Monday, August 26, 2013


So the "challenge" for today over at the SUO RIBBONS AND BOWS.....okay, so that's really not a "challenge" for me, it's a much greater challenge for me to try and make a card WITHOUT a bow, or some form of ribbon.  But the challenge is for the players, not for the designers, so I made a card with a big fat what else is new??  To me a card is not really a card until the bow is attached. :) THIS is a TRIPLE DECKER bow....where you just take 3 pieces of ribbon all the same length and tie your bow with all 3 at once and then sort of pull them apart and it makes one honkin' huge, happy bow! (the best kind!!)  I used our new set called Flower Shop, embossed in white on pink pirouette cardstock and then did some shading with a sponge dauber and cut them out.  I made my leaves from that same flower, just made them pear pizazz.  Add some texture with the big shot, and some polka dots for good measure, and voila, another card with a big fat bow....Come on, play along.......who can resist a card with a big fat bow??? Happy Tuesday everyone!! Until next time........Karen

Monday, August 12, 2013


The SUO challenge for today was easy - a Birthday I decided to challenge myself with a man-card.....maybe this is the 5th one I've made this year so far,,,, bwahahaha......I don't make a lot of man-cards.  And as you can see, even my man card has some flowers thrown in there. :) This is that old technique called was really really popular about 5 years ago....and I have never really gotten over it, I think it's uber cool, don't you??  And it's kind of addictive too, like once I made one, I ended up making about 8 I think.....with different stamps and colors.  It's all done with sponges and sticky notes....and it's just plain fun! Gonna make this one in my classes this month....but I think I'm gonna put different stamps out on the table and let them have at it......cuz it's something that you can go in so many different directions with....this is a two color one, but most of the time I use 3 colors.  This is soft sky and brown sugar, a swell combination. :) Hope you like it, take a good, long, hard look at it, cuz it will be MONTHS before another man-card turns up on my blog, I guarantee it!  Happy Tuesday everyone!  Until next time.........Karen

Friday, August 9, 2013


Okay, so I am catching some heat these days for my stamping being a bit too fussy!  Not that people don't like to LOOK at my cards, but they say, ouch, who would spend all the time to MAKE this card???  So on this particular card, which was quick until it got to the middle strip.......I toned it down to a less is more card, - and I just kept the same brown strip across the top and bottom of the card but used vanilla seam binding to make a bow around it, and used the sentiment stamp right in the middle of the brown strip.....and I have to say, it's a great card!!  Which one do I like better?? The fussy one of COURSE, but the other one isn't HALF BAD!!!  So......many of you left comments saying you WOULD be interested in traveling to Dayton, OH for a class taught by Michelle Zindorf and I........and we are thinking sometime in October.....anymore interested parties?? We want to make sure we would have enough to make renting the venue worth it, etc. but it would be SO fun......probably make 3 cards designed by me and 3 designed by Michelle??  Who else is in???? Until next time, Karen