Saturday, April 10, 2010


Okay, so lately, I've been thinking alot about how much I appreciate my home. Tonite the inspiration challenge was to be inspired by your home state, either where you grew up or where you live now, and this was easy for me, I had to say, I am inspired by where I live now. Keith and I moved to Ohio almost 4 years ago. We lived in New York just north of Manhatten for 23 years and we were stateside missionaries for the Africa Inland Mission. It was a wonderful place to raise our family, and a wonderful place to call home. We made friendships there that are so deep, I fear we will never get to that same level with anyone here in Ohio. But when we left, it was time to leave. We were ready to buy a home and settle down, and to pray other members of our family would migrate to Ohio with us and the Biggs family. So we went house hunting one day in May 4 years ago....and I fell head over heals in love
with the very first house we looked at. The real estate agent was having a hard time getting the lock box open, and I always say, This house had me on the porch. The lovely porch swing, pretty flowers all around the front and sides of the yard, and Melissa sent us to tour the back yard while she figured out the lock box. One look at the large deck, shaded back yard, fence for Luca, and shut up! A hot tub.....I was G-O-N-E!!! My husband on the other hand was not so easily persuaded. He said, "Honey the house is 100 years old!! Think about it!!" and I said, "Look at it this way, some of the junk they throw together these days would never MAKE it 100 years!!" (good answer, huh?) To make a long story short, about 35 houses and one month later, we put an offer on my
dream house....and the good Lord BLESSED us with the house of my DREAMS!! Is it huge? No....but it's almost twice the size of the apartment we raised 4 kids in.....but is it the perfect size for us? YES!! And does it have an awesome stamp room? YES!! What else matters??? All I know is that for 23 years, not owning our own home was one of the sacrifices we felt God was asking us to make and for that time, it was good and right and perfect. We just never thought God would say that the time was now for us to own a home. So some folks probably take their homes for granted, but Keith and I do not. We love this big white house with the sweet front porch and lazy porch swing.....and flowers all around. The former owners loved flowers and obviously knew a lot more about how to plant so they bloom all spring and summer then we do. The flowers start in April and bloom till September!
So for me, it was easy to pick which home to take my inspiration from. We have a detached garage with an alley behind it. Everyday on my way to work, I take the long way around the house and block so I can drive by the front of my house and just breathe a silent prayer every morning that says Thank you LORD for giving me the desire of my heart.....Thank you for blessing me with this beautiful white house, that I love with all my heart. So many times when I walk thru my door at night, I just feel like this house reaches out and hugs me and says WELCOME HOME. I hope you have enjoyed these illustrations along the way.....emboss resist, black magic and the first one is watercolored using pads and brush. This final card is the card
I made for the inspiration challenge tonite. Right now all along the rock garden in my front yard there are beautiful flowers, some that I don't even know the name of....but they sing to me all day long. The ones out right now are beautiful hues of pinks and purples. I think someone could offer me a mansion, and I would say no, I will keep the house God gave me....the white house with the lazy front porch swing and the flowers all around it. Since the time we moved in, others of our kids have moved this way...... God is good, and He really does delight in giving us what we want, deep down in our hearts. I will always take the long way around, and gaze at my pretty house and breathe my prayer of gratitude.....this much I know!! Until next time, remember to count your blessings!!