Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So the challenge for tonite is a happy birthday card! But for me, the challenge turns out to be staying awake long enough to get this posted. WOW, what a weekend. Ever have a great big event coming up and assume there is a magic weekend in between the one you are living and the big event? Then it hits you, all at once that this IS the weekend that you should be prepping for 40 people or so?? WOW what a weekend!! I stayed up till 3:30AM on Friday and 1:30AM on Saturday just getting ready! Now THAT'S a challenge,,,,,had to change a color or two....and an embelishment or two....but I think I almost have it totally together! YAY!! But as I got ready to post this card and next to dow olad my card for the color challenge this week the challenge became keeping my eyes open....and that remains the challenge as I race to finish before my eyes close at will again...UNBELIE VABLE how yummy sleep is when you can't sleep, right? Well I am almost there and then it's off to dreamland for this one! Do you like my Happy Birthday card??? Hope so! Happy Tuesday everyone, I am off to beddy bye!! Bye!!! Until next time, keep on stampin', and sleep some too! YUM!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Happy Valentines Day!! Does this card look a bit familiar?? Hey, I loved this CAS layout so much the first time I did it I did it again with different focal point! (If you look back two entries ago you will see a very similar card with Bordering on Romance stamp instead of the heart embosslits) I am equally quick to say when I don't like something I made so it's all good. When I make something clean and simple I get pretty excited because I think it's the greatest thing in stamping, and the hardest thing to do, and it does NOT come natural to me!! So if I come up with a CAS design, I milk it for ALL it's WORTH!! This challenge for the SUO team was to make a Valentine using only two colors and a neutral....so here you have it! ;) I made this card by making a striped ef underpiece for the main card body and then putting an overlay embossed with the filial ef...on a separate piece and put it over the striped piece like a pinafore.....so cute! Okay, I sound pretty obnoxious here, tooting my own horn, but it takes me a year or so to make a CAS creation I actually am proud of, so I won't brag like this for at least another year! Meanwhile, what else could I put along that border to milk this great idea even more??? Until next time, Karen