Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I decided to combine the SUO challenge blog challenge of a one layer card with the color challenge again this week - but heck, I am just NOT the one layer card girl……what can I SAY???? I wish now that I would have made one card for each challenge but the hour is late and it's been a ROUGH day for me, and I am gonna download this puppy and hit the hay. I even bombed the color challenge because my Tangerine Tango pad was like DRY and I had to substitute old Poppy Parade, (which I like better anyhow but it looks too red??) Some days are diamonds, some days are stones, isn't that the way the song goes? Well THIS one was a STONE, and I just wanna go to sleep and wake up tomorrow and start over.  One fun thing on this card before I go is the BOW.  I did a huge workshop in Eastern Ohio and someone there showed us how to make a bow by weaving ribbon back and forth on a FORK.  No kidding.  So I tried it with the cording from Saleabration which is one of the freebies, and I kept on weaving it back and forth, back and forth, and then you tie a separate piece around the middle and I got this little sort of sunburst of cording, pretty cute on my boring one layer card. :) Okay, enough sad sack stuff from me for one post, tomorrow's another day. :) His mercies are new every morning, and I can't wait. :)  Until next time……Karen

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


So the SUO challenge for today was "New Toys", and the SCS color challenge was Coastal Cabana, Tempting Turquoise, and Crisp Cantalope.  Believe it or not, I started out with my new stamp, which I cut the Easter greeting off of and mounted it separately, because come on, these tulips are the BOMB and I don't want to be limited by Easter!!  Then I decided to use some brand new DSP and the new chevron ribbon.  This was one of the cards that you seriously almost trash, and I almost did, and then you try just one more thing to breathe some life into it and VOILA!! I love it!! But I surely started out hating it.  I colored the tulips using a crisp cantalope marker, and shaded with a bit of Tangerine Tango, (is that cheating?)  Then I did a background wash of Coastal Cabana, and I instantly started thinking gee,,,,,that looks ugly sort of….so okay, let me outline the flowers with a tempting turquoise marker, and wow, spectacular, that looks even uglier…..hmmmm……Meanwhile I am trying to rush, because I am working on a huge stamp camp coming up this weekend.  I am almost in tears now…..I do not have a lot of time to waste on this and these colors are my waterloo, they are VICKI DUTCHER colors, and she can make anything with colors like this SING……but moi……not so much.  I didn't give up, I just kept on trying.  Let me wash over the whole ugly despicable thing with an aqua painter so  - slip slop slosh, over the top of the whole image with water, there now I can throw it away since I absolutely wasted it  - it's doomed for the circular file.  At this point I have at LEAST an hour into this puppy and I want to give it artificial respiration, what can I do to save the card???? It's hideous at this point, the colors have run together, it's drab, and to top it off it's soaking wet.  JUST THROW IT AWAY KAREN AND START OVER.  SO I tossed it off to the side and started over and made a card with NO COLORING. GIVE IT A BREAK, these colors are just not you so make a card that's JUST NOT YOU…..you can go see my second creation on SCS if you want under the color challenge for this week, - I was using different toys and I was going to feature that one for both challenges, I used NEW toys, the banner punch, and more DSP, I am so NOT the banner girl, so I stretched and thought outside the box and came up with a card that is totally not me, but kinda cute all the same.  BUT even after I finished my banner card, those darn tulips were calling me from their watery grave……and I looked and I thot gee, it finally dried and is there a chance that I could actually do something with that waterlogged image of tulips?  OUT came the aqua painter again only this time I grabbed the one I must have used on my last whitewash card…..because over the top went a coat of white embossing ink all watered down and once again I thought, okay, now that is the ugliest ugly most pathetic thing you have ever made….. give.it.up.Karen.give.it.up.  I threw it off to the side again……but for some reason it kept calling my name.  I thought of an old technique I demonstrated once at Leadership where you take an image and put versa mark ink all over the top of it and then emboss with iridescent ice embossing powder,,,,would it help?  What did I have to lose? It certainly couldn't get any uglier!! So over the top with versa mark and iridescent ice, some heat from my heat tool and VOILA!!! That ugly washed out waterlogged image came to LIFE!!! What do you think? It's like the ugliest duckling card…..it's like the frog who was kissed by a princess, it's like US after God gets a hold of our lives and makes something beautiful from ashes and dust.  I think I like it!! Do you??? And God, He never gives up on us either, even when we would look pretty ugly to others, HIS unconditional loves makes beauty from ashes…….Do you like my ugly duckling card??? Until next time………Karen