Saturday, July 19, 2008

OMGOSH, did you SEE that???????????

OKAY, check it O-U-T!!!! Look at my last entry and see who, (I am not jivin ya...) left a comment!!! Ladies and gentlemen, (gentlemen? - are there any?) THE PAM MORGAN, that's the one and only, PAM MORGAN.....(did I say PAM MORGAN left a comment on MY BLOG???? MY BLOG??? DId you all hear me say that, PAM MORGAN LEFT A COMMENT ON MY BLOG.....Okay, now first making friends with the one and only ZINDORF, and now, PAM MORGAN LEFT A LONG, NOT JUST A SHORT BUT A LONG COMMENT ON MY BLOG....and I know know know it was actually her because she said and I quote, " I am stunned and gobsmacked to find your blog, (come ON, who ELSE says gobsmacked????) Now for those of you who may not KNOW PAM MORGAN.....she is the one who gives out all the free stuff at Convention and Leadership.....she is more fun then the free stuff!! Honestly, she is just a bundle of JOY, and everything SU should be!!! Pam is one of those people that can make you feel like a million matter who you are. She always takes time in true SU fashion to talk to any and everyone......and she has long been right up there with Shelley in my book!! So anyway, did I mention that she just happened to leave a comment on my BLOG?????? Wow, I WAS STUNNED

AND GOBSMACKED LET ME JUST TELL YA.....I WAS ABSOLUTELY GOBSMACKED, STUNNED BUT MOSTLY JUST PLAIN OLD GOBSMACKED....OKay, side note - did you see how that font just changed to dark black, like bold?? Well get this -I did not touch anything to make that happen, I really need a blog spot technician by my side when I blog, I actually wiped out 2 cards getting to where I am, so this entry will not blab on and on as long as usual.....but all of the sudden the writing gets bold, so I think, okay, I'll just hit the bold button, and then THIS happened, it got even BOLDER, so let me just take this bold opportunity to say, I AM COMPLETELY STUNNED AND GOBSMACKED CUZ PAM MORGAN, THE PAM MORGAN LEFT A COMMENT ON LITTLE OLD ME'S BLOG......WHAT A WAY TO START YOUR DAY!!! OKAY, I just unbolded it before I have a heart attack here........Did I mention that these are some of my latest creations? USING brandy new SU stamps (mostly) and brandy new SU IN colors??? How about this beautfiul riding hood red? Wow, I LOVE it!! And Kiwi Kiss is in the first creation........and in my last one I sort of reverted to old favorites, bashful blue and apricot of my fav combos.....oKAY, SO.....did I happen to tell you who left a comment on my last blog entry? Oh, sorry, I guess I already mentioned that...what else is new.....I am operating on no sleep, but that's not new. Last weekend I pulled two weekend late nights, or actually early mornings to get my DL gifts done.....and this weekend I am hammering away on Convention swap cards, and had no (okay - see it just went back to normal there.......what is up with that? I kind of liked the bold....)intention of blogging, but when you peek on your blog and see that like the lets see, who can I compare Pam to, the MERYL STREEP of your stamping world, the like hugely popular celebrity....leaves a comment on your blog, well that's something to blog about!! (I did it on purpose this time and it worked, if actually posting this thing wipes out all the bolds you can all think I'm crazy but honestly blog spot hates me.....) Anyway- just thought I would take a break from all that embossing to mention, and I'm not name dropping or anything, but GUESS WHO WAS STUNNED AND GOBSMACKED BY MY BLOG?????????????????????????(You guessed it, my favorite PAM MORGAN) Happy Stamping Ladies - until next time, enrich your vocabulary with a new word or two, brought to you by Pam Morgan! :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Return of the Flowers, Tovah and Elami....

Here they are - two more of our precious little grandaughters.....Lami and Tovah....The day FINALLY arrived to pick our girls up - June 27th, Jen, Tovah and Lami, (daddy followed 10 days later after making a trip to the Congo to scope things out before he brings the family there in Nov) Bekah and I headed to the airport to get them on that Friday night but they got held up in Chicago and we didn't actually get them until Saturday....we were tempted to just drive to O'Hare!! As any of you know who follow my blog and or SCS gallery - stamping has come to a screeching halt as I take the time to enjoy these precious girls while I can!! The most I have stamped is this one card, which I stamped one day while babysitting with Tovah by my side stamping as well while Lami slept. Even when I stamped this card you can see what was on my mind - that's gramma and grampa owl, saying "Look who loves you!!" to all five sweet grandaughters......When Tovah and Lami left for Kenya, Tovah was the same age that Lami is NOW, and Lami was only 6 months old!! Tovah remembered us ~ but we had to totally get to know Lami. After about 10
minutes I was in love - she has the softest, sweetest little voice, you have to listen
closely to hear her when she talks. Tovah said to me, "I remember when I was a baby gramma and you loved me and you used to say, "Toe - VAH...." (with the accent on the VAH.....I wish you could all hear her say it. It's funny, cuz in 5 minutes your heart is wrapped right around these girls and you know in 4 months its' gonna be cryin time again.....when they left the last time I made a scrapbook page where the center of every flower was a picture of them and the title of the page was, "Where Have all the Flowers Gone?" - here is a little portion of what the page says, "Even though I am sure they are right where God wants them and even though I rejoice with them that everything they have worked so hard for has finally come to fruition.....and even though I am just as proud of them as I can be, still I ache. How can something that is right feel so overwhelmingly sad??" Well eventually it got better and I tried to adopt Mary Engelbreit's quote, "Don't cry because it's over,

smile because it happened" - Well we did both, and heaven knows we will again in November. For now, mostly I will be stamping and have been stamping flowers and butterflies, cherries and crowns from SU's tattoo kit...and cards will have to wait. I have traded stamps for ponytails and ribbons, storybooks and tattoos. I have to enjoy these precious little ones while I can. We skyped shortly after they got here with Mike, Jenna and Layla - it was so fun to watch Tovah and Layla get reaquainted. I am so thankful for Webcams....and wonder how grand parents DID it before such modern inventions? I think of missionaries years ago who would leave on ships and not know if they would EVER see their families again.... I am thankful to be here NOW in this day and age where I can listen to my grand children sing me sweet songs over and over on my cell phone and talk with them on the "webcan" as Layla calls it. :) People constantly ask me how can I stand to let them go to the Congo - and I always say, I know they are safer in the center of God's will for them then anywhere else on earth. HE loves them even more then we do, and HE is capable of hiding them in the shelter of HIS wings and keeping them safe. When I get to heaven, I hope all of my grandchildren and children have mansions on the same

street as mine. I hope we are just a hop skip and a jump from eachother. But for now, I am going to just concentrate on being thankful for the lives of these precious little ones - for healthy beautiful grandchildren.
Look at that face, how angelic is that?? A real highlight will be seeing Tovah, Lami and Layla altogether Labor Day weekend.....can't wait!! And I promise to do more stamping to make up for lost time when they leave, because I will NEED to, just like last time, stamping is the best and cheapest (okay, well maybe NOT cheapest) therapy there is for times like that. Anyway- I actually stamped this card below just before they came, just thinking about all the hugs and kisses we would give and receive over the next few months......I want to bottle them all up and then take them out in the lonely days of late

November.......we always have sweet memories to tie us over till the next time! I want to make as many memories as I can over the next couple of months. I am sure I will still squeeze some stamping in while they take a few road trips....I promise to try!! But if you don't hear or see much from me, you'll know why, and who can blame me?? Happy Summer everyone!! Until next time, Happy Stamping everyone - and kiss and hug the ones you love!!