking you. I walk in, and it just hugs me. The only thing is, Keith isn't there to hug me too, so it's kind of L-O-N-E-L-Y. How do you go from side by side desks for 20+ years to being separated for two weeks Monday at a time? He keeps saying, Life is too short, I'm looking for something closer to home this weekend....we'll see- if we HAVE to make it thru a year for him to get the experience driving the big big truck, we will, cuz ultimately, you do what you have to do....and after 34 years you are solid enough to
take it!! Anyway, as you can see these days, I have been stamping up a card storm!! This time instead of getting hung up on one set, I am hung up on a technique called Black Magic, which is where you stamp an image in White Craft Ink and then dry it with your heat tool and then color it with Pure colored pencils. If its a solid stamp like most of the cards I made, you color in the white ink part, but if it's an outline stamp like the one to your left now with any luck, (it might be four feet down when I go to post this puppy, but right now, it's on my left....the one made with Floral background stamp) then you color in just the way you would with any outline stamp....and then I highlighted all of these with the white gel pen. A random thought just popped into my head, imagine that.....and it's this - Do you know that in a blog if you click on a card it gets GINORMOUS?????? It does. :) Okay- back to the "tutorial" - wow - I don't think this is actually a "tutorial" in the true sense of the word but it's all you're gonna get and just be glad I'm not blabbing on about What About Bob? like I usually least I'm explaining what I have done to your left......but the main thing to remember when you try this technique is this......I ALMOST threw away every card I ever did using this technique cuz it sort of goes thru an gawky stage like a 9 year old kid before you use the white gel pen to accent it. Keep on going, after 4 hours or so you just might really love your card!! ;) Okay, I need to concentrate now cuz it's time to pull up the next card, so far so good, no deletions of cards in
waiting - phew! There we go - here it is....this is such a fun technique - TRY IT!! And the hours just fly by....I went to bed at 1:00 am Thursday night.....a work night. BUT, Fridays' are our down day at the dentist office cuz we don't see patients, so if I am having a bit of a stamping 'hangover' - it's just okay. :) Back to thinking about the word L-O-N-E-L-Y......I have a new respect for people who live alone now. (Mom, and Cynthia, you are my heroes now!!) If not for Luca, I might go stark raving MAD.....I turn to tell Keith something about 20 gazillion times a I just tell Luca instead. He's a very good listener....but Keith and I made a decision this year to invite someone we hardly even know, to THANKSGIVING dinner. She is a very lonely person I met at work.....and the thought just occurred to me one day, to invite her to Thanksgiving dinner. She has no family at all around her. She lives alone. At first I thought she will think I am nuts.....but the thought persisted. Fear of rejection, or making a fool of myself, or misreading that she might even WANT to spend Thanksgiving at a total stranger's house, all these things kept me from just doing it. Then one day she was telling me that she absolutely hates the holidays.....cuz both parents died in a car accident and she has no siblings and she just spends it A-L-O-N-E.....and that was it, I just invited her.....and she said YES!! So our Thanksgiving will be so different this year with just Bekah and Jon, and my new friend from work. She is a patient of Dr. Sato, not a coworker. Maybe one less L-O-N-E-L-Y person on Thanksgiving, and maybe that will be ME, cuz right now we are not sure that Keith will be able to make it home......actually we are pretty sure he may not make it home. Weird to spend a real
live holiday without KEITH. He's right, life is too short, we gotta at least TRY to find him another job. Those recruiters promise you the moon, and then when you actually try to get's like you're asking for the moon. Do you like this one on your left now? It reminds me of that kids toy, a Spirograph, remember those? Next weekend, Betty and Ruth will be here, OH HAPPY DAY!! OH HAPPY WEEKEND!! Nothing like a visit from old kindred spirits to beat the lonely blues!! I wish they could stay like a month or so.....but I will take what I get and be happy with it. :) Hopefully they get to see Keith too....argh...
You know, I like to read my own writing...(like I said, if NO one read my blog I would blog anyway so I could read it myself.....)I just backed up and read this over....and it made me think of two friends and fellow stampers of mine, who will be spending their first Thanksgiving without their best friends....for the first time. Two of my friends this year said goodbye to their husbands until they meet again on heavens' shores....and I am just thinking of them right now and thinking they probably wish with all their hearts that their husbands were just out driving a truck and would come home soon. My prayers and deepest love and heartaches go out to Anna Mae and Carol this year.....I am thinking of you both, knowing that each of you lost the best friend you had in the world this year. The older I
get the more I realize that we really need to look at this life like we are just passing through....we have a Lord and Saviour waiting to meet us on the other side....and we need to be prepared, cuz life is short, and life is precious, and whether we are lonely or bored, or tired and weary, or blue or just in a funk, life is precious......enjoy each moment but remember that we are just passing through. On that solemn note I will end this blog....I have saved my favorite card till last again....this is the BROWN Magic technique, I invented it myself. :):) You just use Brown cardstock instead of black. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there....say a prayer for all the lonely people on Thanksgiving......and say a prayer for me, and for those who may have to eat my food, cuz remember Keith might not get home, and I might have to cook something besides embossing powder. HAPPY THANKSGIVING SEASON EVERYONE!!

Monday, November 5, 2007


Golly gee I got into bed last night and thought, man, I forgot to say that we are making NEW TRUE FRIENDS here in Ohio, kind of our NTFWH's, (NEW TRUE FRIENDS WITHOUT HISTORY)......actually when we moved here I told everyone we had 2 TRUE FRIENDS in Ohio, one of my long time stamping buddies, who has come to see us TWO times, (that's REALLY special) since I mostly had always gone to HER house to do workshops, but they came to OUR house just because they love I did have 2 TRUE FRIENDS in Ohio, they just live on the other side is all....but this card is for THEM, and all the other TRUE FRIENDS in the making we have made since we came here. A couple of weeks ago we went out to dinner with a lady and her husband that I met at CURVES......(I can't go all the way around that circuit twice and say nothing, so I have made some friends there....but this is the first one I ever did more then just jumping jacks with if you know what I mean....)and my new TRUE FRIENDS AT WORK....and all our new friends at church......and the neighbors we are getting to know, (HI KIM!!)SO THIS CARD WAS ONE OF THE ONES I STRUGGLED THE MOST WITH, I TORE IT APART AT LEAST 6 TIMES....and this is to say, I will STRUGGLE on thru making new friends,,,,cuz it's worth it when you find a KINDRED SPIRIT!! Okay, that's all, or I'll be late for work!! Does this count as THREE POSTS IN NOVEMBER ALONE?I also wanted to add that I LOVE those of you who HAVE been reading my BLOG and letting me know....I just crave attention and want to hear from MORE OF YOU!! but I'll keep blogging cuz I have like 10 people who I KNOW read them, and besides I love to read them myself!! haha So this is my fourth one for November!! I amaze myself!! :):):) OKAY SO I POSTED THIS AND WANTED TO SAY ONE MORE THING.....IT'S THAT I ONLY MET THE LADY AT CURVES, NOT HER HUSBAND, WHEN I RE READ THAT I THOUGHT OH MAN....THAT CAME OUT WRONG.....I JUST MET KAY AT CURVES...(her husband was NOT there.....)okay- now I'm really going, I mean it, but it makes me think of that line in What About Bob? where they are trying to get rid of psychotic BOB and he shows up at their door and they say, YOU THINK HE'S GONE?? HE'S NOT GONE!!! And he says he wants to get the friendship thing going.......this time I'm really going on that note.......

Sunday, November 4, 2007

P.S. Here are my WIPE OUTS.....

One of these days I will successfully post an entire set of cards without deleting one!! I just know that day is coming when I will get thru it and not delete anything I didn't want to are two more TRUE FRIEND cards for all you TRUE FRIENDS.....WELL SORRY GUYS BUT IT IS NOW SORELY PAST MY BEDTIME AND IF I DON'T WANT TO HAVE 10 EPISODES OF BRAIN FREEZE TOMORROW AT WORK I HAVE TO POST THESE DARN THINGS AND GET TO BED....SO I HAVE SWITCHED TO THE LARGE PRINT....HEY - MAYBE SOME OF YOU REALLY APPRECIATE THAT, HUH? OH PHEW, I JUST

True Friends.....

Well it's bloggin time again!! I have been on a stamping marathon this weekend because Keith never made it home from his trucking job.....bummer.....but I have made the best of it and had lots of fun stamping the time away.....and now here it is, almost Monday and time to start over!! My fav fav fav card I made this weekend is this one on your left right's done with white craft ink and pure color pencils.....and it's called Black Magic.....ain't that a purty card?? It SINGS to me.....this set was really really challenging to me....sometimes that happens where you make cards and none of them sing to in that case I usually just keep peeling layers off and trying new things until it sings!! This was the last card I made, and probably the only one I didn't have to make and then remake....cuz it came out exactly like I wanted it to the first time!! The theme of this set of cards, is TRUE FRIENDS.....and I want to thank God right now, because I have been blessed with a LOT of true friends in my life......that is for sure. This week I had a neat conversation via email with ONE of my true came about because she had told me that her and her husband weren't going to make it to Bermuda this coming year because they were going to go on a different trip and couldnt' take time off for both.....oh that sad empty feeling when you find out one of your best cruise buddies isn't going to be cruising......(and this year will probably be my LAST cruising year for a while so that made me even sadder) She also didn't think I would make it to Leadership this year, (as I was having huge doubts that I would....) so in one email, I had gone
from I won't be going to Leadership and you won't be on the cruise, to I found out I WILL LORD WILLING BE AT LEADERSHIP, and she had a change in plans as well and decided she would in fact be on the cruise,,,,and oh the joy of knowing you will be seeing eachother again, and rooming with someone you feel very comfortable with......who knows your quirks and idioscnyricies, ( a friendship that has stood the test of time)......Aren't TRUE FRIENDS wonderful? We have some other TRUE FRIENDS who will be driving out here all the way to Ohio in a couple of weeks, friends who we became so close to during our 23 years at AIM that we really consider them to be more like family........and I am looking so forward to that visit, they have NO IDEA. When you move hundreds of miles away from your friends and most of your family, the word lonely takes on a whole new meaning. Throw in Keith's job, and some menopause blues,,, get the picture. So when a friend comes all the way from home to see's just plain special. When were first got here, we got invited to a birthday party for family's we had a budding friendship with, and people stood up at this guys 50th party and shared stories of friendship, and I blubbered all the way home as I lamented, "Keith we do not have enough of life left to make friendships WITH THAT KIND OF HISTORY here - and we left them all behind" - and he said, "We'll make friends, and we are where God wants us to be" - and I know he was right, but never take those TRUE FRIENDS for granted. In New York, we didn't live by any extended family, so we kind of made our own.........You know that saying, "Friends are the family you choose yourself" - it's so true.....we had brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, who were really just TRUE FRIENDS...There's another saying that goes, "It takes a long time to grow an old friend" - and that's so true too.....we had 3 other TRUE FRIENDS come all the way from FLORIDA to see us this year in our new about JOY!!!! Two other friends who gave our son his only brothers came at the end of the summer.......we truly have been blessed with so many TRUE FRIENDS.....not to lay the guilt on, but there are still alot of you TRUE FRIENDS OUT THERE WHO STILL HAVE TO MAKE THE TRIP!! One lone guy came to see us in the summer without his fam.....another family we call TRUE FRIENDS.....SO ALL OF MY TRUE FRIEND CARDS ARE FOR ALL OF YOU TRUE FRIENDS,,,,,AND SINCE I WIPED OUT TWO CARDS TRYING TO DO THIS BLOG.... (i AM STILL A BLOG NOVICE) I am going to go pull them up and tack them on, because I made LOTS of TRUE FRIEND CARDS....because truly, we have been blessed by lots of TRUE FRIENDS!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

You Know You're a WORRIER when..........

Okay friends, note that I am BLOGGING AGAIN, if you count my slide show this is the third time in one month.....I am amazed. How about that slide show, and how about that music? You can all thank my sweet daughter Bekah and her sweet husband Jon for the music and the slide show. Although I have to tell you, I created the slide show myself, following a link from Cindy L's I was quite proud of myself. How to get it from Slideland to my BLOG, now that was an entirely different issue, and I quickly gave up. One must know one's limitations. It took Bekah and Jon quite a while to figure it all out between them, so you know with my pea brain, it wasnt' happenin. Anyway I have to tell you, I am just so impressed with my whole blog that I go on there and read it over and over.....somehow I think I'm missing the point but it works for me!! :) Here is a Welcome to my blog card.......I almost threw this card away like 10 times when it was in the making, and then I LOVED it when it was all done - sort of like us, we have to remember that God isn't finished with us yet when we sometimes don't look or act so purty. Anyway - that is not what I'm preaching on today. Today, my sermon is on WORRY, just kidding about the sermon, it's Sunday so it's all so fresh in my mind. :) I have been fairly accused of being one of the world's worst worriers. Mind you, I am NOT proud of it, only humbly admitting my faults here. Worry is a lack of trust in God, so I am not proud of it. But it does help to be able to see the humor in our weaknesses.....and sometimes I absolutely amaze myself at the things I can worry about! My one son in law, (not mentioning any names cuz I think any one of them COULD have said it) says I think of things to worry about if there aren't any readily available. How sad, but true. My son once said to me after I lamented at how worried I was about him one of those gazillions of times, "Ma, that is no way to live" - and he's right......I guess I will battle worry till I die, and I'm not being humorous here....actually I'm getting kind of depressed so I think I'll move on to the humor before I start crying.....Oh yeh,
here comes another card right at ya, too, isn't this one cute, I plum forgot that the whole idea of blogging is to explain what's going on on the side, but maybe my BLOG is just different from everyone elses. Yeh, so uh, there's some halloween pumpkins for you all hand carved. Makes me miss my grand daughters, but that's another whole blog. Back to my worry issues,,,,,on the way to church this morning, I was just thinking that we have touched base with all four of our kids and their wonderful families just recently and all goes well.....and from a mama's perspective, when all's right with her kids', all's right with the world. The sun was shining all pretty and the breeze was blowing all perfect like and we were on our scenic ride to church.......all was right with the world. Then Keith and I started naming our all time favorite movies, (don't ask WHY because I don't remember) but he said Star Wars, (ugh) and I said Fiddler on the Roof (awesome) and he said Lord of the Rings (also awesome) and I said What About Bob? (the best)I know, that's weird to put in the same category with those others but it IS in fact one of my favs........and HIS too.....and he said Princess Bride and I said Sabrina, and he said "I don't care if I ever see Sabrina again as long as I live" and I said, "OH yeh, well I feel the same way about Star Wars" so we decided to stick with the classics we BOTH like and I said Jungle Book, and he said, "Hey, I see where that's coming out on DVD this month" and I said, "we have it already," and he said "ON DVD??" And I said "yes,,,,,or,,,,, on video" and wow - it sort of hit us both at the same time that all these movies that are OLD FAVORITES are on VCR tapes and not DVD's.....and it was like this thought came crashing through my worry free up till that moment brain, and I thought, "What if our VCR breaks and they stop making them????" Now sometimes Keith chases my worries away but hey- we had our 34th anniversary yesterday and some of your spouses habits can rub off a little after all that time so he said, "Maybe we should go out and buy one now while they make them and put it up in the attic still in the box," and I said, "or maybe 2......."and then I thought but the fam is gonna need to inherit the Five Mile Creek series and all those Disney movies.....and my head was going Gee, maybe we should buy like 6 more VCRS and put them in the attic, 2 for us and one for each case all the VCR's break and they don't make them anymore......and well, you get the picture, this is pathetic. I think I'll just trust God with this small thing, cuz then maybe as time goes on trusting Him with the small things, I'll get better and better and better at trusting Him with the BIG things as is a journey, and slowly, we get there. So that is my "sermon" for the day.....don't sweat the small
stuff, God will take care of you. Now if I happen to see a USED VCR at a yard sale or something, well then maybe God put it there, just for me, know what I mean? But for now, I'm gonna rest and trust and figure that there must be better things to do with my time then worry about all of these things. I think I'll start praying that my grandchildren aren't worriers, since I know it's already too late for my kids........I think my son escaped but the poor girls......for now I will tell myself like I always do, Abba they belong to you, because they do, and we can trust HIM with everything HE has loaned to us. Have a Happy Autumn day everyone.....I am so excited to watch the Red Sox this evening......34 years of marriage to the same great guy, and all is right with the world! Happy Day!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Come on Faye, you know I need feedback....."

Well, I had hoped to post to this blog once a week, but that was a lofty dream. Anyway- I'm here now so let me stop apologizing for being such a slacker. However, in defense of "me" - I have been busy stamping!! Tina, you created the monster in me again!! I have gone to work, more times exhausted since my first blog post, then I have in the whole time since I moved to Ohio - because I am STAMPING AGAIN!! (sometimes till 2:00 am......) Anyway - Here is my new favorite set - seriously, this is my most favorite of all favorites right now and I hate to say it but you all have to have a $300.00 workshop just to make SURE you get this set!! This is the
coolest, most versatile flower set they have come along with in a LOOOONGGGGGG time and you all need it!! So get your friends together for a $300.00 workshop and then you can all share it!! Oh, and hurry up and order a white gel pen, cuz you'll be needing that too~~ I absolutely LOVE this set....and everytime I made another card it was my favorite one all over again!! There are plenty more posted on my SCS gallery- - I can't possibly blab my way through all the cards I made with this set so this is a sampling of the cards I made with it.....ANYWAY, I asked myself WHY ALL OF THE SUDDEN AM I STAMPING MY FOOL HEAD OFF AGAIN AFTER A YEAR OF NOT SO MUCH?? And this is what I came up with - here we go - back to "What About Bob?" again, but there is the scene where Good Morning America is coming to Leo's lake house to interview him on his new book, Baby Steps, and he is asking his wife Faye what he should wear and hold and stand, etc, and she says, "I don't know Leo- either one if fine" and Leo whines, "Come on Faye, you know I need feedback" - and that's it in a nutshell, everything I ever learned I learned on "What About Bob?" anyway- but I neeeeeeeeeded feedback for the cards I made, and my poor husband, though he is a very good sport.......well.......showing him four very similar but slightly different cards and asking "Which one is the best?" I am sure felt something like Sesame Street to him, (remember the of these cards is not like the others, one of these cards is just not the same.....) you get the picture, but NOW, SINCE I DISCOVERED HAVING MY OWN GALLERY AT SPLIT COAST -I can post cards and see what the stamping world thinks!! Talk about's a very basic principle called "sharing" - When I was in NY/NJ, I would spend
a day every once in a while with my stamping pal Fran, and she would look at everything I had
made for the last while and I would look at all of her latest creations and we would ooooooohhhhhh and ahhhhhhhh over eachothers creations......didn't realize at the time how key that was to keeping us stamping!! I would carry my creations down to work and show my buddy Ruth, and she would pull out her little plastic case and show me what she was working on.....again - sharing. My pal Pam would look through my stuff and say hey, can I copy this? Or once she gave me a BD card in the shape of a mitten and I copied that several times putting my own twist on's a huge part of stamping..... I missed that so much here, but now I can blog, post to my gallery, etc etc and get some friendly stampers feedback......I have discovered that that is it in a nutshell, I NEED FEEDBACK!! So please take the time to leave me some, and leave a comment on my cool to look and see all the pal Alison Sosinsky from the good old days when I lived close enough for DL meetings, comments from DL, and just friends, I love it!!! (SO nice to hear from Lois, my stamping sister...and friend,....) So tell me- are you loving this set too? The possibilities are endless and I had to FORCE myself to stop and move on to another set.....Another thing is this,,,,,,I need MUSIC on my blog.....I have my daughter working on that for me......I go on Cindy Lawrence's blog and I feel like wow, (after I get over drooling over her cards) I could just stay there for a while and watch the slide show and the music, she has entertainment on HER blog......and now even though I was so proud that I HAVE a blog....well.....I need music...........and slide shows, etc.,,,,,hey Cindy- how do you DOOOOO all that???? :):):) I miss Cindy too.....I miss everyone.
Oh darn, I just wiped out a card, and one of my favs I'll have to go and get that again before I end......that will be a feat for me.....I still struggle with pushing the cards down farther and farther and then I say look at this card on the left and when I actually post and read, that card is 6 feet under where I told you to look to the left....but hey- I am blogging, right? Can't expect perfection!! I especially love the one on my left right now - but that could be a completely different card by the time I post this's okay though......I'm still learning........Oh- by the way - the name of this set is Garden Silhouettes and it's a hostess set which means you have until January to have a workshop and GET IT!! You will love it too!! Oh that card on my left now IS just about MY favorite.......I have so many more cards to blog with too, I have been a busy girl....and I had a workshop on Friday and got two bookings......yippee!! The other day at the dentist's office, my coworker announced that she and some friends rented a beach house the same week as the Bermuda cruise......and honestly, I almost launched. She is the only one I think I could train in time for me to go to Bermuda in I went running back to Dr. Sato to tell him and see what he said, and he said he will take a week's vacation himself before he would make me miss my's that for an awesome boss???? He is
the best!! Okay- now here on your left is my most favorite of favorites of all the cards I made with this set........Ain't it purty???? I made this one AFTER I had put the set away and said NO just jumped in to my head and I had to try really NEEEEEEEEED this set - seriously - this is a small sampling of the cards I made with it - look on my gallery - geez I feel like a hotshot saying that - "Look at my gallery" - I am such a wanna be......haha...but you will see that there are endless possibilities with this about that new taffetta ribbon? Sure made me stop belly-aching about the narrow organdy being discontinued!! There are so many new things to play with and so many more stamps to stamp.......I feel another late night coming on...........Okay - now listen, I was gonna try to go and get that other pretty card that I wiped out....but I just know I'll blow the whole thing up trying and all of this blabbing could be LOST if you want to see one of my OTHER favorite cards with this set,,,,you'll just have to stop by "my gallery" - (I feel like such a stamping yuppy....)See you all there!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Obsessive by Nature.....

Okay- so here goes my very first attempt at solo blogging, no one is sitting by my side, but it helps that I just got off the phone with Clairey.....after about a gazillion attempts at posting on my own, I gave in and called her up. Then of course, when I tried it the one gazillion and oneth time, it worked and I had to say, "Honest Clairey, it did not work the first gazillion times I tried it....." Sounds so lame.....but listen, it has been a very technologically savvy week for me....I have uploaded a boatload of cards to my SCS gallery, and today with no help from ANYONE....I uploaded about 15 cards to my Yahoo group- PLUS, I actually took pictures of my cards this week that don't look like someone yelled BOO really loud behind me right before I took them......I am also camera challenged and Keith gave me a good lesson in which buttons to push where to take better pictures.....honestly can I tell you that I was taking like 28 pictures of the same card and maybe ONE wasn't all blurry and wrecked.....but NOW, I only have to take about how is THAT for progress?????Okay- so I love this new Double Line Doodle set - and just above this text is my most favorite card I made with it, and here my most LEAST favorite......doesn't the card right below this text look like it could have been used on the set of
Honey I Shrunk the Kids or something? Like to scare the kids???? AT least it scares me.....but when you stamp - once in a while you have to try some weird stuff like this card.....if I send you this card you should ask yourself how much I really like you......????Anyway I just thought I would share the good and the bad.....good and bad is everywhere, we all have good things and bad things about us.....and when you love someone you take the good with the bad, right? So enjoy this card to your left and do not have nightmares tonite.....Okay- but this set, is the best set I just LOVE it, right up there with Heart Speaks.....and I was just going to say that I get pretty darn OBSESSIVE when I like a stamp set...I just can't seem to STOP making cards with it...even after I made that scarey one, I just kept on stamping......I would say to Clairey.....hey- don't let me make anymore cards with this set...okay? After this last card it's time to move on, but 1/2 hour later she would look over and I was already absorbed in the next one - cuz sets like this just spark my imagination and the ideas keep coming.....But the problem is we only have one basket and if you have 42 cards made with
the same set it gets kinda boring for everyone,,,,especially if by chance they don't like that set, or they don't like to color, you get the picture. But back to how good I feel about myself this week....honestly- this is me, and I am BLOGGING - all by one standing behind me telling me what to do......I am sorta proud. Have you seen the movie "What About Bob?" where he is out in the middle of a lake sailing only he has so many neurosis and he is so paranoid and basically nuts and afraid of life but he has himself tied to the boat with like 7 life jackets on and he is yelling "This is me, and I'm sailing, I sail, I sail, way out in the water - away from the dock, I sail, I sail" WELL......I feel sorta like "Hey guys this is me, I'm blogging, all by myself, without Clairey, I blog, I blog....and for that matter, I download too!! And I actually found where I download to and I transfer my downloads to Bill Gates is gonna be looking for me pretty soon for a high tech computer job..........I catch on so quickly!! Okay, so have I stamped anymore this week? I made one card -that's all...because I have been wasting untold hours on the Splitcoast Stampers website, uploading cards and looking at everyone else's cards......I am obsessive about this too!! Well since I basically about ran out of the new stuff I have stamped to upload, then that means this week it is time to STAMP......I have so many new ideas floating around in my head......I just hope I get off work early enough a night or two this week to stamp!!Here are two more cards I made with

this set, it kind of goes with pastels, really cute. Does anyone else love this set as much as I do? Why did that have to get rid of that other little Doodle set that was in the last mini before the big catty? And how about the Doodle Alphabet? I didn't even open the box yet and it was GONE......argh.... but that one little set that had the cutest little doodles, and it was like a $12.95 set -so weeny -they could have found a corner somewhere for it in the new's so sad when you buy one you love, don't even USE it yet, and then it's gone.......okay- I need to cheer up here......gee - how many more cards do I need to blab on for here?? I think there are still three more cards underneath this one,,,,I am running out of things to maybe I will try to just arrange them at the bottom of this blog so you can look at them, or maybe if I type bigger I can fill up the space faster...yeh, that works for me....This next card is the one I made after this one - because I loved this one and was kind of stuck on the blue, pink thing.....with the apricot thrown in there......
they are cute, right?? And then I wanted to try one using that scallop punch that wasn't bizarre like the first one, so I made this one below guys I am truly running out of stuff to say here,,,are we almost at the end...cuz this is the LARGEST font and I still ran out of blab.......Okay- Just a little more to go

here, don't you just LOVE the white gel pen? If someone took my white gel pen away, I would have to stop stamping I think.......maybe not. But I would be broken hearted. Are we there yet?? Next time I'm not gonna be so darn obsessive and stamp 42 cards using the same set and then have to blab my way through them.....gee whiz.....will we ever get to the end of these cards????? Are you feeling as frustrated as I am??? I hope these are meant to inspire time I am not going to DL more then 3 cards and then I won't have to blab on and on and on and on.....are we there yet, oh shucks, this happens everytime at the end, the text just keeps pushing that last card down further and further....wait a minute.....let me try to bring it up here.......

PHEW!! THERE IT IS, THE VERY LAST DOODLE CARD.....and I have had it - it really is time to move on to a new set!! Next time, note to self, start with the big font, and make less cards......but I am feeling VERY VERY smart, as I have reached the end of a blog, and I did it, all by myself!! It ain't so hard......................................