Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Okay, so my last post was about finding out that Bethany is indeed pregnant.....and today was another happiest of days as we found out that Bethany and Brian are to be the proud parents of TWINS!!! After six years of waiting our prayers have been answered with a DOUBLE blessing!!! Bethany is step mom to the two precious girls she got when she got Brian.....:) and now their family will be complete - we are beyond overjoyed.  God is so good!! I will first of all remember the sound of Bethany calling when she first found out she was pregnant, and I could not tell if it was good news or bad.....she was sobbing so hard and then I realized they were tears of joy, and then today the two of them called me at work and they were just GIDDY with the news that it was going to be TWINS!!!  Happy, Happy, JOY, JOY!!!!  And at this same time we are going thru sad stuff with another one of our children, who I keep telling, you will be happy again my sweet girl.....sadness is for a season, but JOY comes in the morning,,,,and I wonder as a parent how sadness and joy can be so intermingled....so thankful for this JOY of this wonderful news to help with the pain!  Life is such a mixed bag.....today I am going to REJOICE in this news.....it does not get any happier then this!!!  And now we wait to see if we might have a grand son? Why do I think this might just be one of each?  WHATEVER, it's BABIES....and we will open our arms wide to whatever the good LORD gives us!!! Until next time.........Karen

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Our family has had a prayer request for the last SIX years that we have been earnestly praying for.  One of my daughters has wanted to be pregnant for the last six years.  I have been blessed in that she shared her journey with me....and many times in the last six years we have wept together when we realized that another month was passing, and her dream did not come true.  This daughter has been blessed with 2 beautiful step daughters who she loves dearly, but still had the desire to have a child of her own.  So the Mother's Day card this week is perfection for her, as she found out this week that this will be a very special Mother's Day for her, as she is finally with child.  I will take the sounds of her calling me to tell me the blood tests came back positive with me to my grave.  I have never heard such JOY mingled with tears.....it was such a beautiful, beautiful sound.  We kind of wept and wailed together for several minutes....and my heart has not stopped bowing down to our GREAT and MIGHTY God ever since, who has knit this child together, and already has HIS hand upon her/him.  In our family, probably another "her", and most welcome, no matter WHAT the sex, this child is already PRECIOUS to us, and I can only hope it will grow to understand the love and anguish that went into the long wait.....the JOY UNSPEAKABLE when we found out it is ON THE WAY, the long awaited answer to all those prayers we cried.  Thank you Jesus, you have done a WONDERFUL thing and it is MARVELOUS in our eyes!!!  Grandchild #8, on the way,,,,OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!