Thursday, November 6, 2008


As with so many things in life, one persons sadness or misfortune sometimes is another person's joy....or can I say it better that to every black cloud there is a silver lining? We are being given the gift of two more weeks with our precious little family....Jen and Davis and Tovah and Lami have been delayed on their Congo journey because of rebel fighting in the Congo. Of course we are overjoyed to have them home for two more weeks, but saddened for this war torn country and all of the innocent people who have terror as a constant companion. Can you say a prayer for them as the Lord brings them to mind? Jen and Davis will be making tough decisions in the next weeks ahead and waiting on God to see what comes next in the event that things do not calm down enough for them to go with their original plan to go to the Congo. Meanwhile you can see I am enjoying my Tovah-Lovah here. Lately, about every other day, she says to me, "You're gonna cry when I go to the Congo aren't you gramma, and you're gonna miss me so much, right?" Then I reply~ "Yes Tovah, I will cry when you go, but think how happy I will be when you come back?" And then she says, "Gramma when I see you when I come home from the Congo I am gonna run right into your arms"......and then I am mopping up tears. But I am as ready as I will ever be to release them in two weeks, but what a bonus to have two more unexpected weeks together!! Did I tell you that we have two more grandchildren
on the way now? Mike and Jenna who have precious little Layla girl are expecting again in March(and did I mention yet, yippee yahoo I think Layla and her mom and dad are coming for Christmas???AND we are hoping and praying for Bethany and Brian too, hey if they could bring Madyson and I'm getting carried away)....and Bekah and Jon are expecting their first child in June. Praise God one of these is going to be in 7 minutes from our house, and we'll get to babysit for someone besides Moseley - Moseley too mind you because we love that dog....but we are getting a real live baby! We are so excited. As the grandmother of 5 grand daughters, Bekah asked me last week if I secretly yearn for a grand son but just don't tell anyone. - I can honestly say I do not. I just pray for healthy grandchildren and the gender is insignificant for me. This blog entry is dedicated to grand daughters.....(every card is pink.....)this card to my left is made with a beautiful new set from SU - called Eastern Influences - this rose is so fun to watercolor!! And that huge flat bow is the latest craze...those flat bows, we learned to make them at Convention this year. My niece Clairey just had a baby boy.....Elihu.....(hope I spelled that right) He is a beauty!! So we do have boys in the family, my sweet nephew Malachi.....he's a boy too. :) So anyway, I've been thinking alot about worry lately, which is one of the things I am most gifted in. It all started when within a couple of weeks, Bekah "almost" lost the baby but did not, Bethany was chased thru the woods by a low life man while walking her dog, (my girls are STILL fast runners), Jen and Davis have been living with all this uncertainty and I will admit to a wee bit of worry at the prospect of them leaving for the Congo with the state the Congo is in.....Keith had a large scale accident in the "big truck" - (not his fault but a guy bent over to pick up his cell phone and drove right into the back of his truck and though he is okay, his car looks like an accordian), and Mike and Jenna, - well they had a good week.....but there are plenty of times I am consumed with worry about some random thing in their life, or I worry and think what if they get in a car accident.....(ANY of them......)you know how it is if you are a worrier.....and on the way home from work one day it just hit me.....all these close calls happened and it was totally out of my power to do ANYTHING to stop them.......and I thought WOW it's great to have a STRONG and MIGHTY GOD who is watching all of the time, protecting, going before - going behind.....a FATHER who really DOES have EYES in the BACK of his HEAD.....all my worry - and these things happened in the twinkling of an eye and there's not a THING I could do to prevent them or keep them from happening.....but GOD IS.......GOD WAS......GOD FOREVER MORE SHALL BE.....and HE, HE, HE, is watching over my family, (and your family) and HE never slumbers or sleeps.....HE knows what's going to happen before it happens, HE LOVES THEM EVEN MORE THEN I DO.......I don't know, it was like sort of a light flashed on and it was one of those AH-HAA moments when you realize that being in the palm of GODS hand and having a KEEPER like GOD, my worrying just seemed like such an insignificant waste of time.
How about this pretty pink card to my left? I have been making some of my favorite pink cards lately.....I've been on a real PINK KICK......maybe it's two more grand daughters on the way!! :) This is embossed in white on vellum and colored with markers both from behind and on top to give it depth and shading......but anyway.....isn't it neat to think that OUR GOD WATCHES OVER US LIKE THAT?? My son Mike once said to me after I confessed some worry fit I had just had, "Ma, that's no way to live!!" And he's right! I struggle with worry more then just about ANYTHING in my life.....but I do STRUGGLE, and hit me too that hopefully my kids will outlive me, so who will worry when I'm gone? And then I think, hey, what GOOD does your WORRYING DO??? Ever catch your self thinking like that? Do YOU hear the VOICES in my head? (that's actually a line from The God's Must be of our fav family movies) but anyway, I am trying really really really really hard to stop being such a worry wart. It's just so counterproductive.......and here to my left is my most favorite card I have made in a long time. If you actually read back in my blog I am always naming some card as my most favorite - so that's why I said that I have made in a long time. This one took a lot of cutting.....but I really do love it in the end. I actually made one like this for a friend at work and then had a battle giving it to selfish is THAT???? I kept making excuses like oh gee, she' s not really a pink lover maybe I will give her this card over here instead....etc....but in the end I just made another one like it and gave it to my DEAR, KIND and WONDERFUL friend at work........and felt so much happier with myself. :):) harhar. That's the best thing about being a demonstrator is keeping your cards cuz you need samples.......anyway, sometimes I think that God must get so tired of my worrying - but then I realize that HE is my FATHER and he does not expect perfection from me and HE loves me UNCONDITIONALLY.....worry warts and all. :):) Well I have stayed up way past my bedtime here to know I am not sure if they improved this thing or if I am just finally getting a little blog-savvy......(careful there....pride comes before the fall)but it seems like it's been a really long time since I wiped out a card.......or had one turn sideways on me......I think I am getting to be an expert blogger. harhar...not. Here are two more of those precious ones I have been telling you about. We call Lami - (whose whole name is Elami Cheruto) Lami-Lou, it's just a nickname that is sticking and so she sort of thinks that is what her name is now. When we were trick or treating the other night we were walking along and I said to her, "Lami, Are you grammas little punkin girl".....and she said "No, I notta punkin girl".....and I said,,,,"Are you grammas little bo peep?"(she was dressed up as little bo peep) and she said, "No, I notta little bo peep," and then she said, "Gramma, I yust a Yittle Yammie You.........(just a Little Lami-Lou) - and I tell you - 2 more weeks with these precious baby girls is gonna fly by and the next time I blog it's gonna be cryin time again.......but I am gonna try with all my might to remember that safe in the great big hands of a STRONG AND MIGHTY GOD is the very best place for them to be....along with everyone else I love........that's kind of a sweet thought, isn't it??

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.........

Okay, so sometimes it's not a big deal if I wipe out a card or two along the way, but THIS time I have a theme going on here.....and it's the seasons and there are four of them and I would LIKE to keep it that way....I would hate to wipe out fall or something because it would make a big difference in where I am going with this post. These four cards were all made with an adorable set called Window Dressing which is a hostess only set and worth hostessing a workshop for, just to get this set. There are just some sets that make you feel like a kid again and THIS is one of them. Okay, so here to your left you see Spring. Spring is such a hopeful time, with winters drab colors just "springing" to life, buds on trees, daffodils and tulips sprouting up all over, and warm breezes that make you want to just let the sun shine in. When I think of spring I think of one of those first days when you want to throw open your windows and just let the outside come in. Life is like this too, there are seasons. Keith and I keep saying that if spring is a newborn baby we are like in fall. YIKES!! EVENTS are also like this- vacations are like this, times in your life are like this, they have a distinct season. Our daughter Jen and her husband Davis and their two precious girls moved in with us in the end of June before heading to The Congo in mid-November. Ahhhhh, those first fews weeks of having them in our house were like the "spring" of our visit. You could think to yourself, FOUR WHOLE MONTHS OF HAVING THESE PRECIOUS PEOPLE UNDER OUR ROOF....and precious they are. :) Tovah, who is 4 has been saying since she got here that she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. The other day we were pulling her down the street with Lami her little sister in a big red wagon at night, (did you catch that - the other day at night? It actually was one of the many nighttime walks we have taken since they got here - the whole fam) AND, Tovah says out of the blue, "Gramma, I have made a decision," followed by, "Lami I have made a decision" and then she announced that she wasn't going to be a vet anymore, but she was going to be a dentist so she could live near ME, and if she was a vet she would live to far away and wouldn't get to see me," to which I replied with a huge lump in my throat, "But Tovah, you could be a vet and still live in Ohio" and she said, "But Gramma, where are all the animals??" I pointed to Luca, our beloved golden who also goes on our nightly walks with us and she said, "But where are the horses and cows?" I could write a book with the cute things they say......see why I want it to be spring forever??? Okay, so then it came to be about mid August and I was like wow, this is the summer of their visit, still plenty of time left for visiting but we are beginning to notice that Lami even talks a whole lot more then she did when they first got favorite line for quoting from Lami was one time when I was letting her jump off the furniture in our family room (hey ~ what are grandmothers for??) and she said, Gramma, I donna yump aden, oday??? about 40 times after each jump until I was laughing so hard I could not stand it!! Here is my summer card, - things are still bright and cheery in mid August,,,,time is going by but look, it's not even half up yet, relax... there will still be lots of fun things going on between now and mid-November, right? Jen and Davis bought a house one road over during this time to rent out and maybe live in after The Congo for a while, I am about 95% convinced that their careers will always involve missions, but even if they just live there for a little while, how awesome will that be? The house as I mentioned in my last post is only one road away, perfect for little grand daughters to come and visit!! And it means that they might stay a while longer after the 2 year stint in The Congo.....LORD WILLING. Okay, so now we are moving on into September, but we still have plenty of time....and the about mid September it starts to hit me, yikes, we are getting really close to fall... before you know it it will be WINTER and time for them to head to the Congo.....and I start remembering the unexplicable sadness that overtook me when they left the last time but for the most part I chase it away, and think, there will be time to grieve after they are gone, right now, let me enjoy every single minute of this precious time and not spend ANY TIME wallowing in sadness when I still have them to enjoy!! This is when you approach fall.....(kind of again like when you turn 50 and say goodbye to your 40 I still felt young. :) and really I still do now but the mirror is starting to tell me something else) Last week we took the girls to the Tea House, and Michelle Zindorf met us there, it was a celebration for Jen's BD, which is October 3rd. It was so so fun, Jen, Bekah, Tovah, Lami, Michelle and I eating at that wonderful tea house, sharing desserts and then I told Lami and Tovah we could go to the gift shop and they could pick out a Boyds Bear.....Tovah picked out a Boyds horse, the homeliest silliest looking thing I have ever seen but she loves that guy, so much.....too cute. Lami picked out some little animals - a cow, a bear, a cat and a dog. All dressed up in clothes of course. Just the right size for Little Lami. Okay, so it's fall now and fall is fleeting fast, yikes it is almost WINTER..... Yesterday was my son's birthday, (my baby is now 26 - if that don't make ya feel old nothing will) and it was also exactly ONE MONTH till they leave.......but me and my feelings, we aren't going there until we have to. This is my fall card - and my favorite of these four cards. Fall is actually my favorite time of year, but I married my best friend and the love of my life in the fall, we had two kids in the fall, I just always love that hunker down feeling of fall, crisp apples, crunchy under your feet pretty leaves, warm sweatshirts, Thanksgiving......I LOVE fall, but right about now I am wishing it was spring again and we could start this visit all over again, like instant replay......yeh, that would be the bomb. Well, there is no denying that winter is on it's way. In life, ah yes, it makes me think of my mom and step mom who are in the winter of their lives and wish I could move them out here and settle them near's hard to be so far away from so many people you love. It makes me want to spend the holidays with my kids, which may or may not happen this year, we just arent' sure with Keith's job and all. And it makes me want to hold onto Jen and Davis and Tovah and Lami and have it stay spring forever. But the seasons come and the seasons go......I have to grab back on to Mary Englebreits saying, "Don't cry cuz it's over, smile cuz it happened" and hold on for dear life cuz it's almost cryin time again. But guess what? They will return in 2 years and everytime I drive by or walk by that little white house one street over I am going to imagine them in it......Tovah will be 6, and Lami will be Tovah's age. And they will be as cute as ever. I can tell now I am gonna need to talk to my Layla girl right after they leave. Last time it helped so much to hear her adorable little voice on the phone saying " I love you Gramma" - like sav on a wound. Okay, now I'm crying so I'm gonna stop this nonsense and get upstairs and go enjoy this gorgeous FALL day........and anticipate the next visit instead of worrying this one away. And so here is my final card, and so far so bloomin good I have not wiped anything out.......did you all notice my blog banner? It's new, and I had it made, and I am so happy with it that sometimes I just sit and stare at it and listen to James Taylor. I'm all done crying now and going upstairs to see what's on the agenda for today......maybe the Cincinnatti Zoo, or maybe another bike ride, the possibilities are endless!! I was babysitting for them last night and had to give Lami her first "time out" from me - talk about killer, she had to say she was sorry before she could get up and once she called me over and said through tears, "Gramma, I got a yittle booty" which was a little boogie........and I lost it - she is such a pistol, I wish you could all spend 15 minutes with each of them and then you would see why between Layla, Lami and Tovah, when they go home it will always be "cryin time again" even though I would never hold them back!! Because right after that the anticipation of the NEXT VISIT follows and everyone knows - anticipation is half the fun!! :) :) :) Sometimes it's the best part!! Happy Saturday everyone - go hug the ones you love - thats what I'm about to do!!! ( and as you can see, I have no idea how to put this signature thingey where I want it - just pretend I meant to do that, it's out there somewhere but at least all four cards are still here!! :) SMILE.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ain't LIFE GRAND????

Okay so for the love of Peter, Keith is FINALLY home!! It's like you go along and think your circumstances will NEVER change... and then in the twinkling of an eye, everything changes almost overnight....let me back many of you know, my husband and best friend Keith has been an "over the road" truck driver for the past year. (INTERJECT HERE - this card is from one of SU's new stamp sets, Flower Fancy - stamped and watercolored on Shimmery White and the background is the new Classic Stripes stamp turned both ways to make a plaid.....easy peasy..) Back to life's true stories....we had been praying and pleading and all but begging God to help us find a job for Keith where he would be close to home - either local driving or hey, we were about ready for him to work at Starbucks, or Burger King.... the separation thing had gone on long enough. I sometimes felt like a widow. Not fun, though tolerable when you using it as a means to an end...but there seemed to be no end!! Several jobs he applied for got no was getting REALLY discouraging. We literally saw eachother for less then 20 hours a week, it was awful. SOOOO....being the shopper that I am, I often check out patient's employment space at work on their files, and if it says they are truckdrivers, (as are 3/4 of the male population around here) I would often ask them how they liked their job, and find out as much as I could about different local trucking companies. So late in August, one of my patient friends who I had often talked to about his company was leaving after Tangie checked him out. He turned to me and said, "Karen, is your husband still trucking?" and so I proceeded to tell him our tale of woes, the terrible injustice of it all....poor us.... etc etc and he came over with the name and address of his company and said, "Karen, tell him to go apply NOW because I happen to know they are hiring right now" - Okay- this gave me goose bumps because of all days, Keith was home this day - it was a Monday. I called him up and said "Go, like NOW and apply" and he said, "But Karen, I have checked this company out and I know it's one of the best ones around here but I know you have to have 2 years experience to get in" to which I replied, "Keith they are looking for people now, go NOW and tell them why they should hire you now with one years experience ~ go sell yourself." So the rest is history. They decided to check with their insurance company since Keith had a perfect driving record to see if they would make an exception and they did and he's been there since just after Labor Day weekend!! It was a GOD thing...because it meant he also got to go to our family reunion with Bekah and Jon and I...otherwise he would have been driving but he was just between jobs. God is GOOD...even though your circumstances can look so bleak and you can be thinking nothing will ever change....God can reach down, move a few things around, shake a few things up and the next thing you know, the whole fam, Jen and Davis and Tovah and Lami and Gramma Karen and Grampa Keith can spend Saturday morning out petting llamas and goats and picking out pumpkins. That card we just passed is emboss resist....just like the one in my last post.....sorry my blog is more like an illustrated story book but that's me, tutorials are boring but real life is an adventure, ya know? Keith's new hours are alot like mine which is just wonderful. He has all weekends off and is home most weeknights. We feel like we have turned SUCH a corner in our Ohio life. YIPPEE YAHOO!! Okay ~ so here's a wild thing that happened on one of our first weekends home together.....LAST WEEKEND, hurricane IKE decided to blow thru OHIO, - actually right down our street. I have NEVER EVER seen weather like we had, almost NO rain, but winds that were incredible. We sat out on our front porch with a sort of morbid fascination as huge chunks of trees fell down around us. The wind took shingles right off peoples roofs, siding blew off the whole end of the townhouse Bekah and Jon live in. We had the pretty white awning that Bethany and Brian got married under on our deck over our picnic table, and when we came home from church it was the first thing we noticed, twisted and mangled beyond repair on top of our hot tub, (or the big hot baff as Tovah and Lami call it) OKAY CARD BREAK - Brandy new 2 step stamping set called A Rose is a Rose - I just love this shabby shiek card - isn't it pretty? That's the new Baja Breeze color in the background and Riding Hood Red and Kiwi Kiss on the flowers.....Okay- back to life, it was THE most INCREDIBLE wind storm I have ever seen. Today as we drove to the pumpkin farm we saw a tin roof that had blown into a tangled ball off of someones barn, and a huge tree uprooted dirt and all that looked like the base of the dirt that got pulled up with it was like a big huge swimming pool size!!DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WEATHER GETS THAT WEIRD???????? There is a good side to what can otherwise be devastating. Neighbors meet neighbors, people are just hangin out on their porches and everyone is friendly and taking the time to talk to eachother because we had no electrical power - we had none for 3 straight days!! So there were no electronic distractions, time stood still and we got to meet some of our neighbors who we had never met before!! Anyway, today - almost a week later all is back to normal albeit chunks of trees still line the streets waiting for the town to remove them.....but it's a beautiful, sunny, warm, Indian summer day.....But that's how we spent one of our first Saturdays in Ohio together.....that Keith wasnt' either cleaning models or driving truck - pretty exciting!! This card to your left now - it's just watercolored and the background embossed white polka dots - see how I used my white gel pen to make the watercan polka dotted too? How CUTE is THAT??? Other family news.... Jen and Davis bought a house one road away from us. They probably will not live in it until after they go to the Congo for two years and at that point if they stay stateside for 9 months or so they will live in that house. Even then it will be a stopover between mission assignments Lord willing, but somehow just knowing they own that cute little white house which is actually very similar to ours makes me feel like they will be closer to us even when they are gone.....but lets not talk about THAT yet, they don't leave till November 10th.....way off. :) By the time they come home again, Lami will be Tovah's age and Tovah will be almost Chloe's age.........lets not think about it. But the happy thought is this - Tovah and Lami will be old enough to let mom watch them cross the street and then go thru the alley and come right into our utterly SWEET will THAT be?????? Over the road and thru the alley to grandmother's house we go.....isn't there a song like that? Isn't life sweet with grand daughters around? Isn't life sweet even when they aren't around but you still know they are out there and they love you - and you can hear their sweet little voices on the telephone and see them on the "web can" as Layla calls it? Ain't life grand? Ain't it? Come on now, Ain't it?????

Saturday, August 23, 2008

P.S. POOF!! It's back......

Here's the one I wiped out in the post just before this one..... just thought I would share it after all......yikes, I only have one card to blab thru, am I capable of keeping it SHORT and SWEET? Here's a happy thing that happened to me this week. I got a beautiful Mother's Day card from my son Mike. I mean one of those ones that makes you cry. (last year Jenna made me a beautiful gramma album that also made me cry) In Mike's card he said all the things a mama wants to hear from her grown son. Some of my days are pretty lonely. (pray for keith he has a 2nd job interview monday for a close to home job) Getting that card was awesome. A few days later I got a package in the mail. Who is sending me a pkg? Mike and Jenna and Layla. The best part? Jenna told me Mike shopped on line HIMSELF and picked out this sweater for's awesome - I have never owned a designer sweater that I can think of, (unless it had SU on it somewhere) but this is a magnificent Ralph Loren sweater..... and my coworker Melanie who knows all about fashion was like, "Whoa, love your sweater!!" (I knew I was cool then.) But it was the part where Jenna said Mike wanted to get you something really nice that really makes it my most favoritist sweater in the whole wide world. All you mothers of obnoxious teenagers out there, my Mike was one once. :) They grow up, they say things that make it MOTHERS DAY in August. :) Thanks Mike, love you man. Okay- all done - I did manage to keep it short and sweet, and how appropriate is that, the card says LOVE YOU. Awwww........

Well it's bloggin' time again...........

Isn't there a country western song that starts out like that.....not bloggin but what was it, Well it's somethin time again, was it cheating? Leaving? Those good old country western songs. When I was little(thanks to MOM) I had a steady diet of the stuff. I knew every Tennesee Ernie Ford song there was by heart. Glenn Campbell, Johnnie I cannot STAND country music, but back then, I could belt out any song you wanted to hear word for word. Okay, I'm already off to a bad start here, let me sort of explain this card on your left. This is made from one of my favorite brandy new stamp sets from the brandy new's called Inspired by Nature.....and even though I think it's really coneflowers I pretend it's black eyed susans which are one of my favorites up there with sunflowers. That's what I like about stamps, they can be whatever you WANT them to be. :) Then that little butterfly, he's from a different new set called Flight of the Butterfly. Also a very cute set. That card has vellum over the top of the new Pink Pirouette paper, (I promise I'll learn how to spell that p word before the end of the year) Anyway, at Convention they gave us 3 new sets and these were two of them and I love them both. Convention - it was so great to see friends I had not seen in such a long time - upline, downline, sideline, the Arizona girls some of which I didn't see at the last two Leaderships I went to because they weren't there and I missed 2 conventions in a row so it was just awesome to catch up and to meet new downline - My niece Clairey has really been busy as a bee building herself a healthy downline, and I mean healthy - these girls are excited and committed and on fire!! They are all planning how they can do SU full time, and I have no doubts that they will reach their goals. KRISTEN FULLER, who was one of Claire's first recruits went to Convention and all week I knew I would meet her at the INKredibles meeting, and I was jabbering away and there was this quiet presence off to my right.....and then she said "Hi Aunt Karen" and I was like K-R-I-S-T-E-N!!!
Just too cool to meet someone I have listened to in their Yahoo group and to feel so connected to this young lady who is building her own business with a level of enthusiasm second to none!! Speaking of my niece Clairey, I told her to check out this card to your left now because it is my most favoritist card I ever made, I put it right next to me so I can study it all the time and think wow, I made that...and when I showed her which one she goes you mean the one with the mustard flowers? REALLY? Popped my balloon there Clairey, and then she said, "It's nice, but of all the cards you made it's your favorite, REALLY??" But I still think it is. :) It just sings really loud to me. :) First off, its' one of my most favorite flowers in the whole wide world......we have been planting them around our house, you know they spread - they like multiply like rabbits -no kidding......anyway, you can all leave a comment and say, "Is that REALLY your most favorite card????" Uh, yah, it is. :):):) BTW for those of you who actually like it- AND then the next one down, here's my "TUTORIAL" HAHA, I get asked to do tutorials all the's my version, short and sweet - don't blink NOW or you'll miss it - On the back of your solid stamp color with markers -shading the flowers with two different colors. I used Summer Sun and Pumpkin Pie. (and of course the other colors for the flower tip and green stuff) Stamp it on whisper white. Now color to the edges with a VERSAMARKER. Try NOT to go outside the image with the Versamarker cuz that will create a white halo which in some places will look even a bit artistic but if you get too much of it outside the image you will end up saying your 5 year old made it..... to save face.....okay, after you have colored with versamarker emboss with clear powder. Now smear ink over the top, I used BAJA BLUE, (one of my new favs) and Not Quite Navy right around the flowers. Blend. I use sponge daubers. Now use the great and wonderful highly loved grass stamp that also comes with this set - and I think I used kiwi kiss, (old olive really but if I say kiwi kiss you'll buy another stamp pad.....hahaha......I love kiwi kiss but I couldn't find it under the stamping debris when I made this card - no I know - I had to use old olive so I would have a marker in it for the leaves on the flower....that's what it was, but regardless - kiwi kiss is a great new color) AHEM........okay........use OLD OLIVE and stamp the grass off once so it's not so bold and then stamp it on, also known as the "fade technique" or second generation stamping...... And then wipe the "grass" off your flowers which will resist it because remember they are embossed and there you have it - embellish it as you desire and that's it - and you can make my most favoritist card in the whole world TOO!! This one here is kinda cute too, huh? I just only inked up the smaller flower on that big stamp and stamped it over and over. I embossed three after versamarkering, (my own word, kind of like favoritist) and that way I could use those three as a mask when I stamped two more and then I used my coluzzle to cut out the image and THAT GREAT SCALLOPED BORDER??? Wanna know how I did that? I just punched a bunch a' circles with my 1/2" circle punch and put snail adhesive around the inside of my circle, and then attached the punched circles and voila!! A scalloped edge!! :) oKAY, now below, (and when I actually post this it sends everything everywhere it wasnt' when you were actually anyway- switching gears here, these are the cards below, (the last two in this post) that were my general swapping cards at Convention......I always totally exhaust myself making tons of cards to swap and then I have a terrible time making sure I swap them all......this is a pattern in my life. I have the sweetest coworkers, Cyndi(who I have told you guys about before - Cyndi is rail thin and survives on cheese-it's and coke) and Tangie, who is not rail thin but watching her weight like me. Every Friday, (down day, we get to dress down and there are no patients on Fridays) I treat these guys to a coffee smoothie, (Cyndi usually says, "No thank you, I'm okay...." cuz eating is not an obsession with her where TANGIE, ticks the minutes away till it's time to go get smoothies on Fridays........(a girl after my own heart)and every Friday we look forward to this - they are wonderful coffee drinks with little pieces of coffee bean covered in dark chocolate chopped up in there, (the best part) and then Tangie's favorite part - a big ole cherry - oh my gosh I can taste it now and it's not Friday for another whole Tangie usually runs to get the mail and brings them back with her.....and then her and I sit there and suffer with BRAIN FREEZE cuz we drink them too fast and they also give us this HACKING COUGH, ?? (but they are so worth a little piercing headache and a little annoying cough which can last up to an hour after you drink it) but HEY, it does not stop Tangie and I from looking forward to the next week when we can go pay for somemore great brain freeze with an annoying cough on the side.........what's up with that? Sometime I'll really tell you about "TANGIE" and "FOOD" because I could blog a whole blog with funny stories about this adorable co-worker who just LOVES to EAT. :):):) ANYWAY general swapping is kinda like that for me, I get so exhausted making cards I go into Convention or Leadership in a zombie state and then I worry about getting them all swapped but I sorta hate to actually swap cuz I'm usually running late to wherever I am going and then you have to stop and then it seems like you have too many people standing around and you don't want to walk away from anyone, and then you get home and anymore, not doing the number of workshops I used to do in NY, and not NEEDING ALL THESE SAMPLES.....what do you DO with them, but it doesn't keep me from starting the whole process all over again the next event......making 100 cards, leaving in a zombie state, etc etc etc - okay - I thought I already went by the first card and here it is now, this is gonna be one long blabbing blog here.....see why I take so long between posts? It takes me a day to do one!! Gosh I thought I was coming up on the LAST card and here it is, only the next to the last......gee whiz. Hey- did I tell you I HAD MY NAME DRAWN AT CONVENTION TO BE IN THEIR GAME SHOW, STAMPING PICTIONARY?????? can you believe of 6000 people my name got drawn? I was TERRIFIED at first, (I am not the best example of an SU WOO HOO cheerleader everyone who knows me knows, I don't do woo hoos..........)I felt like what if I win, I won't be excited enough, maybe I should pray that I lose...... but in the end I really wanted the free stuff cuz there was so much stuff in the new catalog I love........okay so anyway we were the runnerups - I GOT A HUNDRED DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE TO THE NEW CATALOG!! And when it was all over, Shelly Gardner got up and said, "Wow, I don't know if I have ever seen Karen Barber get that excited" - Ask my kids, it has happened in the past. I remember a track meet when Jen was running a race and Bethany(who also ran but was not in that particular race) said one of her friends poked her and said "Who is that nut who is scaling the fence and screaming over there?" and Bethany turned and much to her chagrin it was none other then me.....and she said, "Ah, that would be my mother" -but hey....if we talked sports events where my kids were ALL stars at one time or another....that used to get me VERY excited. :):):) Anyway - in the end I was really glad they drew my name as I got to pick out four
big and brand new stamp sets which should be arriving any day now along with my mega order I placed besides,,,,I will be stalking the UPS man THIS week for SURE!! Okay, well, here we are at the end of this post..... when I made this card I thought, "This card makes me think of Tracy Altemose, (one of the wonderful friends I have made over the years thru SU) and when I swapped with Tracy - honestly her card was a variation of this one - it was weird....and our second cards were similar too!! :) Too funny!! :) Okay- it's the end here, I am finally done blabbing and showing off for another time.....until next time - I wish you all your favoritist things - even if you DO get brain freeze and hacking coughs!! Ya'll come back now, ya hear?????OKAY, I KNOW - YOU'RE ALL THINKING SHE SAID 5 CARDS AND THERE ARE ONLY FOUR.....I WIPED ONE OUT - WHEN I WAS EDITING - JUST LIKE THAT, POOF, IT'S GONE........DOGGONE IT - IT'S PRETTY TOO!! OH WELL, IF YOU WANT TO SEE IT GO TO MY SU GALLERY......DARN IT, DARN IT, DARN IT..........GONE - WITH - THE - WIND........SHUCKS.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

OMGOSH, did you SEE that???????????

OKAY, check it O-U-T!!!! Look at my last entry and see who, (I am not jivin ya...) left a comment!!! Ladies and gentlemen, (gentlemen? - are there any?) THE PAM MORGAN, that's the one and only, PAM MORGAN.....(did I say PAM MORGAN left a comment on MY BLOG???? MY BLOG??? DId you all hear me say that, PAM MORGAN LEFT A COMMENT ON MY BLOG.....Okay, now first making friends with the one and only ZINDORF, and now, PAM MORGAN LEFT A LONG, NOT JUST A SHORT BUT A LONG COMMENT ON MY BLOG....and I know know know it was actually her because she said and I quote, " I am stunned and gobsmacked to find your blog, (come ON, who ELSE says gobsmacked????) Now for those of you who may not KNOW PAM MORGAN.....she is the one who gives out all the free stuff at Convention and Leadership.....she is more fun then the free stuff!! Honestly, she is just a bundle of JOY, and everything SU should be!!! Pam is one of those people that can make you feel like a million matter who you are. She always takes time in true SU fashion to talk to any and everyone......and she has long been right up there with Shelley in my book!! So anyway, did I mention that she just happened to leave a comment on my BLOG?????? Wow, I WAS STUNNED

AND GOBSMACKED LET ME JUST TELL YA.....I WAS ABSOLUTELY GOBSMACKED, STUNNED BUT MOSTLY JUST PLAIN OLD GOBSMACKED....OKay, side note - did you see how that font just changed to dark black, like bold?? Well get this -I did not touch anything to make that happen, I really need a blog spot technician by my side when I blog, I actually wiped out 2 cards getting to where I am, so this entry will not blab on and on as long as usual.....but all of the sudden the writing gets bold, so I think, okay, I'll just hit the bold button, and then THIS happened, it got even BOLDER, so let me just take this bold opportunity to say, I AM COMPLETELY STUNNED AND GOBSMACKED CUZ PAM MORGAN, THE PAM MORGAN LEFT A COMMENT ON LITTLE OLD ME'S BLOG......WHAT A WAY TO START YOUR DAY!!! OKAY, I just unbolded it before I have a heart attack here........Did I mention that these are some of my latest creations? USING brandy new SU stamps (mostly) and brandy new SU IN colors??? How about this beautfiul riding hood red? Wow, I LOVE it!! And Kiwi Kiss is in the first creation........and in my last one I sort of reverted to old favorites, bashful blue and apricot of my fav combos.....oKAY, SO.....did I happen to tell you who left a comment on my last blog entry? Oh, sorry, I guess I already mentioned that...what else is new.....I am operating on no sleep, but that's not new. Last weekend I pulled two weekend late nights, or actually early mornings to get my DL gifts done.....and this weekend I am hammering away on Convention swap cards, and had no (okay - see it just went back to normal there.......what is up with that? I kind of liked the bold....)intention of blogging, but when you peek on your blog and see that like the lets see, who can I compare Pam to, the MERYL STREEP of your stamping world, the like hugely popular celebrity....leaves a comment on your blog, well that's something to blog about!! (I did it on purpose this time and it worked, if actually posting this thing wipes out all the bolds you can all think I'm crazy but honestly blog spot hates me.....) Anyway- just thought I would take a break from all that embossing to mention, and I'm not name dropping or anything, but GUESS WHO WAS STUNNED AND GOBSMACKED BY MY BLOG?????????????????????????(You guessed it, my favorite PAM MORGAN) Happy Stamping Ladies - until next time, enrich your vocabulary with a new word or two, brought to you by Pam Morgan! :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Return of the Flowers, Tovah and Elami....

Here they are - two more of our precious little grandaughters.....Lami and Tovah....The day FINALLY arrived to pick our girls up - June 27th, Jen, Tovah and Lami, (daddy followed 10 days later after making a trip to the Congo to scope things out before he brings the family there in Nov) Bekah and I headed to the airport to get them on that Friday night but they got held up in Chicago and we didn't actually get them until Saturday....we were tempted to just drive to O'Hare!! As any of you know who follow my blog and or SCS gallery - stamping has come to a screeching halt as I take the time to enjoy these precious girls while I can!! The most I have stamped is this one card, which I stamped one day while babysitting with Tovah by my side stamping as well while Lami slept. Even when I stamped this card you can see what was on my mind - that's gramma and grampa owl, saying "Look who loves you!!" to all five sweet grandaughters......When Tovah and Lami left for Kenya, Tovah was the same age that Lami is NOW, and Lami was only 6 months old!! Tovah remembered us ~ but we had to totally get to know Lami. After about 10
minutes I was in love - she has the softest, sweetest little voice, you have to listen
closely to hear her when she talks. Tovah said to me, "I remember when I was a baby gramma and you loved me and you used to say, "Toe - VAH...." (with the accent on the VAH.....I wish you could all hear her say it. It's funny, cuz in 5 minutes your heart is wrapped right around these girls and you know in 4 months its' gonna be cryin time again.....when they left the last time I made a scrapbook page where the center of every flower was a picture of them and the title of the page was, "Where Have all the Flowers Gone?" - here is a little portion of what the page says, "Even though I am sure they are right where God wants them and even though I rejoice with them that everything they have worked so hard for has finally come to fruition.....and even though I am just as proud of them as I can be, still I ache. How can something that is right feel so overwhelmingly sad??" Well eventually it got better and I tried to adopt Mary Engelbreit's quote, "Don't cry because it's over,

smile because it happened" - Well we did both, and heaven knows we will again in November. For now, mostly I will be stamping and have been stamping flowers and butterflies, cherries and crowns from SU's tattoo kit...and cards will have to wait. I have traded stamps for ponytails and ribbons, storybooks and tattoos. I have to enjoy these precious little ones while I can. We skyped shortly after they got here with Mike, Jenna and Layla - it was so fun to watch Tovah and Layla get reaquainted. I am so thankful for Webcams....and wonder how grand parents DID it before such modern inventions? I think of missionaries years ago who would leave on ships and not know if they would EVER see their families again.... I am thankful to be here NOW in this day and age where I can listen to my grand children sing me sweet songs over and over on my cell phone and talk with them on the "webcan" as Layla calls it. :) People constantly ask me how can I stand to let them go to the Congo - and I always say, I know they are safer in the center of God's will for them then anywhere else on earth. HE loves them even more then we do, and HE is capable of hiding them in the shelter of HIS wings and keeping them safe. When I get to heaven, I hope all of my grandchildren and children have mansions on the same

street as mine. I hope we are just a hop skip and a jump from eachother. But for now, I am going to just concentrate on being thankful for the lives of these precious little ones - for healthy beautiful grandchildren.
Look at that face, how angelic is that?? A real highlight will be seeing Tovah, Lami and Layla altogether Labor Day weekend.....can't wait!! And I promise to do more stamping to make up for lost time when they leave, because I will NEED to, just like last time, stamping is the best and cheapest (okay, well maybe NOT cheapest) therapy there is for times like that. Anyway- I actually stamped this card below just before they came, just thinking about all the hugs and kisses we would give and receive over the next few months......I want to bottle them all up and then take them out in the lonely days of late

November.......we always have sweet memories to tie us over till the next time! I want to make as many memories as I can over the next couple of months. I am sure I will still squeeze some stamping in while they take a few road trips....I promise to try!! But if you don't hear or see much from me, you'll know why, and who can blame me?? Happy Summer everyone!! Until next time, Happy Stamping everyone - and kiss and hug the ones you love!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Babbert, Barber, Brown and Zindorf....sounds like a LAW FIRM........

Okay - first of all, God answered my prayer here literally in that all of my posts came out right side up today, ahhhhh, God is in HIS heaven and all is well.......I cannot believe it!! Lots of my friends say you don't post often enough, and I say, "That's because everytime I try 2 out of the 5 images turn sideways on me and they are inevititably my favorite 2!! Anyway- here I am with my three new stamping friends.....actually, Michelle is almost an old friend now since I've been hanging out with her since, gee, wow, APRIL.......but it feels like I've known her a lot longer because she tends to talk I know a lot about her. (Actually, that's what she says about ME, can you imagine???) Anyway, she feels familiar at this point.....comfortable after only 2 months, so I guess that's a GOD thing when you make a friend fast. :) Mary and Connie are new friends, and we all spent a wonderful day at Connie's house in her to die for stamp studio....(God knows I love and appreciate mine and I have asked forgiveness already for those small moments of coveting.......)but it would hold about 100 people comfortably.......well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration.......exaggerate, who ME??? Okay......they told me I blab too much in my blog.....or did they say the blabbing was the best part.....I can't I suggested a shoebox swap cuz you get 4 people who are not all close friends yet together and everyone wants to be so polite and I thought we would never get anything done that we did a shoebox swap -I'm gonna show you the one I designed
first here.....and then go on to their works of art. It was fun, cuz Mary and Connie are 3 d stampers....complicated people, scorers, cutters, measurers.......deep thinkers........mechanically inclined, engineer types,,,,,while Michelle and I are strictly 1-D stampers, I mean you may get a layer in there, but no 22 scores, no folding(oh man, the whole thing I was working on here just disappeared, like my computer had indigestion for a minute......what a rush.....I thought I had to start over and I'm here to tell ya, I know it wouldnt' work out that everything downloaded right side up two times in a anyway- I'm gonna get on with explaining my card since it's above me now and I'm still blabbing about other things) - my card was of course, Black and White Magic, and I could not decide between the pink and the blue so I had them make one of each. If you want to see the blue you will have to visit my gallery, (since there are only 5 spots to upload pics at a time on this dumb blog.....) Anyway - they liked it a lot, I think I have now designed at least 1048 black and white magic cards - I am a bit hung up on this technique......but that's okay, everyone has their thing you know. Okay - so
Here is what Mary designed, it looks like a card in this picture - but oh no - this my friends is a whole stationary set, you pull on that little green ribbon, and out comes a BOOK that opens up like 4 ways, and has stashes here and there to insert cards, it's absolutely mechanically brilliant and complicated, my brain was so tired after making this that I begged for lunch, which was a lovely tea house that Connie took us to, but back to the box we made - these ladies thrive on 3 dimensions.......Michelle and I, our lips froze when we saw these boxes and realized we were going to actually MAKE one, all by ourselves,,,,,but Mary was a good person and had done MOST of the scoring for us, we only had like maybe 4 scores to do on our own, and when the time came I was actually so far behind the rest of them that she scored mine for me......(if you whine and look really pathetic and they don't KNOW you that well yet it works everytime.....) Michelle sucked it up and scored her own, she is a good girl. :) We decided it's way cool that we all have such different styles cuz we have a lot to learn from eachother......OH, and I may as well tell you all that all THREE of these ladies HATE snail adhesive, (seems like blasphemy to me, being SU demonstrators and all,) Michelle has been trying to get me to switch to SU's tombow glue, which I just tried today and yes, I liked it, but Connie and Mary have these tape guns that look like weapons, honestly or giant power tools- they are at least 10 pounds each......they said they are the rage, and the one thing I liked is that I always lose my mono, - let me tell you, if you get one of THOSE mother of all tape guns, you will not LOSE it, but you will not be able to find anything ELSE on the TABLE, PLUS, you may just need a bigger table!! :)ANyway, they love them, so who am I to say??? I hope they still love me after they read this but I think they will. :) And I know I am just in the dark ages with my weeny little mono anyway that falls apart in the mail.......or so they tell me........I'm the strange one. Okay, enuf said, on to the next project which is Michelle's beautiful DREAM card, Mary and Connie were so excited to learn the brayer technique that Michelle is such a whiz at....she is an
artist and all,,,,,she does such beautiful work....Mary and Connie were amazed to see that this particular card was not that involved - it worked up really quickly and we were all very happy with the results. Later Michelle taught us how to make beaches come up and hit the shore, that was way cool too....if you want to go look at her wonderful blog and then her gallery I have a link on the side of this so you can. When I figure out what I am doing I am going to link all of these ladies blogs to mine so we will be friends forever. :):) Do I sound like I'm back in 4th grade? Hey ~ I feel like it making all new friends at my age,,,it ain't easy ya know!! Give me some credit..... Isn't this card wonderful that Michelle taught us how to make?? I love it!! It was right up MY alley ~ no scoring, no folding, no measuring......but hey -it's good to stretch and do things that you don't usually do - like this next project coming up.....are these not the cutest darn britches you have ever seen????? Connie taught us how to make these, and again, she scored them for us ~ do you think somebody tipped these ladies off that Michelle and I are not mechanically inclined? Anyway, we s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d again and folded and glued and man, I went thru a whole roll of that red sticky stuff tape......geesh....but these pants aren't falling apart no way no how!! I just LOVE the little straps that we poked a gazillion holes in....and then made belt loops and the hard part was putting the glue (at this point Connie had me try her machine gun tape was a riot.....but I managed to tape the ribbon all up without hurting myself or anyone else) and then the REAL challenge began....YOUR CHALLENGE, SHOULD YOU DECIDE TO ACCEPT IT, IS TO PUT THAT RIBBON THRU BOTH BELT LOOPS AND AROUND THOSE BRITCHES WITH ALL THE GLUE ALREADY ON IT AND GET IT EVEN - and look - I DID IT!! ALL BY MYSELF!! WOW.....two amazing 3-D projects in one day......and 3 amazing cards, we had so much fun, and the time flew by and it was time to go home.....thanks Connie for opening your lovely to die for stamp studio to us and taking us to the wonderful gift shop/tea house, and feeding us cookies and brownies, and candies while we stamped.....what a way to spend the day!! Then on the way home, we met up with some weather that made me think I was in Kansas and about to wake up in the Land of OZ, wow, wind blowing, and trees flying thru the air.....but alas, my faithful chaueffer got me and her home safely, (Michelle has already decided that not only do I talk too much, but I also DRIVE can you find out so much about a person in 2 short months????) But then, I say it's a God thing, and I thank God for bring Michelle into my life and now for blessing our day with two NEW friends.....Make new friends, but keep the is silver and the other's gold. Hey, so I 've only known Michelle two months, she is the old friend -everything is relative.....and sometimes things just CLICK!! That's all for now - until next time,, happy stamping!!

Friday, May 30, 2008


OKAY, now that's not even FUNNY, that card started out turned the right way - and the blog demon turned it sideways - not kidding. I have it downloaded in the other direction on my computer and somehow, on the journey from my hard drive to blog land, it turned anyway you will still have to stand on your head to see it. but at least it's still here....I am NOT trying to turn it over again cuz POOF, it will be GONE WITH THE WIND.......just lean way over and take a look, okay? And then I thought as long as I was downloading one more I may as well download a couple more that we made.......but hey - I am all blabbed out so it's time to switch to the really big font so we can get through this and move on somehow...cuz I said about all the flowery things about friendship that I could think of on the last entry.....
This card here on the left is so darn cute, isn't it? That set, Bloomin With Love makes you feel like you are 8 years old when you stamp with it....I don't know what it is but it's just so darn cute....and fun to stamp with......I got the idea for the watering can over the top from my stamping friend that's another wonderful friendship that SU blessed me with........we not only think alike, folks say we look alike, and folks say we stamp alike!! How's that? I
am looking so foward to catching up with Cindy and Tina and Lynn and all my SU cronies when I go to Convention - it was a weak moment - saying YES I will go to convention - and I'm so glad we have weak moments like that - pay to register first because when you see the ticket prices this year you need something to anchor your decision to go.....but you know, no matter how much those airplane tickets cost - it will be worth it all to see all my precious friends - the end.....until next time- keep on making new friends!!
I've been thinking a lot lately about FRIENDSHIP. Thinking specifically about struggling through making new friends, and celebrating old friends. Thanking God for the friends HE has blessed my life with, new and old. In this journey called life, friends truly are the flowers!! (hey, that sounds like a stamp.....) Last week, or gee, two weeks ago now, Gloria and Glenn came for a visit. My friendship with Gloria is an interesting story. Way way way back when I FIRST became a Stampin'Up demonstrator, Gloria's daughter Christy had my first workshop for me at Nyack College in NY. I had met Christy thru a mutual friend when she sold PSX stamps, (I was her best customer for a while there) and when I told her I was going with SU, she had just decided to stop selling PSX, so she said she would have my first workshop for me. I signed on( with a promise like that), so in a way I have Christy to thank for helping me make the decision to be a demonstrator!! :)Christy added on to her first workshop order with an order from her mom,(I can still hear Christy saying "I like to stamp, but my mother and sister, they are the ones that are really over the top with it....") Christy said her mom loved the catalog and would like to have a catalog workshop with her stamping friends......the rest is sort of history. Gloria has given my SU business a huge boost down thru the years....and all the while our friendship grew right along with her stamp collection. She always said to me, if you and Keith ever want to take a trip you should come on out here and have a live workshop for all these ladies that have been placing orders over the years. I talked to Keith about it and he thought it sounded like fun, (the only person I know who gets more excited about a road trip then my husband is my dog......:):):) So one year about 5 or 7 years ago, (who's counting?) we went to Orrville, OH, and had a wonderful workshop and met the gang and we've gone back every year since.......hey - I forgot to say, that card that we just passed is me giving Gloria a lesson in watercoloring with markers, and hers came out beeeuuuutiful too!! :) Keith and Glenn have become friends over the years too, and it's just one of the many friendships that SU has blessed my life with down thru the years. Here you will see Gloria and I feverishly stamping the hours away......she arrived at just before 2:00 pm and we didn't stop stamping until 2:00 am!! Well, of course we stopped long enough to eat, but honestly that was it. At 2:00 a.m., we called it a night. We made lots of cool cards but I have shown my 3 favorite ones that we made here.....Gloria is a card machine, she stamps in a moving car, she stamps in her sleep, she stamps like 25 of any card she likes and the thing that makes Gloria different from me is SHE actually SENDS cards to know, like puts a stamp on them and puts them in the mail....she doesn't hoard them in a basket like me. :) I am sure there are people all over OHIO and beyond that are blessed regularly by the cards Gloria makes and more importantly, sends. : ) My hero. :) Going to Gloria's house is awesome too, she and Glenn have a little apartment off of their home and she always has all kinds of little presents and my favorite candy and fruit and muffins.....I look so forward to my visits there which happen at least once a year. Which takes me to "THE REST OF THE GANG" but honestly, Gloria's workshops always have about 40 people ~ but here is a small sampling of the ones I have grown to know and love, below. These ladies have always been like a shot in the arm to me, they sort of swarm around my samples and ooohhhh and ahhhhh.......and I always go away feeling like a star. :) If I ever felt discouraged in my business with Stampin'UP I could just think of this group of ladies and know that in a small corner of OHIO I have some serious stampers who love me. :):):) And honestly, I love them too. Of the ladies in this picture, I think most of them have been there each and every year, or close to it. From left to right in the back row - Anna Mae, Margo, Terry S, Terry and GLORIA, front row from left to right, Janet, Bev, and Judy....missing Joanne and Barbara.......So there is an example of the friendships we make a long the way. I told Gloria that her stamp group (these ladies, and 2 more who didn't make it the night the picture was taken) really need to come and have a stamping get away here in my town. I think we would have such a good time, I think we could have a shoebox swap and everyone design a card and we could have a stamping marathon.....or else I could just design a few and we could all make them together - as many of them as wanted to make the trip - we are going to do that one of these days for a weekend....right Gloria?? :) Anyway, I have just been thinking a lot about all the friendships that SU has brought my way, people I would have never known if not for becoming a demonstrator and sharing the JOY all these years of stamping with friends!! Okay, now I feel some usual blogger's frustration coming on because that card coming up is turned on it's side....and you know me being blog challenged I will never be able to get that card right side up in this life..... I needed to do that BEFORE I downloaded it to a help me out here folks and just bend your head over and take a gander at this one from the's not that get the idea, save me the untold hours of frustration figuring out how to turn that card right side up, it's ain't happenin folks, lets face it......but hey - it was the special one I was sending out there to all my friends, new and old, saying I miss you......and I do. OKAY - I HAD TO DO IT - I TRIED AND TRIED TO TURN THAT CARD RIGHT SIDE UP AND POOF!! IT WAS GONE, IT JUST TOTALLY DISAPPEARED, SO AFTER I POST THIS I WILL GO BACK AND ADD IT.....GEEZ I DESERVE THE BLOGGER OF THE YEAR AWARD - ME BLOGGING IS LIKE A 5 YEAR OLD DRIVING A CAR.....BRAVE BUT STUPID..........I JUST DONT' GET IT AND I NEVER WILL BUT IT'S SO MUCH FUN I CAN'T STOP......ANYWAY- IMAGINE A CARD HERE THAT SAYS MISSING YOU,,,,,AND THEN YOU CAN SEE IT LATER......ARGHHHHHH.... I was just saying to Keith though that after 2 years now living in OHIO, (can you believe it's been 2 years already?) I finally honestly feel like I am making some friends - and what a great feeling. Not all friendships are deep friendships, tonite I made two new friends in Kroegers, and I don't think we'll ever be that never ceases to amaze me how fast SOME people around here want to make friends, the lady in front of me in line in five minutes told me things along the lines of, "when my first husband left me he left me with nothing, no money, no job, no house.....and that's when I started smoking.....and now I have a wonderful fiance but I can't quit smoking......yadayadayada.....AND i was like, "Uh gee, I'm sorry to hear that.......while MEANWHILE, the lady behind me and I kid you not, with sort a a wild and crazy look in her eyes she said, ( and she was at the very LEAST 70 years old or so) "I don't care how handsome the next man is that looks my way and what he promises me, men are just trouble.....I had two husbands and I wouldn't give a plug nickel to have either one of them back fact, the first one, I often contemplated killing with a kitchen knife....." and I was like Uh, gee, I'm sorry to hear that......(I am NOT MAKING THIS UP.....)So you can see that being a cold NEW YORKER and being dropped into the middle of friendly OHIO, I have had to be discerning and make friends slowly, but I am here to tell you it's happening.....and I am so happy!! I have some new friends from Curves, some new friends from church, and my new friend Michelle Zindorf, who I spent another Saturday stamping with and that's what my NEXT blog entry will be about......and none of these people hate men, or talk about murder to me in the grocery store.....they are nice sane folks. :) And I am just thinking that for at least a year I mourned the friendships I left behind.....and felt this sad heaviness that we left behind a history with people that we may not have enough life left to build that deeply again, and then you spend a Sunday afternoon chatting with a friend from church and you really feel a connection, and you think, maybe it won't take 10 years.....and then last Saturday, spent with Michelle, laughing and talking non stop all day and not wanting her to go home......and thinking wow, it feels like I've known her a lot longer then a month......God is good, and HE knows what we need and when we need it and then HE gives it to us. :) I can think about Convention coming up in the end of July and all the bestest friends I will get to reconnect with - it's true, Friends are the flowers in the garden of life, and ALL that good stuff!! Corny, but oh so true. What would we do without friends? Thanks God for all the friends, new and old and everything in between that you have so abundantly blessed my life with!! :) Come see us again Glenn and Gloria!! Bring those ladies Gloria!! :)

Friday, May 2, 2008

My Magical Day in Zindorfialand.....

Are you all ready to hear my wonderful story of my journey to Zindorfialand??? Isn't that card to the left a beauty, if I do say so myself? (Nothing like loving your own stuff, but I do love that card....) Let me back up..... For a long time, I have admired, more like drooled over the work of Michelle Zindorf who has a wonderful gallery at - that's where I have my gallery and when I'm not checking my own cards to see how many hits they have had, I am looking at everyone elses. Michelle's cards stand out on a I went to her gallery a few times and read her profile, and low and behold I found out she grew up in Dayton, OH which is where I work! So one day I left an innocent (??) little comment on one of her cards saying that I realized I live very close to her.....I would never have boldly just said what was on my mind which was, "Hey, I am stamper starved, I have no friends around me who stamp.....and actually, I have very few friends period since I only moved here less then 2 years ago, and this is actually a desperate worm I am throwing out there in an attempt to fish for friends......." (Sorry Michelle if you are reading this, but there you have it.....) I never dreamed that the great Zindorf would send me an email msg back in about 1/2 hour that was subjected, "Let's get together to stamp" - Can you picture me, doing the happy dance??? Picture it sister, cuz that's what I did. It's no secret that I actually love my own stamping,,,,,,but Michelle's stamping is a notch above anyones that I know, including and definetely my own. :):):) She is actually a watercolor artist first, and on her blog you can see some of her beautiful watercolor work. I tried to act nonchalant, but it was hard. Let's see, let me check my calendar, is later this afternoon okay? Ha-ha - For all my fine NY/NJ friends who know me, I am a social kinda gal, I NEEEEEEED friends, and as far as stamping goes, I crave friends that I can share what I do and they can share what they do......and now I have one!! YIPPEE!! To make a long story short - OH....quick look to the left - and that is the card that Michelle helped me make step by step at her house, (I wormed my way in pretty fast, huh??smile......) And the rest of these are me playing with her wonderful brayered sky technique ad: obsession like I do me - I can't stop - how much FUN is this???? So anyway, we met for a wonderful quaint little restaurant called the Twin Creek Tea House, and turns out Michelle is no more bold then me but wants a stamping buddy too!! :) Must be a GOD thing.....but what fun!! We ate at the cute little restaurant, (anyone who comes out here to see me I am going to drag you there for sure, it's so cute and has well,,,,,,you know how they use the term "chick flick"? Well, this place has a "chick menu" - like stuff your husband would say, what's up with this place, where are the hamburgers.....where are the french fries, no -they have stuff like quiche, and fruit salad, zucchini bread, and iced tea, and the BEST carrot cake you ever ate!! Definetley girlie come see me and I'll take you there!! Okay- so anyway- we ate, we tooled around the gift shop(Cindy and Fran, it has Vera Bradley....come to Ohio....come to Ohio.....come to Ohio.....) and then we went to Michelle's stamp room for the afternoon and she gave me a lesson in this brayered sky's so darn cool.......and if you want a tutorial, hey- go to Michelle's blog,,,,,cuz you know ME and tutorials, they tend to be pretty, well, um.... S-H-O-R-T......but Michelle's is awesome AND you can see her original creations instead of mine!! :) But isn't God good....cuz he not only gave me a stamping friend, but an ARTIST!!! How cool is that???? (If you are reading this Michelle, I promise you I really am NOT stalking you........just thanking God that we got to meet and stamp) and now I have invited Michelle back to my house in a couple of weeks and I will take her to my favorite restaurant in Miamisburg, what it lacks in charm and possesses in downright tacky decor, it makes up for in the best THAI food I have eaten around here and equal to my favorite restaurant in NY!! And then I will bring her back here and I think I will show her my Black Magic stuff and see what gorgeous twists she will make with that technique!! Everyone on SCS accuses her of having a magic brayer......but hers really did LOOK just like mine....hmmmmmm.......the only thing was that once I accidentally started to pick hers up instead of mine and that was the only time she got borderline violent the whole time I was with her....other then that she seems so nice....hmmmm... do you think she really DOES have a magic brayer?? Anyway, Michelle is very humble and down to earth - she is a flippin celebrity in the SCS world..... and I have gotten more, "I'm so jealous comments" on my cards....cuz I got to have a lesson and they didn't - come on, grow up, cry me a river, build me a bridge and GET OVER IT ladies......... just kidding.........JUST KIDDING......... but I do feel so blessed to have spent the day with Michelle not only because of her amazing talent - but because she's just plain sweet!! Do you like this birdy one? There is no end to the possibilities with this technique......good thing I started on Wednesday night, cuz man, I stayed up so late I was like sleep walking at work......have to save that for the END of the week, Friday we have no patients, and that's a good thing cuz I was borderline comatose coke to the rescue.... several times!!! Anyway- here comes another one at ya, these last two were my first two
attempts, and I wasn't too sure about placement ~ but I liked the finished product......can you believe these start from whisper white cardstock? yep, they do...... Okay- now - you all know I don't do maps, right? well there's another thing I don't do........sorry guys but I don't do "links" - ain't I a sorry excuse for a blogger?? I DON'T DO LINKS!! This is my round about way of sending you to Michelle's gallery and/or blog.... Go to my gallery which Claire put a link to on the right side of this blog up a ways.......from there you can go to that elephant card, or for that matter almost any of the cards that use this brayered sky technique and Michelle Zindorf, aka, the GREAT ZINDORF has left comments for me, (I ASKED her to leave at least one comment so all those jealous groupies of hers would know I don't come from la-la land and it was really the truth that we met.....) From Michelle's comment, you can go to her gallery or her blog....cuz they say gallery and blog and you just click and voila!! Hey, while you're in there, you can leave me a comment to , cuz after you see HER creations, you won't think mine are so great anymore,,,,,,haha.......give me a little glory while I still have your respect, okay??? In fact, you might decide to visit her blog instead of mine after's okay, I can stand it...... after all she actually explains what she does in terrific tutorial fashion.......but remember who sent you there, okay? Friends? Yeh, you're gonna love me for this......haha. Well here is my last first creation here, I mean the last on this blog, but actually my first solo attempt at a Zindorf
brayered sky inspired creation!! It's a kind of a fantasy card......a magical mystical place..... Don't ask me why flowers would be like out there, in the desert with a purple sky......with swirls coming up around them......this is Zindorfialand and it's MAGIC and anything can happen!! Thanks for coming along on my journey with me....and don't ask me if you can borrow my brayer either, cuz the answer is NO!! (Or my white gel pen for that matter either.....)unless of course you come to Ohio to stamp with me, and then you can borrow anything you WANT!! That's all for this chapter ladies, keep on stampin!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Here is my happy little Layla girl, in two weeks time we went from blizzard to spring..... It was a wonderful visit, and I am so thankful to Mike for sending them and to Jenna and Layla for coming! They had long days alone in my house while I worked, but Jenna was sweet to keep Layla up late at night for me, and then they could sleep in a bit in the morning......We just had a great time! Jenna shares my love of stamping, (even Layla does!) so she was happy to have a room to scrap book in while I was gone, and Luca was so happy for the company!! Jenna and I only got in one stamping session, because most of the time we ended up doing puzzles, reading books, coloring etc, in the stamp room. What a gift to walk through the door at night after a long day of work and hear G-R-A-M-M-A!!!! And get a huge hug......thanks for coming.......come again soon!! :) You can see we had some interesting March weather, when I moved here everyone said they get more "mud" then snow here, but so far, I would have to disagree, both winters have had more snow then the average NY winter! In NY, I never did any shoveling either, but here, I have done plenty with Keith on the road!! :) It's actually kind of fun, but it's okay with me if we don't
get anymore now till next year!! One of the things I loved best about their visit was getting quality time with Jenna as well as Layla. I came away knowing even more then before that the old adage is true, "You marry your mother" - haha - Jenna and I have more then scrapbooking and stamping in common. A lot of our thought processes are the same, we worry about the same stuff, we are alike in many ways. I love my daughter in law. She feels more like another daughter. :) God is good. And Layla, she is almost 3, going on almost 30. Honestly, she keeps you in stitches with the stuff she says. Her vocabulary is amazing, (I guess I'm beginning to sound like a gramma here, sorry, but it's all so true!!) I miss you girls!!! I actually get to see them in the next couple of weeks here as our last voyage, (SU cruise which I do not have energy to keep on earning due to my work at the dentist's office) goes out of NY next week- (YIPPEE!!) and when
I made the return flight, I made it so we are in NY overnight and we will stay with Mike and Jenna and Layla......and get to see Jenna's family, and then on Sunday we'll go to church with Mike and Jenna to Risen King where they are going, and then we'll get together with all our forever friends in NY for lunch after church.....I am SOOOOO excited!! A little bonus visit with plant ourselves even firmer in her little will make the end of the cruise not sad!! :) Here is a card I made (the red hydrangeas) that I just love, but then I could just stamp that image in black and plop it on black cardstock and I would love it cuz it's hydrangeas!! I bought 2 of them yesterday, one for me and one for my OHIO friend Mary Ann who is having us over for Easter dinner. Aren't hydrangeas just the BEST? Anyway - I don't know if they really come this bright of a red, but if not, maybe I just gave God a good idea. :)
This other blue and green card here - it's the crayon resist technique, and I just thought that image WAS a blueberry bush, and Julie, my SCS friend commented on the card that she never would have thought of it as a blueberry bush but it I am now wondering if it's not a blueberry what IS it? Anyway- here it's a blueberry bush.....or bough,,,,, or whatever....... These cards are very random here but as I said, I did precious little stamping while my girls were here.....not to go right back to Layla, but just to give you a glimpse of how adorable, hysterical and brilliant she is all rolled into one petite package of blond curls, one day that she was here Jenna was on the phone with Mike, and asked Layla to say hi to daddy....and Layla was busy playing with me and didn't want to stop so I tried to lay a little guilt on her and say, Poor daddy, he really wants to say hi to his girl, (meanwhile, Mike is in the background saying "Leave her alone, she's playing with her gramma") so after about four attempts to lay guilt on her, (I'm good at that after raising four of my own, mothers are the travel agents on all your guilt trips.....)she finally turned to me and said, and I quote and I don't exaggerate....she really and truly said it exactly this way and Jenna can comment and correct me if I am wrong.....because it's just so cute you won't believe it........okay- here it goes, she said.......are you ready for this???? drum roll.....she said, "GRAMMA, daddy will eat his dinner and take a rest and later I will talk to him, does that sound like a good deal to you Gramma, Trust me gramma........." What two year old SAYS that????? I know you all think your grand children are cute too, but hey- can you TOP that??????? Just kidding, I know yours are special too. :) Can I just say I LOVE being a grand
mother???? I have FOUR MORE AS CUTE AS THIS ONE! Can you believe it? Wait till Tovah and Lami are living here for 3 months, you'll see!! :) Here's my last and final card of the blog here, and this is the technique where you color right on the back of a solid image using watercolor crayons and then mist it before you stamp it on watercolor paper, pretty, huh? Very quick and easy too! Quick and easy is not usually my style, I try but I usually don't make it but his card was really quick and easy so I'm kinda proud of it for that reason alone!! :) Well, it's Easter tomorrow, go to church and don't eat too many jelly beans, (unless of course they are buttered popcorn jellybeans.....).....Don't forget to thank God for sending his Son to die on a cross for our sins ~ as a gramma and 4 time mother, that's a hard thing to grasp, isnt' it? That God could love ME and YOU so much, that He gave HIS only begotten son to hang on a cross and die so that whosoever believeth in HIM could have everlasting life.....and I am a whosoever......YOU are a whosoever......REMEMBER, HE IS RISEN, HE IS RISEN INDEED!!