Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The SUO challenge for this week, is a baby card!  I kind of went with very non traditional baby colors here.....but it still looks babyish, right???  I made one with more like regular baby colors but I was not a big fan.....we actually are short on actual baby stamps I think....but this little lamb from Storybook Friends WORKS, if you ask me. :) Our pastor's wife had a baby this week.....Emmitt Blake, so fresh and new, a wee bundle from heaven, so anticipated and so loved.  Our pastor Blake shared on Facebook how his wife, Bobbi Jo lost a baby 2 years ago, and we all cried with them.  Last year on the anniversary of the loss of little Baby Blunkall, we all cried with them again.  THIS year, on that same anniversary, Little Baby Emmitt made his grand entrance into our world, and of course, we all REJOICED with them!! God's perfect timing that has turned a date that was once such a source of pain for them, into one of JOY.  Joy and pain sometimes go hand in hand then, don't they??  "IT'S PROPERLY CALLED, A BLESSED EVENT, WHEN MIRACLE LIKE, A BABY IS SENT, FOR A CHILD'S ARRIVAL, IS GOD'S INVASION, LOVE'S RENEWAL AND A JOY CELEBRATION, TREE'S CLAP THEIR HANDS WHEN A BABY IS BORN, AND NIGHT SORROW EXITS, ON THE WINGS OF THE MORN, HOPE AND GLADNESS BETROTHED, GO DANCING THRU THE EARTH, AND FAITH AND LOVE EMBRACE, WHEN A MOTHER GIVES BIRTH!!"  WELCOME BABY EMMITT, WE LOVE YOU!!  Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


The SUO challenge was MY FAVORITE TECHNIQUE today, and it's no secret that MY FAVORITE TECHNIQUE is Marker Layering, which is coloring in layers of color....I only wish we had MORE great stamp sets in our catalog like THIS one to DO that with!!  I was the hostess for the color challenge on SCS today too, and the colors I chose for this card are Strawberry Slush, Midnite Muse, and Pear Pizazz.  Those are the only three markers I used to color this picture.  Of course I also used blender pens.  Dessert for the color challenge?? Scallops, of any kind.  So I "killed two birds with one stone" as it were, that's a dreadful expression, I wouldn't kill any birds with any stones! But I took care of two challenges, the color challenge on SCS, and the bi-weekly SUO challenge! Play along with either or both!!  Show us what you can do with these three colors only, OR show us your favorite technique!! :) Have fun! As this goes live, I will be in the second week of my brand new job, and if it goes as well as the first week did, I will be a happy camper!!  Working in a new dental office, and so far, they are doing a wonderful job of training me, and I look forward to being there for a long time!! ;) Say a little prayer for me!! I would love to stay there! ;)   And my prayers were answered pretty quickly, I was out of work less then 6 weeks! God is good, and HE KNOWS where we belong,,,,,so have a great week everyone!! Until next time.......Karen