Tuesday, February 25, 2014


The SUO challenge for this week is Banners, Banners.  :) I am so not the banner girl.  Or so I think.  I actually had a lot of fun making this card.  But I still say I am so not the banner girl.  I hate to say it but I live in a box.  It's the "watercolor flower box".  It's what I do best, what I love best, and what I stick to when given the choice.  So the SUO challenge team has been a swell place for me to hang out for these last few years….always making me S-T-R-E-T-C-H…..and try things I am not naturally drawn to.  I am not naturally drawn to just about ANYTHING about this card.  These colors make my lips freeze a little…..bright orange, yellow…yikes….but hey - I figure if you're being stretched you may as well go for broke.  :) I guess in the end I kinda actually like this card.  Every once in a while it's nice to see I can do something besides watercolor flowers.  :) So easy to go back and back to what you do best and what is familiar to you.  When I first saw this stamp set I was like, hmmmm…….and now I love it!!  If I keep my mind OPEN to new things, I do lots better with them.  Anybody else feel stuck in a rut sometimes???  Well make a banner card with bold lip freezing color and jump right out of that box!! Come on, you can do it, go make a banner card!  ;) Happy Tuesday!! Until next time……Karen

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


The SUO challenge this week is to use your punches!!  When I saw what Bronwyn Eastley did with HER punches, I was slightly intimidated about even uploading my card!  She made the most awesome pirate with punches!!  I'm not a huge punch girl, but I do love making little rosebuds with the tiniest flower punch….and I had fun making this baby girl card….for a very dear friend of mine who is having her first baby.  My friend Sarah is so cute….so innocent about motherhood and asking so many cute questions, like, "IS it okay if I don't want to use cloth diapers??" and things like that.  Also, since I have never been a natural with babies, will I be a natural with mine?  I think that is the universal question for new mothers…..I remember wondering before I had my first if I would love her as much as I loved our Siberian husky…..but not to worry, when Jennifer was born, the dog quickly became a dog.  We still loved Misty, but the feelings that flood the soul of a new mom are not really comparable to anything on earth…..right? Two weeks before I had my first child,  I remember awkwardly holding one of my closest friend's new baby who was three weeks old and screaming, and thinking, "oh man, i hope i have deeper feelings for mine then what I feel right now because I do not know what to do with this screaming child" - my arms hurt from holding him so stiffly and I just thought, "I am doomed and my child is too" - but not to worry, I took one look at MY BABY, and every fear and doubt melted into pure, ferocious love…..and with each child that love just multiplies.  So Sarah, no one can really prepare you for what you will feel….and how your love and your life and your marriage and your world will be changed for the better in the twinkle of an eye……just you wait and see……Until next time, Karen

Monday, February 3, 2014


The color challenge over on SCS today was a beautiful color combo by Sallie Fisher, of primrose petals, pumpkin pie, and basic grey.  Who woulda thunk it?   I kept thinking it needed brown, not grey…..but then I thought hey, it's from Sallie, who has a KEEN eye for color and she's an artist! ;) So I pulled out all the stops, and I have to say I am pretty happy with this card, it kinda sings to me!  Last week I didn't really like my card.  Nothing wrong with the colors, but it was a one layer card…..I was kinda bored with it. :) I wasn't even looking forward to uploading it.  THIS week, I was looking forward to going home all day at work so I could upload the card……bwahahaha….am I a tad OCD or what?  About stamping anyway, yes I am!!  I was thinking about heaven the other day, and I was just wondering….will we stamp in heaven?  Cuz in my little pea brain, I can't imagine life without stamping.  Sometimes in my better worry moments, I think what if i get carpal tunnel, or my eyesight fails me like my grand mother's did at 90 something?  If I can't stamp, I just can't live! Is that a bit over dramatic?  I eventually came around to thinking, Gosh, heaven is so much more, I am sure!! I can trust God that if there is no stamping, there will be other wonderful things to fill my days, like constant communion with my maker……definitely compares!! ;)  I will just have to leave that to God…but if I get there, and there IS no stamping, I 'm gonna be flying around looking for a suggestion box….yah….that's what I'll do…..Until next time, Karen