Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The SUO blog challenge for today is CLEAN and SIMPLE.  I'm CLEAN AND SIMPLE challenged.  I was pretty happy with this card, but I would have loved it if someone else made it, know what I mean?  Ever make a card that's just not you, but you know if someone else made it you would say I really like that! What's up with that?? The colors for the SCS color challenge this week are Old Olive, Calypso Coral and Lost Lagoon.  I made this card first….and kept it simple.  NO coloring, so sad.  I liked it, but I had to go on and color another one for the color challenge. :) So down here below the writing is the one I made for the color challenge.  

This card is a me card.  I love this card.  I absolutely love these three colors together.  Lost Lagoon is such an awesome new color.  I used the Calypso Coral blendabilities and the Old Olive as well.  For the Lost Lagoon flowers I stamped them right on the card stock and shaded with a q-tip and the stamp pad.  Cut them out, raised them up. :) SUCH FUN COLORS, they kind of sing to me. :) We are in the midst of getting our house ready to sell.  We are going to put it on the market and buy a ranch and have my mom move in with us.  Such a bittersweet move.  I love my house, I always have and always will.  But I think when you do the thing you know you are supposed to do, God will bless that with another house I will love, and we will be blessed in new ways! :) All that to say there isn't much time for stamping lately.  But this too shall pass.  Maybe God will give me a bigger stamp room.  haha.  I can dream, right?  :) okay, Happy Stamping everyone! Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


The SUO challenge this week was get this…..GEOMETRIC SHAPES…..okay don't laugh but I had to look up geometric in the dictionary.  Is that pathetic??  It said, having to do with geometry, the shapes of geometry….hmmmm…….the only shape I remember in geometry in high school was the sad shape I was in every time there was a test!! Geez I hated it almost as much as Calculus and Algebra.  Anyway, I discovered that a triangle, a rectangle, an octagon, these were geometric shapes, and get this, a CIRCLE is a geometric shape, YES, it's true, and a circle is like a polka dot, right? So pretty soon it all started coming together for me in true stampers language….we can do POLKA DOTS????? THOSE ARE GEOMETRIC SHAPES???? YES!!!!! I'M SAVED BY THE POLKA DOTS!!!!  So here is my card that actually has THREE different sizes of polka dots on it, I figured if I was going to dumb this down to POLKA DOTS then the LEAST I could do is supply a plethora of them!!!  I love these little wee duckies,,,,,and I thought they went well with THESE GEOMETRIC SHAPES, aka, polka dots. :) Another challenge boldly taken on, and met!! :) Go make yourself a card with GEOMETRIC SHAPES, and if you get stuck, go for POLKA DOTS!! Happy Tuesday everyone!!  Until next time, Karen