Tuesday, July 30, 2013


SUO challenge for today........SCHOOL DAYS.....man it was hard to find a stamp that had to do with school days!! So in the end I thought gee.....sunflowers are out when kids go back to school, so a sunflower, some newsprint.....some polka dots, and a banner......oh and some twine and brads......voila!  As school daisy as it's gonna get around here!! When I think of school days today, it brings me back to memories of a precious life that was lost this past weekend.  My son Mike's best friend growing up and to this day, Mark Lennon, was killed in a terrible boating accident this past weekend.  Six young people went out for a boat ride in the late evening on the Hudson River in NY, and the boat struck a construction barge and Mark and another young lady, Lindsey were ejected from the boat and they found their bodies later - they had drowned -  such a sad and senseless tragedy.  Lindsey was to marry her childhood sweetheart Brian on August 5th.    My heart goes out to this young man - the groom to be - Brian - who woke up after massive head injuries himself to discover that in an instant, he lost the woman he loved, and his best man at the same time.  It's at a time like that, you wonder where God is?  Right?? Be honest!!  Well I know God sees, HE knows, HE cares, HE loves......we cannot hope to understand these things this side of heaven.  I remember when, Mark was as young as 2nd grade......an adorable chubby little Irish boy with freckles, he and my son became fast friends at this tender age.  That friendship continued, even after our son moved from NY to Ohio, and Mark was a tried and true buddy for all these years.  The ache of losing a friend that has been as close as a brother.....so my heart aches for Mike and for our whole family who lost a precious friend.  My heart aches for his loving mother and father and his only brother Ray.  My heart aches for anyone who knew Mark, because to know him was to love him.  Rest in peace dear Mark, we will always remember your loyalty, your faithful spirit, your infectious grin, your hearty laugh, your big old heart.  Until next time, Karen

Friday, July 26, 2013


SO........Michelle texted me a couple of days AFTER I was given the boot at work to let me know that she made Founder's Circle again for this SU year......YAY!!!!!!  So happy for her - she works hard and stamps hard and she totally deserves it!!!  One of these years I hope we make Founder's together, not sure if that is in God's plans for me or not, but it's what I'm shooting for - Lord knows I did it for like 10 years in a row when I first started, moved to Ohio - took on full time work and left my customer base in NY, and have been toppling ever since! So it's my perfect chance to reverse that while I'm out of work!! Anyway, when Michelle found out what had happened to me, shortly thereafter she was at my door to take me out to lunch and cheer me up.  Her arms were laden with gifts, fresh eggs from her chickens, zucchini and cucumbers from her garden, canned pickles, relish and jam complete with adorable labels from SU, homemade zucchini bread, *yum*!!  She cheered me up and cheered me on, isn't that what friends are for?  Awwwww......gotta love Michelle.  Gotta think of all the things I  have to be thankful for, like good friends, loving family, adorable grand children, supportive husband and children and their spouses,  my mom who also cheers me on and took me out to lunch... and you know how MOMS are, you can tell it hurts her more then it hurts me!! :)  So I am concentrating for all I am worth on ALL I have to be thankful for.......now, for a bit of chatter on this really cool CARD.  I knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to take the postcard stamp and I wanted to stamp the seagulls from the new set Wetlands on it, and I WANTED to have the beach, and I WANTED to have the sky, and the water, and and, but alas, this is NOT my strong point, so I asked Michelle to show me how to make this happen. There was no brayer involved, believe it or not - just sponges and post it notes and paper and ink. So I wrote it down step by step, and pretty sure I could go up to my stamp room and make this card all over again, she just sat by me and made one, and I copied.  So it's kind of a karenbarber/zindorf original......bwahahaha, I can claim the idea but Michelle gets credit for the execution of the idea.  Her and I are so good for each other,,,,,each pretty decent stampers but our style is so different that we compliment each other......now is there anyone out there who would attend a stamp day in Dayton, Ohio if it was an all day affair and we did it together, Michelle and I?  We would LOVE to do this, but we aren't sure there would be people who would/could attend.  It would be a Saturday, and an all day affair, Who's in????  If you're lucky, Michelle might even make you something amazing with her zucchinis, and me? Well, do you like Starbursts???  haha.......That's all for this time......Until next time, Karen

Monday, July 22, 2013


It's been a rough week at my house.  It's been a rough 2 weeks at my house.  SO...that job?  The one that was clicking and everything was going to be okay?  It's not MINE anymore.  ROUGH week.  ROUGH 2 weeks.  As it turns out, I sorta stepped into a hornet's nest there.  The lady who was training me promised me two full months of training and a three month trial period.  She gave me 3 hours of training, and then after  2 days she pretty much had her mind made up that it wasn't going to work out and she fired me after 7 days.  It was the fact that one and a half days in she was criticizing me left and right that sent me into a tailspin, and since I'm used to excelling at most of what I do when it's up my alley, which it WAS.....I went into a PANIC mode.  The more I panicked, the more she was sure I couldn't do the job.  AFTER two days in panic mode, everything clicked and I was doing fine...however.... NOT ONE WORD of encouragement came out of her mouth the entire time I was there. And 7 days in she gave me the boot.  ROUGH 2 weeks!! The dentist has contacted me FOUR times on the phone since I left to apologize and say he knows his Business Manager has no communication skills, (ya think??) but that really doesn't help me any now.   For me, for now -, I am working really really hard in this next little bit here to BUILD MY STAMPIN' UP business!! Any business you can throw my way will be SOOOO appreciated.....and I am seeking MORE people to be ON MY TEAM.....I need some recruits, and I even have a really awesome gift to pass on to the first one who signs on with me after this post....and it's a secret what it is!! EMAIL me at the following address - kbarberstamps@gmail.com if you have ever wanted to be an SU demonstrator, even if it's just for the discount, I would LOVE to have you as a part of my team.......go ahead, - it so worth it!!! And you'll get my surprise gift!~  So.....do I sit around and waste energy going over and over in my mind that I was shafted, treated unfairly, put in a lose lose situation, and set up to fail, or do I pick myself up, brush myself off, and say, "What's next Lord??"  I did some of each this week.  But the voice in my head is now loud and clear and it's saying, "I am still in control, and I still love you, and I still believe in you, and I am still with you, and I will show you the way, just walk in it!" So I am putting one foot in front of the other......and I am reminding myself that I need not despair!! I know who is in the drivers seat, and as Carrie Underwood says, JESUS is at the WHEEL!! I just need to sit back and relax, and enjoy the journey, and try not to be a back seat driver!!  So if you think of me, say a little prayer for me, that I will keep my eyes on HIM, and my HEART pure.  Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'M PRAYING......FOR ME!!!!!!

The SUO challenge this week was Get Well Cards......and I sorta made this one for myself, cuz I need to GET WELL AT WORK!!  I did not expect starting a new job to throw me for such a LOOP!!  New systems, new software, it didn't sound that bad, but I spent my first four days in a FOG and then Friday, CLICK! After a good long talk with myself I stopped fretting and started diving in, and it seems to be coming together now.  But I think anyone who thinks more highly of him/herself then they ought, should just start a new job, that'll knock you down a peg or two!  It's so hard to go from "knowing it all" to being like the new idiot on the block!  I can tell I'm going to love it once I get the software down, but boy those first few days were difficult.  The lady who is training me, my new coworker, does not believe in babying people, and in the long run, I know I will be thankful for that, because guess what, it makes you rise to the occasion, and I think I am doing just that!! I had that talk with myself where I said come on, Karen, it's what you have been doing for SEVEN years with different ICONS!! It's not rocket science here......you can DO this, and then I did!!  But since pride comes before the fall, let me humbly say that today looks to be the busiest day on the schedule so far, so I am not being haughty here, I know there are tough days ahead until I can run the office smoothly and efficiently like I did my last one.....but I am ready for the challenge!!  Until next time.........Karen

Monday, July 1, 2013


So the challenge for SUO today was to use our favorite new accessory - and I chose the rockin' vintage buttons.  I also love the oval framelets, and the Beautifully Barouque embossing folder.  Lots and lots of neat new accessories in the new catalog. :) I have struggled with not enough color-in sets this year, so I challenged myself to a shabby chic card,,,,with no coloring.  I will admit it is about TAKE FOUR, or FIVE, but in the end, I like it.  Do you???  It's been a really rough couple of months for me as I have been rocked by the winds of CHANGE in my life.  Guess I got a little too comfortable working where I was for 7 years, and suddenly circumstances beyond my control caused me to look for a new job.  I have cried buckets of tears, but I know it is the right time for me to move on.  Our ways are not HIS ways.  So I covet prayers in the next few weeks as I learn a whole new job, new software, new coworkers, new systems......time to teach this old doggie some new tricks.  :) So easy to get angry at people when things like this happen and cast blame, but a nice long ride in the country and a good long lecture from my husband helped open my eyes to the truth that sometimes God just says your time at this place is up and see, I will do a new thing for you!  When I stopped casting blame, I was able to see the path that God has set before me a whole lot more clearly.  So it's a brand new day, a brand new challenge, a brand new adventure!  Praise God from whom all blessings FLOW!!~  Until next time, Karen