Tuesday, August 12, 2014


The SUO challenge this week was get this…..GEOMETRIC SHAPES…..okay don't laugh but I had to look up geometric in the dictionary.  Is that pathetic??  It said, having to do with geometry, the shapes of geometry….hmmmm…….the only shape I remember in geometry in high school was the sad shape I was in every time there was a test!! Geez I hated it almost as much as Calculus and Algebra.  Anyway, I discovered that a triangle, a rectangle, an octagon, these were geometric shapes, and get this, a CIRCLE is a geometric shape, YES, it's true, and a circle is like a polka dot, right? So pretty soon it all started coming together for me in true stampers language….we can do POLKA DOTS????? THOSE ARE GEOMETRIC SHAPES???? YES!!!!! I'M SAVED BY THE POLKA DOTS!!!!  So here is my card that actually has THREE different sizes of polka dots on it, I figured if I was going to dumb this down to POLKA DOTS then the LEAST I could do is supply a plethora of them!!!  I love these little wee duckies,,,,,and I thought they went well with THESE GEOMETRIC SHAPES, aka, polka dots. :) Another challenge boldly taken on, and met!! :) Go make yourself a card with GEOMETRIC SHAPES, and if you get stuck, go for POLKA DOTS!! Happy Tuesday everyone!!  Until next time, Karen


Anonymous said...

This is so fun. Love those little duckies!!!

Carol Dee said...

Ah-ha someone else that freaks out about any MATH problem. Love the card with Polka Dots :)

Sabrina said...

This made me laugh, because I recently had to make a card that called for either octagons or decagons. What!! My dies only run to hexagons, eight and ten sides required a lot of research. I'm glad the parameters of your challenge let you use dots to such great effect - and I love the sweet little duck.
Sorry for not making time to comment on a recent post to say how happy I was to hear that your daughter's story has had a happy ending. Or at least a happy step along the way to forever after.