Monday, August 20, 2012

Brooklyn, Brooklyn

Here is my sweet grand daughter Brooklyn.  When I look at this scrapbook page I get the warm fuzzies.  It makes me think of our precious girl, who now has hair down to her waist and is 3 years old.  Makes me sad when I realize this might be the last scrapbook page I actually created!!  I wish I loved scrapping the way I love card making!  A card is a wonderful thing and can bless a heart.....but a scrapbook page takes you back, back to two and a half years ago when Baby Brooklyn charmed her way into our lives, and this picture captures a bit of that magical time.  If I had more hours in the day I would create more scrapbook pages.  I used to do more.....but time is always the sna-foo.  So I will shortly have TWO MORE darling grand children to scrap.  Anybody wondering out there what our two newest grand children ARE? Well, we are being blessed with our first ever grand son, along with another darling grand daughter....yes, Brian and Bethany are having one of each.  MAGICAL.  And they will have sweet personalities all their own, just like Brooklyn Sophia.....and our hearts are opening even a bit wider to welcome these two new wee ones,,,,and we will hold them and hug them and love them and wonder how we could feel all this love for someone we didn't know yesterday.......It's properly called, a blessed event, when miracle like a baby(babies) is sent, For a child's arrival is God's invasion, Love's renewal, and a JOY CELEBRATION, Trees clap their hands when a baby is born, and night sorrow exits on the wings of the morn.....Hope and gladness betrothed, going dancing thru the earth, and faith and love embrace, when a mother gives birth.........I can't wait to hold these two precious children and sing them lullabies......Until next time, Karen

Monday, August 6, 2012


The SUO Blog challenge for today was to use designer series paper, I HAD to use the brand new polka dot paper, I think I yipped with delight when I saw that dsp in the new catalog this year!  I have made a winter card for today.  I am kind of looking forward to winter this year, well...not kind of,,,,,I AM looking forward to winter.  First of all, sometime between the middle of December and the beginning of January, we will welcome our twins into the family, and that my friends, is GOOD STUFF.  Bethany will let us know this THURSDAY, AUGUST 9th, if they are having twin girls, which is what I expect.  For their sake, I think it would be nice since they waited so long if one of them was the first grand son, but as for me, I am so used to girls that I will be NO LESS thrilled with two more grand long as they are healthy babies.....and wouldn't ANY gender of TWINS just be so exciting???? And so sometime in the winter we will go to meet these lovely children.  Then in later winter, Feb, we will travel to the islands in the Indian Ocean where our other children are, and get to have a 3 week visit with them.  Now, with those two wonderful things to look forward to, wouldn't YOU be looking forward to winter TOO????  I get the warm fuzzies all over just thinking about these blessed events!!  God is GOOD, all the time.... ALL THE TIME....God is GOOD.  Until next time,   Karen