Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Almost forgot to complete this blog post, after all it IS CHRISTMAS!!!  When I posted a similar card to this on SCS and on Stampin' Connection I was kind of inundated with requests to tell everyone how I made it......especially Stampin' Connection......and I did not have time or energy to write back individually to all those demonstrators.....so I decided that instead of family blab I would dedicate this post to directions for this card.  The one I did before was done on Perfect Plum, this one is done on Midnight Muse cardstock.  SO, on a piece of 3,3/4 x 5 inch midnight muse cardstock, I embossed these trees from the set Evergreen in white.  I then made my background snow with the teeny circle dot stamp from Itty Bitty Backgrounds which NEVER, EVER, EVER should have been retired since you just NEED it and that's all there is TO it.  Also embossed, white craft ink, white powder.  Then I took a sponge dauber and in a circular motion I applied Midnight Muse classic ink all around and right up to the trees.  Then I "painted" the inside of the trees with an SU two way glue pen and dumped Dazzling Diamond Glitter onto the card, and then I used a paintbrush to get it off of everywhere BUT the inside of the trees because static makes it stick like crazy.....VOILA!  It doesn't take a terribly talented stamper to make THIS card, and it's not rocket science to figure it out either.......bwahahahahaha.....but there you have it!  I loved it in the plum color, looked like a deep pink sky, but I love it more in midnight muse.  Okay, go make one!  It's an easy class card, except it's not going to be Christmas by your next class.  So make it say something different, it can just be a winter card, ya know?  NOW, you knew I would have to share something family wise......I am the only one up in the big quiet house.....mostly because I remembered I forgot to do this post.......the dogs are sleeping quietly next to me.....and I just made myself a cup of coffee......but soon I will be joined by THREE DARLING GRAND DAUGHTERS and their parents and my husband and my mom....and I cannot WAIT to see LAYLA PAIGE, and BROOKLYN SOPHIA, and OLIVIA LOU open their GIFTS!!!!!!  I love Christmas......but here's my other wonderful anticipation, I AM DOING BABY STEPS TO DEC 28TH WHEN I WILL MEET THE TWINS!  We will see MADYSON and CHLOE, and I hear EVA ROSE and LUCA DANIEL are already asking for me.......WITH chants of WE WANT GRAMMA, WE WANT GRAMMA.....they are growing and thriving and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! GOD'S WORK OF ART, HOT OFF THE PRESS.......and THEN my OTHER wonderful anticipation is in FEBRUARY this year we go to islands in the Indian Ocean to visit our other daughter, her husband and TOVAH and LAMI our other precious grand daughters.......AIN'T LIFE GRAND???????  AND OF COURSE, THE REASON FOR ALL OF THIS, "THANKS BE TO GOD FOR HIS UNSPEAKABLE GIFT!! MERRY, MERRY, CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Until next time, keep on stampin!  Karen

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So the SUO challenge for today was GLITTER.  Glitter has it's place.  It's beautiful when used in the right place.  This card says, "You're in my thoughts, you're in my heart" and tonite and for the last few days, 2 special little babies are in my thoughts and in my heart.  The long awaited and prayed for twins made their grand entrance into this world on December 6, 2012.  Eva Rose was born first weighing four pounds.  So grandchild number 8 was another girl, and then grandchild number nine broke the chain of girls,,,,and Luca Daniel made his grand entrance.  Luca weighed 5 pounds 2 ounces.  Both were born and immediately breathed on their own, they both scored 9 out of 9 on their apgar tests....they both had good vitals.....Luca only spent one night in the nicuu, where Eva spent several due to her petite size.  But tonite they were reunited when Eva was released from the nicuu, and tomorrow they go home.  I am still in a state of wonder and shock,,,that we now have 2, not one but 2 new babies, after all those years of praying,,,,it seems surreal.  I will travel to see them on Dec 28th, with my husband, and we are counting the days.  Here is a little peek into our emotions leading up to their birth, more texts between Bethany and I.  me: u working today? it's tomorrow beth, the long awaited and prayed for and anticipated and beautiful event.   TOMORROW, TOMORROW, I LOVE YOU TOMORROW, YOU'RE ONLY A DAY AWAY"  beth: :) I'm working for another hour and then lunch with my girlfriend.  I'm scared, excited, in love, and just so grateful.  I can't believe this is really happening!!!!!!  me: it's happening baby girl!!  And then, the next day, the miracle of birth, and the miracle of two tiny little children coming into this world in all their innocence and perfection.  God is so good, and I just want to thank him publically from the bottom of my mama heart.  Thank you sweet Jesus.  You have blessed us beyond our wildest imaginations.  Until next time........Karen

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


So the challenge this time is to make an unusual fold - I saw this one on Pinterest, of course an entirely different card but that's where I saw the fold.  The base of the card is just a 1/2 sheet of 8,1/2x11 card stock cut the long way and folded in half, and then you fold one of the halves in half, and then turn it upside down, and then add the panel to the front - the panel that has the snowflake on it. :) That panel could be any size you want.  Pretty simple, except impossible to stand on it's own.  I say this so that you don't rip your hair out trying to make it stand up......yah, like I did.  I finally looked closely at the pic on Pinterest and noticed the card was sorta leaning against some material to hold it up.  i made a little prop for mine, like 1/2 a card so it wouldn't show in the pic, but look, seriously - gravity would make this fall down if not for my little prop. :) Okay, while I have everyone's attention, PRAYERS please, it seems my twin grandchildren will be having a birthday picked out for them tomorrow.  Baby Girl is apparently having a hard time holding her own against big brother.....she is not growing as fast as she should while Baby BOY, is already over 5 pounds.  Baby girl is just under 4 pounds.  So please say a prayer for God to keep those tiny babies in HIS hands, and to surround my daughter and her husband with peace and joy as they await the imminent arrival of these two precious babies.  I am trying so hard to LEAN on the EVERLASTING arms, and trust that HE loves these babies even more then we do!  I may be a gramma again by the end of next week......so say a little prayer for us!~~ Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

CAS is HARD for ME.....

So the SUO challenge for this week was a CAS Christmas card....and shouldn't all Christmas cards be CAS??? For anyone outside of the stamping world, CAS means CLEAN and SIMPLE.....and if you plan on making a boatload of cards for Christmas, they SHOULD be CLEAN and SIMPLE, right?  I made a snowflake card last night that took me over an hour, would NOT work to make a boatload, unless I take up hating myself sometime in the near future.  This card though, works up very quickly....and the most frustrating part is the tiny bow with the silver cording that is RETIRED from SU, but still, it WAS SU before they went and retired it!! And I miss it, too!!  And I think they NEEEEEDED some to go with this great stamp set!  It's not too late to order this stamp set and whack out some CAS Christmas cards!  Did I ever tell you that CAS is not my strength??? I have been known to spend 3 hours on one card.....not exactly the CAS type, and I envy people that can make cards quick and easy and still beautiful(like my friends, Vicki Dutcher and Mary Brown, just to mention two) - it's an art in itself!  Every once in a while I come up with a CAS idea like this one, and I feel so proud......bwahahahaha.....it's just HARD for me so when I nail one, I rejoice! So rejoice with me, it's pretty darn CAS, right??? Get making those Christmas cards everyone, the days they are a slippin' away!!  Until next time, Karen

Monday, October 29, 2012


The SUO blog challenge for this week is Elegant Fall....so it was a perfect chance to pull out the new SU pumpkins....I made this card along with 5 precious friends and my mom who came for our annual stamping marathon weekend.  The ladies arrive on Friday around 2:00 and we pretty much stamp until Sunday at around 4:00 I think we stopped.  We do stop to eat, and to make one trip to Twin Creeks Tea House in West Alexandria.....a great little teahouse where I met Michelle Zindorf for the first time.  (sorta to see if we would like eachother, and the rest is history. :) Anyway, we paused in the midst of stamping to create some elegant fall.  :) I love to color pumpkins,,,and I love this embossed dp by SU, it's gorgeous.  Fall is definetely one of my favorite times of the year.  I got married in the fall, I had two of my four babies in the fall....the fall is just that hunker down, warm and cozy, hot apple cider, pumpkin pie, colorful leaves, sweaters, warm socks, hot cocoa feeling, know what I mean?  I hope this card inspires you to go stamp some fall elegance of your own!  I have been revived by our little stampathon......good friends, good food, good music, and stamps!  What more could a girl ask for?  Gloria, Joann, Terry, Margo, Judy and mom, it was so much FUN stamping with you!!  Love you all!! Can't wait till next year!  Until next time, Karen

Monday, October 15, 2012


The SUO challenge for today was anything animals.....I have had this set for over a year and never used it, so it was fun to pull it out.  My favorite animal in the whole wide world is my golden retriever Luca.  But since there is no stamp to represent him, I chose my favorite African animal, the giraffe.  I think looking at a giraffe just screams there IS a GOD.....they are just so unique looking, and so awesome.  I have had several experiences with giraffes on our three trips to Africa.  The first was in 1987 when we took our first trip there, and it was still legal to camp on the Masai Mara in Kenya.  They don't let you do that in a pup tent anymore.....I wonder why? Well I can vouch for the fact that you don't get much sleep.  We went with a seasoned missionary.  Just before bedtime he flashed a powerful light into the area around us, and we saw eyes looking at us from every direction.  Then he told us the secret is to keep the fire going to keep the animals out of your campsite.  Needless to say, I made sure the fire was roaring all night long......and then in the morning, we drank this crazy drink called MILO and ate breakfast over the fire and as we sat there we watched giraffe go sauntering by.....only feet away from us.  It was a magical moment and may be when in my head, I sealed the fact that giraffes are my favorite.  On a later trip we went to a place that you could walk right up to the giraffes....well, as close as you dared to get, and my husband was grabbing my shirt saying that's it Kare, close enough!! But they look so friendly.....I don't think they would hurt me because they know I love them. :) Anyway, I managed to write a whole post with not one mention of my grandchildren, but did I tell you? Those are TWIN giraffes in that picture, one is a boy and one is a girl.........but I'm not mentioning grandchildren..........Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


My grand daughter Layla and I just returned from Hilton Head, SC, a trip I earned through Stampin' Up!  My husband could not get the time off from work since we have 2 trips planned this year already, so I decided to see if I could take Layla, my 7 year old grand daughter with me.  I was so happy when Mike and Jenna said yes, she could miss two days of school.  This little bird on my card holding the heart kind of sums up our time together - love grew.  What a special gift to be given one on one time with one of my precious grand daughters in a surreal setting that I could not afford on my own, it was a beautiful time.  Some highlights were watching Layla go from being afraid to ride bikes to gaining confidence as she rode to the point that she didn't want to stop.  Another highlight was building sand castles and watching Layla's unbelievable imagination in action, as we made a "slop castle" for the wicked witch who lives there and loves to be surrounded by slop, her imagination knows no bounds.  We spent hours by the pool, and hours in the ocean, and time shopping and biking and walking, and eating.  So much fun.  The last night we took baths after being in the water all day and then got our pajamas on and watched BRAVE on tv.  It was so sweet, to sit with Layla and watch how much she loves that movie....and then we settled down on that last night, and both of us had moments of tears realizing our special little weekend had come to an end.  We will hold the memories forever in our hearts though...one of the cutest things was Layla kept saying "The next time you earn a trip we can do this or that" and I said but honey, most of the time grandpa comes with me, to which she replied, "Well you don't have to bring him all the time, do you?????"  Layla, I love you to the moon and back, and I am so thankful to have had this wonderful bonding experience with you!!  Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So the SUO blog challenge this week is anything kids!! And of course, I still have twins on the mind......so how perfect is THIS stamp for a boy and a girl twins??  Thought I would give you a little peek into our feelings, my daughter Bethany and I as we await the birth of these two little ones.....so I am going to share a conversation we texted yesterday.....here goes:  ME: Hey beautiful mama, how are my grandbabies doing?  BETHANY: Good. :) getting bigger. :) I should really only have like 2 and a 1/2 more months to go!  Holy cow that goes fast!! ME: I saw a pic of newborn twins on FB cuddling with eachother and it just makes me cry to think of TWO babies at once!  What a double blessing!  BETHANY: I still can't believe we were given this gift! :) I can only imagine how amazing it will be and I am sure I still have no clue until they are here.  I can't wait to meet them.  ME:  Me neither, you know you need to prepare ur self for the biggest emotional roller coaster of your life, right?  BETHANY:  I'm trying to :) I don't really know how u prepare yourself. I'm going to be crying for joy a lot!!!!!  ME: Cuz after they are born your whole being is just overcome with every emotion on earth - joy, joy, joy, but also overwhelming feelings of responsibility and protection and even tears and sadness mixed in for you know not why.....but then floods of joy to cover the pain - somehow I want to protect you from all that but alas I cannot....the pain part I mean....And yet I can still be overcome with emotion when I think of each of you kids being born individually.  BETHANY: I can only imagine, it sure is going to be a roller coaster, guess I'll be calling you alot!!:) ME: And I think of that Readers Digest article that came out a few years ago where a mama wanted to protect her daughter from the responsibility feeling and she said ""How can I tell her that from the moment she gives birth it is like a piece of her heart (two pieces in your case) is forever plucked out and walking around in that child's body?" or something like that only much more poetic.  I just wish we lived closer but we can skype once they come right?  And u can call me morning noon or night and I will be overjoyed to hear from you.  END - not really but that's the part I wanted to share.....isn't it the truth mama's?  Can anything prepare you for that storm of love?  I think not.  Each time one of my children has children it's like the first time all over again.  Such magic.  The circle of love goes on and on and on......Until next time, Karen

Monday, August 20, 2012

Brooklyn, Brooklyn

Here is my sweet grand daughter Brooklyn.  When I look at this scrapbook page I get the warm fuzzies.  It makes me think of our precious girl, who now has hair down to her waist and is 3 years old.  Makes me sad when I realize this might be the last scrapbook page I actually created!!  I wish I loved scrapping the way I love card making!  A card is a wonderful thing and can bless a heart.....but a scrapbook page takes you back, back to two and a half years ago when Baby Brooklyn charmed her way into our lives, and this picture captures a bit of that magical time.  If I had more hours in the day I would create more scrapbook pages.  I used to do more.....but time is always the sna-foo.  So I will shortly have TWO MORE darling grand children to scrap.  Anybody wondering out there what our two newest grand children ARE? Well, we are being blessed with our first ever grand son, along with another darling grand daughter....yes, Brian and Bethany are having one of each.  MAGICAL.  And they will have sweet personalities all their own, just like Brooklyn Sophia.....and our hearts are opening even a bit wider to welcome these two new wee ones,,,,and we will hold them and hug them and love them and wonder how we could feel all this love for someone we didn't know yesterday.......It's properly called, a blessed event, when miracle like a baby(babies) is sent, For a child's arrival is God's invasion, Love's renewal, and a JOY CELEBRATION, Trees clap their hands when a baby is born, and night sorrow exits on the wings of the morn.....Hope and gladness betrothed, going dancing thru the earth, and faith and love embrace, when a mother gives birth.........I can't wait to hold these two precious children and sing them lullabies......Until next time, Karen

Monday, August 6, 2012


The SUO Blog challenge for today was to use designer series paper, I HAD to use the brand new polka dot paper, I think I yipped with delight when I saw that dsp in the new catalog this year!  I have made a winter card for today.  I am kind of looking forward to winter this year, well...not kind of,,,,,I AM looking forward to winter.  First of all, sometime between the middle of December and the beginning of January, we will welcome our twins into the family, and that my friends, is GOOD STUFF.  Bethany will let us know this THURSDAY, AUGUST 9th, if they are having twin girls, which is what I expect.  For their sake, I think it would be nice since they waited so long if one of them was the first grand son, but as for me, I am so used to girls that I will be NO LESS thrilled with two more grand daughters......as long as they are healthy babies.....and wouldn't ANY gender of TWINS just be so exciting???? And so sometime in the winter we will go to meet these lovely children.  Then in later winter, Feb, we will travel to the islands in the Indian Ocean where our other children are, and get to have a 3 week visit with them.  Now, with those two wonderful things to look forward to, wouldn't YOU be looking forward to winter TOO????  I get the warm fuzzies all over just thinking about these blessed events!!  God is GOOD, all the time.... ALL THE TIME....God is GOOD.  Until next time,   Karen

Thursday, July 26, 2012


The subject at hand is BRADS.......BUTTONS, or BRADS, and I chose BRADS this time.   I can remember a time when I hardly made a card WITHOUT using brads, but now I have moved on to BLING....so I revisited BRADS today.....and they really are a nice touch.  This great new stamp set from SU is PERFECT for my Black Magic with a WHITE Twist,,,,which is a favorite technique of mine.  Another thing I used to do ALL the TIME, but kinda got away from.  I had a request to use this technique in one of my classes, so I revisited IT too.  Does anyone else stamp in cycles?  I also love this new flower framelet from SU, along with a great coordinating stamp set to match.  If you have to have these new products, notice the ORDER 24/7 button on this blog!! :) It will take you to my 24 hour ordering service.....yay!!  For those of you brand new to this technique, it's done by stamping in white pigment ink, letting it dry on black cardstock and then coloring with our watercolor pencils.  I used two colors for the flower and two for the leaves....so I can use the darker color to shade after coloring lightly with the first and lighter color.  It's a pretty dramatic look, right? It really comes alive when you highlight with white gel pen, in fact before that it's kind of HO-HUM.....but after the white gel pen it kinda sings, right?  Give it a try.......Happy Stamping....Until next time........Karen  PS We find out the gender of the twins on Aug 9th!! They are strong and healthy!!  Thank you God!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012


The challenge today for the SUO blog was to take a thank you card up a notch.  I hope this is up a notch enough. :) I just LOVE these new poppies, and I have literally dreamed all day of uploading this card....they are so fun to play with and I LOVE them!!  This is my third card with the poppies and I can't wait to use some of the other ideas that are floating around in my head....the possibilities with this  stamp are endless!!   And see that adorable new little tiny label - which also comes in a stamp set.....so tiny and so adorable and along with that? A punch pack to match!  And how about that great new doily  - also a brand new die!!  I just love this time of year when I notice every time I open the catalog some new item that I had missed is staring at  me and whispering in my ears, Buy me, Buy me, Buy me!!  To color on this one I used markers and blenders....my favorite!!  Did I tell you all I earned the trip to Hilton Head SC this year with SU?? And I plan to take my darling grand daughter Layla with me.....I can't hardly wait - for some extra special one on one time with Layla.....in the end of September!  Until next time, keep on stampin, and keep on smilin!! Blessings, Karen

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This new set is just the bomb!! I have made a whole series of birdie cards......just love it!! Many of you have asked about our twins.....my daughter Bethany is doing WELL!! She is very nauseous, but says it's happy nausea!!  When you wait six years to get pregnant, nothing bothers you!  Last week she went for another ultra sound and I got the cutest text, it said, "Again, two very healthy heartbeats, PHEW!" and I texted her back and said, Honey, do you only worry in between heartbeat checks?? and she said, Pretty much mommy.  I want my beautiful daughter to enjoy this pregnancy, so if you want to pray, pray that God will give her a perfect peace as she waits on HIM!  We will find out the sex of babies at 20 weeks, and she is 12 weeks now.  She is showing, and glowing, and smiling, and RADIANT!  I guess I never told you the story about the day she waited to find out whether she was pregnant or not, and God gave her peace with a story from a coworker....she had been fretting that the blood test would be negative.  A coworker started telling her a story about how him and his wife had been watching a mama duck sit on her eggs for weeks, and they had happily anticipated seeing the mallard mama and babies soon.  But one day they went out to find the eggs smashed and mama gone.  The man telling the story said his wife was beside herself with sorrow after watching the mama several months.  (at the time he had no clue that Bethany was waiting to find out if she was pregnant) Then he said when they had given up altogether ever seeing mama again, let alone babies, one day they heard a calamity in the yard and went out to see what it was, and there was the proud mallard mama with 3 baby ducklings behind her......and that man said to my Bethany, "I had totally given up on those babies Bethany but they were there all the time!" (and she said she went back to her desk and sat down and prayed and said Lord, I believe that was from you to reassure me that my babies are there and I keep giving up on them"  - Low and behold and praise the Lord too, it was only hours later we learned she was indeed pregant, and those babies were there all the time! :) Of course, I ran to the bookstore to buy the book, "Make way for Ducklings" which is about a mallard duck family.  God is so good, and HE uses such neat little things to encourage our hearts and lay our weary minds to rest.  He knew it all the time, those babies were there....all the time.  Thank you Jesus, and rest assured Bethany, HE has HIS mighty and on your children honey child, and HE NEVER SLUMBERS or SLEEPS......he has a little hedge of protection around them......and HE IS ABLE.   Until next time........Karen

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Doilies and Frills x FOUR, oh my!

Can I just tell you, this card was TAKE FOUR..... the challenge today was to make a frilly card using a doily product.....and I only saw the part about frilly.....hey, easy for me, right? Frilly is what I do!! But did I EVER STRUGGLE trying to come up with a frilly card using new stamps! This honestly IS TAKE FOUR.....Two I hated, one I sorta liked enough to use in desperation, and then low and behold I looked at the whole challenge and noticed the doily part, so it was back to the drawing board which in the end I was happy about, since I really do like this card.  But can I tell you, that NO JIVE I was nearly in tears trying to get this done!!  I spent at least 3 hours stamping, and ended up with one card that I really love, and 3 that I really don't.  Does anyone else have those times that no matter what they make, it doesn't cut the mustard???  Then at other times the ideas just flow....there are times when I sit down to stamp and they just roll out and I love them all....and then there are OTHER times like last night where I hate everything I make!!  Arghhhh,,,it was a long night of not successful stamping!! I decided I guess I am not really a FRILLY stamper, just FEMININE, but FRILLY? NOT SO MUCH.  It's usually the ones I am so sure of that I blow, and then when one comes around that really is a challenge, sometimes I surprise myself and end up loving it.  Go figure.   :( Finally, in the end I succeeded.....so hope you like my frilly doily creation! Until next time,  Karen

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Okay, so my last post was about finding out that Bethany is indeed pregnant.....and today was another happiest of days as we found out that Bethany and Brian are to be the proud parents of TWINS!!! After six years of waiting our prayers have been answered with a DOUBLE blessing!!! Bethany is step mom to the two precious girls she got when she got Brian.....:) and now their family will be complete - we are beyond overjoyed.  God is so good!! I will first of all remember the sound of Bethany calling when she first found out she was pregnant, and I could not tell if it was good news or bad.....she was sobbing so hard and then I realized they were tears of joy, and then today the two of them called me at work and they were just GIDDY with the news that it was going to be TWINS!!!  Happy, Happy, JOY, JOY!!!!  And at this same time we are going thru sad stuff with another one of our children, who I keep telling, you will be happy again my sweet girl.....sadness is for a season, but JOY comes in the morning,,,,and I wonder as a parent how sadness and joy can be so intermingled....so thankful for this JOY of this wonderful news to help with the pain!  Life is such a mixed bag.....today I am going to REJOICE in this news.....it does not get any happier then this!!!  And now we wait to see if we might have a grand son? Why do I think this might just be one of each?  WHATEVER, it's BABIES....and we will open our arms wide to whatever the good LORD gives us!!! Until next time.........Karen

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Our family has had a prayer request for the last SIX years that we have been earnestly praying for.  One of my daughters has wanted to be pregnant for the last six years.  I have been blessed in that she shared her journey with me....and many times in the last six years we have wept together when we realized that another month was passing, and her dream did not come true.  This daughter has been blessed with 2 beautiful step daughters who she loves dearly, but still had the desire to have a child of her own.  So the Mother's Day card this week is perfection for her, as she found out this week that this will be a very special Mother's Day for her, as she is finally with child.  I will take the sounds of her calling me to tell me the blood tests came back positive with me to my grave.  I have never heard such JOY mingled with tears.....it was such a beautiful, beautiful sound.  We kind of wept and wailed together for several minutes....and my heart has not stopped bowing down to our GREAT and MIGHTY God ever since, who has knit this child together, and already has HIS hand upon her/him.  In our family, probably another "her", and most welcome, no matter WHAT the sex, this child is already PRECIOUS to us, and I can only hope it will grow to understand the love and anguish that went into the long wait.....the JOY UNSPEAKABLE when we found out it is ON THE WAY, the long awaited answer to all those prayers we cried.  Thank you Jesus, you have done a WONDERFUL thing and it is MARVELOUS in our eyes!!!  Grandchild #8, on the way,,,,OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


AT LEAST until JUNE 1st. when maybe,,,,just MAYBE this BEAUTIFUL stamp set known as Bordering on Romance, might, MIGHT just return??? It will be SO SAD if not.....that and Apothecary Art....,my personal favorites in this mini that is SO sad to see come to an end in April! Make sure you have what you WANT from this beautiful selection before it ends in April! I thought my most favorite was Apothecary Art but I ended up making the best cards from this set I think....it is so versatile!! SO MANY big changes in store for the new SU year....an early catalog, early discontinued list, (check it OUT... my saddest sets to see go are Flower Fest, and of course, Simply Soft which is a hostess selection and my most favorite set of this catalog year) It's always sad to say goodbye to favorites, but gotta make room in that stamp cupboard for all the new ones I will just have to have!! Happy Stamping everyone.....there's ALWAYS something to look forward to as an SU demonstrator!! Until next time.........Karen

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Congratulations to MICHELLE for 10 years as an SU demonstrator!! YAY!! I sometimes wonder what my life was FULL of before being a demonstrator! I am coming up on 15 years in May!! SU has brought so much JOY into my life...the years of stamping fun not to be outdone by the myriad of close friends I have made a long the way, with both fellow demonstrators as well as customers! So congratulations Michelle, rejoicing with YOU!! :) This GREAT NEW SET is being offered as a SNEAK PEEK this month! Contact me if you would like to get in on that sweet purchase!! They are also offering the SWEETEST purse die ever!! I LOVE this time of year, anticipating the new catalog which will come out this year in JUNE instead of JULY! A whole month earlier! Which means we will soon be releasing the discontinued list.....and all the excitement that goes along with THAT! ;) Never a dull moment being a demonstrator, always looking forward to the next surprise from SU! Happy Tuesday everyone! It's a happy day for me indeed, I drop off my taxes to the tax lady tomorrow....HAPPY HAPPY, JOY JOY! CAN YOU SEE ME DOING THE HAPPY DANCE????? Until next time.......Karen

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Here is my bit of spring card! Spring to me means grand daughter's birthdays! It kicks off with my adorable grand daughter Brooklyn Sophia who just turned 3, and then the birthdays just keep comin'! Brooklyn looks a little like this little girl on my card, except her beautiful blond pony tails are long....but to give you an idea of her adorable personality, this is a recent conversation between her and I while I was babysitting for her the other day: Brookie: - Gramma you said if I went potty I could have a treat! Me: I did say that, didn't I Brookie, I'll go get you some fruit snacks, no wait a minute, does Mommy let you have fruitsnacks Brookie? Brookie: I want fruit snacks!! Me - I know honey but I'm not sure Mommy lets you have fruit snacks, Brookie: but YOU do gramma! And then she smiled at me with a smile that could melt a glacier in February.....so precious this child, who runs to you when you walk thru the door yelling your name and jumps into your arms and hugs you tight around the neck.....our Brooklyn Sophia.....she is a precious gift from God and I love her to bits' and pieces!! So thankful for Brookie!!! Until Next time........

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So here is one of my most favorite in the world stamp sets, Simply Soft....it's a hostess set and will only be available thru May.....so you might wanna have your own workshop just to GET it! I used the brush bleach technique on this card...I embossed the flowers in black and then bleached all the flower petals with an old blender pen dipped in bleach....then I accented with a white gel pen. I also distressed a lot, every layer of this baby. Did I ever tell you my famous bleach workshop story?? I went to a brand new hostess's house, walked thru the door and spilled bleach on her carpet? That's the condensed version of my story....it was NOT exactly the highlight of my demonstrator Stampin' UP career.....as a matter of fact if I didnt' quit that night I never will! I had screwed the top on the bleach bottle so hard to make sure it was on there tight that I cracked the lid It ended up a wonderful workshop, and that lady has remained a customer over the years.....and I mostly bleach in the privacy of my own home. Did I mention one of the chairs in my stamp room has the bleach technique on it's upholstered seat? Yep, some lessons you never really learn. Bwahahahahahahaha.....go order you some Stampin'UP, click on my 24/7 button and get you a Simply Soft set before it's gone FOREVER!!!! (it's the best!) Oh happy day, this set sings to me!!! Until next time.......Karen

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So the challenge for tonite is a happy birthday card! But for me, the challenge turns out to be staying awake long enough to get this posted. WOW, what a weekend. Ever have a great big event coming up and assume there is a magic weekend in between the one you are living and the big event? Then it hits you, all at once that this IS the weekend that you should be prepping for 40 people or so?? WOW what a weekend!! I stayed up till 3:30AM on Friday and 1:30AM on Saturday just getting ready! Now THAT'S a challenge,,,,,had to change a color or two....and an embelishment or two....but I think I almost have it totally together! YAY!! But as I got ready to post this card and next to dow olad my card for the color challenge this week the challenge became keeping my eyes open....and that remains the challenge as I race to finish before my eyes close at will again...UNBELIE VABLE how yummy sleep is when you can't sleep, right? Well I am almost there and then it's off to dreamland for this one! Do you like my Happy Birthday card??? Hope so! Happy Tuesday everyone, I am off to beddy bye!! Bye!!! Until next time, keep on stampin', and sleep some too! YUM!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Happy Valentines Day!! Does this card look a bit familiar?? Hey, I loved this CAS layout so much the first time I did it I did it again with different focal point! (If you look back two entries ago you will see a very similar card with Bordering on Romance stamp instead of the heart embosslits) I am equally quick to say when I don't like something I made so it's all good. When I make something clean and simple I get pretty excited because I think it's the greatest thing in stamping, and the hardest thing to do, and it does NOT come natural to me!! So if I come up with a CAS design, I milk it for ALL it's WORTH!! This challenge for the SUO team was to make a Valentine using only two colors and a neutral....so here you have it! ;) I made this card by making a striped ef underpiece for the main card body and then putting an overlay embossed with the filial ef...on a separate piece and put it over the striped piece like a pinafore.....so cute! Okay, I sound pretty obnoxious here, tooting my own horn, but it takes me a year or so to make a CAS creation I actually am proud of, so I won't brag like this for at least another year! Meanwhile, what else could I put along that border to milk this great idea even more??? Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


BoldChallenge for today...something new from the Occasions Mini catalog.....NOT HARD, since I had to buy almost the entire catalog I love it so much!! So here I have used my favorite new stamp set from the mini, called Apothecary Art, along with the awesome new embosslit die cuts!! LOVE these!!! And how about that awesome ribbon from the new Salebration catty??? What a great time to order from SU, and get Salebration freebies!!

I just returned from SU Leadership conference in San Antonio, TX.....have you ever been there? I would LOVE to go back and bring my husband someday, what a gorgeous little corner of the good old USA! The famous Riverwalk was right outside our hotel.....a beautiful little wonder world of water and quaint little restaurants......I will long remember where Leadership was THIS year!! Okay, well that's about it for this time, click on my 24/7 button and place an order from the new mini, and get yourself some Salebration freebies!! No better time to place that order!! Happy Stamping everyone!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So the SUO blog challenge topic for tonite was use a technique you never tried before. This is my technique. Sit down with a certain technique in your head that you tried, but not in a very long time, because that was also permissable. Make a card, and look at it and say, WHOA, card gone BAD. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Now let's see what I can do to switch directions and make something from this pretty off white pinafore design, but this "technique" part, it has to GO with a capital GO. Start messing around paper piecing some flowers on blushing bride and pear pizazz cardstock. Do some fussy cutting and put them along the bottom of the pinafore, hmmmm.....not too shabby. That looks really really pretty, I like!! Then, come to think of it, what the heck technique is THIS that you never tried before, and girlfriend, you are fresh out of TIME!!! So my technique is make a card out of a card gone BAD....go ahead, it's a fun new technique where you learn to not waste paper, but my former main image, it's just too ugly for words, and it found it's way to the circular file. But this card? Not too shabby, right? The "Make a card from a card gone bad technique" - my very own brand new technique. Go make yourself one, and save a tree!! Happy Stamping, Until next time, Karen