Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This new set is just the bomb!! I have made a whole series of birdie cards......just love it!! Many of you have asked about our twins.....my daughter Bethany is doing WELL!! She is very nauseous, but says it's happy nausea!!  When you wait six years to get pregnant, nothing bothers you!  Last week she went for another ultra sound and I got the cutest text, it said, "Again, two very healthy heartbeats, PHEW!" and I texted her back and said, Honey, do you only worry in between heartbeat checks?? and she said, Pretty much mommy.  I want my beautiful daughter to enjoy this pregnancy, so if you want to pray, pray that God will give her a perfect peace as she waits on HIM!  We will find out the sex of babies at 20 weeks, and she is 12 weeks now.  She is showing, and glowing, and smiling, and RADIANT!  I guess I never told you the story about the day she waited to find out whether she was pregnant or not, and God gave her peace with a story from a coworker....she had been fretting that the blood test would be negative.  A coworker started telling her a story about how him and his wife had been watching a mama duck sit on her eggs for weeks, and they had happily anticipated seeing the mallard mama and babies soon.  But one day they went out to find the eggs smashed and mama gone.  The man telling the story said his wife was beside herself with sorrow after watching the mama several months.  (at the time he had no clue that Bethany was waiting to find out if she was pregnant) Then he said when they had given up altogether ever seeing mama again, let alone babies, one day they heard a calamity in the yard and went out to see what it was, and there was the proud mallard mama with 3 baby ducklings behind her......and that man said to my Bethany, "I had totally given up on those babies Bethany but they were there all the time!" (and she said she went back to her desk and sat down and prayed and said Lord, I believe that was from you to reassure me that my babies are there and I keep giving up on them"  - Low and behold and praise the Lord too, it was only hours later we learned she was indeed pregant, and those babies were there all the time! :) Of course, I ran to the bookstore to buy the book, "Make way for Ducklings" which is about a mallard duck family.  God is so good, and HE uses such neat little things to encourage our hearts and lay our weary minds to rest.  He knew it all the time, those babies were there....all the time.  Thank you Jesus, and rest assured Bethany, HE has HIS mighty and on your children honey child, and HE NEVER SLUMBERS or SLEEPS......he has a little hedge of protection around them......and HE IS ABLE.   Until next time........Karen

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Doilies and Frills x FOUR, oh my!

Can I just tell you, this card was TAKE FOUR..... the challenge today was to make a frilly card using a doily product.....and I only saw the part about frilly.....hey, easy for me, right? Frilly is what I do!! But did I EVER STRUGGLE trying to come up with a frilly card using new stamps! This honestly IS TAKE FOUR.....Two I hated, one I sorta liked enough to use in desperation, and then low and behold I looked at the whole challenge and noticed the doily part, so it was back to the drawing board which in the end I was happy about, since I really do like this card.  But can I tell you, that NO JIVE I was nearly in tears trying to get this done!!  I spent at least 3 hours stamping, and ended up with one card that I really love, and 3 that I really don't.  Does anyone else have those times that no matter what they make, it doesn't cut the mustard???  Then at other times the ideas just flow....there are times when I sit down to stamp and they just roll out and I love them all....and then there are OTHER times like last night where I hate everything I make!!  Arghhhh,,,it was a long night of not successful stamping!! I decided I guess I am not really a FRILLY stamper, just FEMININE, but FRILLY? NOT SO MUCH.  It's usually the ones I am so sure of that I blow, and then when one comes around that really is a challenge, sometimes I surprise myself and end up loving it.  Go figure.   :( Finally, in the end I succeeded.....so hope you like my frilly doily creation! Until next time,  Karen