Friday, September 7, 2007

Heart Speaks

Since this is my very first blog, am I supposed to introduce myself or anything? This stuff is all new to me.....and after watching my niece Clairey make this all happen for me......I'm not really sure if this might be my first and LAST blog........ since when she goes home.....well....let's not think that far ahead. Anyway- I am blogging my latest creations.....and I wanted to share a little bit about how I came to make them. Since my move to Ohio about a year and a few months ago, my passion for stamping had waned....mostly because with my new job I am kind of a noodle when I get home, and my passion for anything is like, well, like a noodle. One night when I was feeling absolutely exhausted I called my kindred spirit friend Tinabeana to kind of cry on her shoulder. Seems these days with our empty nested menopausal mood swings, we do that to eachother a lot. As I bellyached about how I had no energy for stamping, she started in with one of her lectures......come on Karen, it breaks my heart to hear you talk like that....and as she spoke I thought how can I just let this love of stamping slip away because I'm tired? So as she spoke I snuck up to my stamp room and by the time she was through with her pep talk, I had made a card like the one above, well something like it. I stamped that night until I had made around 8 cards with this new set, Heart Speaks, that's a good set for me to have been stamping with, as Tina was speaking her heart to me, and I was feeling her energy giving me the shove I needed. What would we do without friends like Tinabeana to push us back where we belong?? The next day, you know how it is, I dragged those cards around with me and I kept whipping them out and looking at them over and over again. I took them to work to show my co-workers and let them tell me which one to use for a swap I was doing hosted by Kirsten Smith. They voted on the one above. I took them home. I slept with them by my bed that night so I could look at them again in the morning. I went to work, and came home at 3:00 to let the dogs out.....(I was dogsitting for my daughter Rebekah's golden retriever Moseley, and of course we have our own golden, Luca.) I dragged those cards out again and looked at them again. I put them in a zip lock baggie and left them on my kitchen counter, and headed back to work again. Three hours later, I came home exhausted. Have I ever told you about Moseley? He is kind of a rascal. I love him anyway, but he is a rascal. Luca is not such a rascal. If you had a big fat hamburger sitting on the kitchen counter he might eat it, but not a zip lock baggie full of cards. YUP, you guessed it, when I came home,,,,there were my 8 cards.....only 1 was still intact - the red one and my least favorite......all the others were in pieces on the kitchen floor......and I sat down on the floor and cried. Moseley had taken the bag off the counter and eaten my cards......and that was as mad at Moseley as I have ever been. The first day, when he ate my curling brush, I didn't get that mad. And the second day, when he ate my socks, no big deal. The third day, when he ate some mail off the table, it's okay, maybe he ate some bills. But the fourth day, when he ate my cards.....that was NOT okay. I stayed up until 3:00 am that next morning remaking all of my cards. Some have salvaged pieces from the ruins, with what I call the Moseley technique, cuz you can still see his tooth marks in them.

You know, in the end, they were only cards, and I could recreate them. You gotta love Moseley. He's just the most lovable dog...most of the time. But back to Tinabeana.....isn't it just so cool how friends can kind of set us straight when we need it most?? I've been all excited about stamping since....and though I still don't have the time I used to have, I am dreaming up cards in my head like the old days.....and I feel like I found a lost friend. Here are some of my other creations from Heart Speaks....I am now trying to decide what should be the next set I play with.....there are so many that I love and so little time!!

This one I used the new polka dot dry embossing thingamajiggey.....don't you just hate to dry emboss? I do, but I love the look so much that sometimes I just have to do it....but the ultimate punishment would be if my coworkers voted on doing THIS one for the swap.....that would have been the pits and I think I would have said thanks for your votes but NO. I want a Cuddlebug or whatever you call those things that do this for you.....those are just the coolest thing....but since I rarely actually SEND cards....and I can't put cuddlebugs in my sample basket....what would the point be? I'll have to settle for the occassional dry embossing......when I forget how much torture it is. Does anyone else hate to dry emboss as much as me??This next one below was one of my favorites too....when Moseley ate this one he spit out the pearls from the pretties kit......they were all over the floor. He is such a rascal. One day I shut him in my kitchen, went out my back door and had

this feeling that he was already getting into something, so I ran around and came in my front door and snuck up on him, and sure enough, he was counter surfing and I just caught him before he wolfed down a whole loaf of bread. The last few days I had him, I just threw him a flip flop when I went to work, it was a small price to pay so I didnt' have to wonder what he would eat that day....I just had to kiss off those flip flops. I didn't like them much anyway. I just love those new background papers.....I am so random, I never make paragraphs, I never pause for a breath, I think I am going to be an awesome blogger. All this blogging though, means even LESS time for am I going to handle this? This next card I made is for Tinabeana - cuz it says "When friends get together, hearts speak without words" and I want to say to my precious friend Tina, "Even when friends DON'T get together, hearts speak without words" - Thanks for the push you!! Here's the card that makes me think of you......

So anyway...........this is the end (almost) of my very first blog entry. Clairey helped me make a blog, set up a Yahoo group with my longlost neglected downline....she's gonna help me with an SU website, try and DL some cards onto Splitcoast.....make a signature thingey after my name with a link to my blog(that's gonna be so cool......) Even the simplest things on the computer do not come easy to me......this darn blog thing is getting me so annoyed I could scream. Everytime I try to wrap text around a card I delete the card......yeah Tina, the card I mentioned - it got bumped down about four miles but it's here for you at the end of this blog......just like YOU, always there for me in the end. Time to move on, we still have lots of work to do. Next time I blog it should be REALLLLLY interesting, as Clairey will not be by my side. Good night you guys.


JenPeel said...

I think your first post is perfect!!! I could hear your voice in my head as I was reading it (and I don't think you really talk in paragraphs either), so it was really great to "hear" your voice. Keep blogging - you're off to a great start!!!
-Jen Peel

Tina said...

karen, karen, karen..... I didn't feel well all day long- my neighbor John (yes, the one I called you crying about moving) came down for dinner and brought a bottle of poisonous wine. He said I had the "Mondavi Flu" but I think it was something else. Nevertheless, as lousy as I feel right now I have to say you are the only person in the world who can make me laugh and cry at the same time!! I love your blog- it is so YOU. And I won't be surprised to find that once you start blogging you won't stop- its good to get all that stuff out of you and for all of us to get to see your stamping creations again! I love you and miss you and my hubby just yelled to me... "it looks like our Karen is growing up...." awwwwwwwwww.
Hugs and Kisses sweetheart!

Alison Shiloh Wear said...

lovely cards! welcome to the world of blogging. I'm one of Claire's downlines, and I've heard a great deal about your stampin' expertise. Blessings to you in your new technology endeavors!

Gloria said...

Karen - I loved reading your blog and do you know this is the firt time I have ever been on a blog! (hardly knew what the word meant). I will be checking it regularly. I love your honesty and your humor, not to mention your wonderful stamping ideas.

Lois Folla said...

Hi Karen,

Oh my goodness, I'm so proud of you!! Your first Blog posting and it was Awesome!! It was like 'listening' to you in person! I miss you so much! I hope you keep writing in your Blog! Maybe I can invite Claire over to my home to set up one for me, I don't have a Blog yet, I'm scared stiff of them... tee hee

I hope Ohio is treating you well, hum, maybe it's better if it doesn't, so you'll come back home to NJ and we can see you again!!

But seriously, I hope you like Ohio and your job!

Love ya and Miss ya so MUCH!!

Peggy Tarvin said...


You are AMAZING!!!! And knowing how phobic you were (note past tense) of doing some of these things I am SO IMPRESSED. . . beyond words. And I LOVE your blogging. It is like having you here. We HAVE MISSED you! The one thing I have totally learned from your move to OHIO is how important having a LOCAL demonstrator is to keep you inspired. We should all take a lesson from that and not be scared to contact our clients because we all need the contact to stay motivated with our stamping.

Miss you sooooooo much, but hearing you blog makes it better.