Thursday, November 15, 2007


Boy- has this technique gotten some attention!! I think I have come to the conclusion that I am just a comment junkie....I need to be able to show my stuff to people and get responses.....or it's just not fun!! I need to see other peoples stuff too, so SCS has been such a blessing to me, to go on there and just look, I watch a slide show every day while I do my hair.....and sometimes I'm a wee bit late for work because of it!! So how do you like it in gray? I think I still like the black better....but now I have this overwhelming urge to try a couple more on chocolate chip cuz that one was one of my favorites that was pink and brown....My friend Nancy B. sent me a thread where people were talking about me on SCS, very flattering.....but one friend of mine made the point that though I learned this from my DL Cindy, it actually originated at Stamp and Scrap University in NJ which is I think my uplines baby.........(although I think the white gel pen is my own twist.....but who knows??) I tried my Prisma colored pencils and I could not get the same rich look, so that 's the only problem is that we are limited in colors with the pure colored pencils.......anyway- I have had so much fun making these cards and getting so many comments from everywhere, even the UK and ITALY!! wow!! I think it's because Allison put me as her blog of interest or some such thing that I started getting lots of visitors on my blog....such fun, I mean I have fun just talking to myself....but this is even MORE fun!! :) I stayed up last night till 1:00 AM, (and had to work today) making these gray cards......I think I have gone back to being almost as obsessed with stamping as I was in the early days......and that is pretty obsessed. I was a little tired at work today and honestly, I had to DRAG myself around the circuit at CURVES tonite....and I am ready to go to bed about a 1/2 hour ago.....but wanted to get these new gray ones posted - You know the older I get if I don't get enough sleep it's not pretty.....I feel like a computer that has too many windows opened at the same time and everything starts moving in slow-motion.....and I can't switch from one "screen" to another really's tough to get old....but as a good friend of mine always says, it beat the alternative. :) And I figure I can stamp until I'm about 100....I mean what would stop us? It's a hobby you can grow old with. I am going to have all the ladies I work with at the dentist's office over for a "stamping sleepover" the day after Thanksgiving....that is gonna be so fun.....I CANNOT wait. We're gonna have such a good time. I even got some new pajamas today - I have been wanting to do this for a long time, there are 8 of us at work. We will stamp and maybe watch a movie and go in our hot tub and stuff like that. Mostly stamp. It will start mid afternoon. This last one is just okay to me.....I love those first two, but this one -maybe the purple is too close to grey but it doesn't seem to pop as well....huh? Anyway- this is a very fun stamping technique and eventually I need to pry myself away from it so I can play with those new stamps that SU sent us- I got mine today- the set called Time Well Spent - that's stamping in general. :) Time Well Spent!! Send me your cards(on email I mean) that you make with this technique- Penny from the UK used a gold pen to accent hers instead of the white gel pen and that was way cool too!! No limit to the fun!! Show me what you are making with this fun magic technique, and now, so I am not fried to a crisp tomorrow - I will say, Night night, stamp tight. :) Until next time, I really MUST get some sleep.


Nancy said...

Karen, your work always inspires me. I really miss it. You are finally getting the the recogniztion that you truly deserve.

Nancy B.

Allison said...

More great the color combos here!

Penny said...

I love it in the grey!:)

Penny said...

Karen, email me and I'll try and explain it all later!!

Ilina Crouse said...

Hi Karen,
I love your cards, your work is truly an inspiration for me.

passionstamper said...

Hi Karen! I just found Cat Stevens on your playlist! I can't believe it! I love his music! I may never leave your blog...keep posting these gorgeous cards and I won't!! (I have hide-a-bed in my office-I can just view all your postings and listen to great music-heavenly!) Now all I need is some chocolate-what more could a girl ask for????!!!!

Hugs, Deb VG
(I'm having trouble with my Google profile..and passwords etc. so passionstamper is me from now on)

BettyinYuma said...

I am quite interested in this technique. Could you possibly send me an email with some directions on how you do the Black Magic and what are pure pencils? I do have the Stampin Up Metallic pencils which I love. But this does not look metallic. Thank you for any input you can give me on this technique. If you have a website that shows that technique, I would like to have that as well.
Betty in Yuma

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