Sunday, June 22, 2008

Babbert, Barber, Brown and Zindorf....sounds like a LAW FIRM........

Okay - first of all, God answered my prayer here literally in that all of my posts came out right side up today, ahhhhh, God is in HIS heaven and all is well.......I cannot believe it!! Lots of my friends say you don't post often enough, and I say, "That's because everytime I try 2 out of the 5 images turn sideways on me and they are inevititably my favorite 2!! Anyway- here I am with my three new stamping friends.....actually, Michelle is almost an old friend now since I've been hanging out with her since, gee, wow, APRIL.......but it feels like I've known her a lot longer because she tends to talk I know a lot about her. (Actually, that's what she says about ME, can you imagine???) Anyway, she feels familiar at this point.....comfortable after only 2 months, so I guess that's a GOD thing when you make a friend fast. :) Mary and Connie are new friends, and we all spent a wonderful day at Connie's house in her to die for stamp studio....(God knows I love and appreciate mine and I have asked forgiveness already for those small moments of coveting.......)but it would hold about 100 people comfortably.......well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration.......exaggerate, who ME??? Okay......they told me I blab too much in my blog.....or did they say the blabbing was the best part.....I can't I suggested a shoebox swap cuz you get 4 people who are not all close friends yet together and everyone wants to be so polite and I thought we would never get anything done that we did a shoebox swap -I'm gonna show you the one I designed
first here.....and then go on to their works of art. It was fun, cuz Mary and Connie are 3 d stampers....complicated people, scorers, cutters, measurers.......deep thinkers........mechanically inclined, engineer types,,,,,while Michelle and I are strictly 1-D stampers, I mean you may get a layer in there, but no 22 scores, no folding(oh man, the whole thing I was working on here just disappeared, like my computer had indigestion for a minute......what a rush.....I thought I had to start over and I'm here to tell ya, I know it wouldnt' work out that everything downloaded right side up two times in a anyway- I'm gonna get on with explaining my card since it's above me now and I'm still blabbing about other things) - my card was of course, Black and White Magic, and I could not decide between the pink and the blue so I had them make one of each. If you want to see the blue you will have to visit my gallery, (since there are only 5 spots to upload pics at a time on this dumb blog.....) Anyway - they liked it a lot, I think I have now designed at least 1048 black and white magic cards - I am a bit hung up on this technique......but that's okay, everyone has their thing you know. Okay - so
Here is what Mary designed, it looks like a card in this picture - but oh no - this my friends is a whole stationary set, you pull on that little green ribbon, and out comes a BOOK that opens up like 4 ways, and has stashes here and there to insert cards, it's absolutely mechanically brilliant and complicated, my brain was so tired after making this that I begged for lunch, which was a lovely tea house that Connie took us to, but back to the box we made - these ladies thrive on 3 dimensions.......Michelle and I, our lips froze when we saw these boxes and realized we were going to actually MAKE one, all by ourselves,,,,,but Mary was a good person and had done MOST of the scoring for us, we only had like maybe 4 scores to do on our own, and when the time came I was actually so far behind the rest of them that she scored mine for me......(if you whine and look really pathetic and they don't KNOW you that well yet it works everytime.....) Michelle sucked it up and scored her own, she is a good girl. :) We decided it's way cool that we all have such different styles cuz we have a lot to learn from eachother......OH, and I may as well tell you all that all THREE of these ladies HATE snail adhesive, (seems like blasphemy to me, being SU demonstrators and all,) Michelle has been trying to get me to switch to SU's tombow glue, which I just tried today and yes, I liked it, but Connie and Mary have these tape guns that look like weapons, honestly or giant power tools- they are at least 10 pounds each......they said they are the rage, and the one thing I liked is that I always lose my mono, - let me tell you, if you get one of THOSE mother of all tape guns, you will not LOSE it, but you will not be able to find anything ELSE on the TABLE, PLUS, you may just need a bigger table!! :)ANyway, they love them, so who am I to say??? I hope they still love me after they read this but I think they will. :) And I know I am just in the dark ages with my weeny little mono anyway that falls apart in the mail.......or so they tell me........I'm the strange one. Okay, enuf said, on to the next project which is Michelle's beautiful DREAM card, Mary and Connie were so excited to learn the brayer technique that Michelle is such a whiz at....she is an
artist and all,,,,,she does such beautiful work....Mary and Connie were amazed to see that this particular card was not that involved - it worked up really quickly and we were all very happy with the results. Later Michelle taught us how to make beaches come up and hit the shore, that was way cool too....if you want to go look at her wonderful blog and then her gallery I have a link on the side of this so you can. When I figure out what I am doing I am going to link all of these ladies blogs to mine so we will be friends forever. :):) Do I sound like I'm back in 4th grade? Hey ~ I feel like it making all new friends at my age,,,it ain't easy ya know!! Give me some credit..... Isn't this card wonderful that Michelle taught us how to make?? I love it!! It was right up MY alley ~ no scoring, no folding, no measuring......but hey -it's good to stretch and do things that you don't usually do - like this next project coming up.....are these not the cutest darn britches you have ever seen????? Connie taught us how to make these, and again, she scored them for us ~ do you think somebody tipped these ladies off that Michelle and I are not mechanically inclined? Anyway, we s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d again and folded and glued and man, I went thru a whole roll of that red sticky stuff tape......geesh....but these pants aren't falling apart no way no how!! I just LOVE the little straps that we poked a gazillion holes in....and then made belt loops and the hard part was putting the glue (at this point Connie had me try her machine gun tape was a riot.....but I managed to tape the ribbon all up without hurting myself or anyone else) and then the REAL challenge began....YOUR CHALLENGE, SHOULD YOU DECIDE TO ACCEPT IT, IS TO PUT THAT RIBBON THRU BOTH BELT LOOPS AND AROUND THOSE BRITCHES WITH ALL THE GLUE ALREADY ON IT AND GET IT EVEN - and look - I DID IT!! ALL BY MYSELF!! WOW.....two amazing 3-D projects in one day......and 3 amazing cards, we had so much fun, and the time flew by and it was time to go home.....thanks Connie for opening your lovely to die for stamp studio to us and taking us to the wonderful gift shop/tea house, and feeding us cookies and brownies, and candies while we stamped.....what a way to spend the day!! Then on the way home, we met up with some weather that made me think I was in Kansas and about to wake up in the Land of OZ, wow, wind blowing, and trees flying thru the air.....but alas, my faithful chaueffer got me and her home safely, (Michelle has already decided that not only do I talk too much, but I also DRIVE can you find out so much about a person in 2 short months????) But then, I say it's a God thing, and I thank God for bring Michelle into my life and now for blessing our day with two NEW friends.....Make new friends, but keep the is silver and the other's gold. Hey, so I 've only known Michelle two months, she is the old friend -everything is relative.....and sometimes things just CLICK!! That's all for now - until next time,, happy stamping!!