Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The SUO Challenge this week is FALL COLORS, or Colors that make YOU think of fall….Fall is by far my favorite time of the year.  I always get that hunker down, warm, cozy feeling in fall…..and I LOVE the colors of fall,,,,I love pumpkins, and everything made from pumpkins, I love the changing leaves, I love the snappy mornings, I love sweaters, and boots, and hoodies, and I love FALL!!  Today our house was photographed so it can be listed….I can hardly wait to see it when they get the pictures posted.  Some lady got ahold of the fact that we are selling and she keeps sending me listings in my email, even though we already have an agent.  The other day, she emailed me my own house.  RUB SOME SALT IN THE WOUND WHY DON'T YOU??  HAHA.  My husband and I are going to see if we can get into some really good habits from this experience, since the house will have to look stellar at all times, it's forcing us to wash the dish we just used, pick up after ourselves immediately, and be generally good cleaners.  Wouldn't it be nice if we just lived like this?? Cuz I LOVE coming downstairs in the morning when everything is in  it's place, and there is a place for everything.  This all gives me that cozy fall feeling, a clean house, yes!! okay I am just rambling now……who, me?  Ramble?? Time for me to jet……Happy Stamping everyone, go stamp yourself some FALL!! Until next time………Karen

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


The color challenge this week is so interesting, Pool Party, Cajun Craze, Blushing Bride and dessert, any green.  I chose my favorite go to for forever, Old Olive. :) I just got so excited about these colors I forgot to peek and see what the SUO challenge was this week.  Let me explain.  We are in the process of meeting a deadline getting our beloved house ready to put on the market so we can buy a place that my mom can share with us.  So many changes…..but the thing right now is that we literally hit the ground running every single weekend, and we honestly don't stop until the weekend is up, then we cross some more things off our list, go back to work and wait for the next weekend.  In the midst of this, my step mom also moved to an apartment 8 min from us this past weekend and we spent some time helping her settle in as well.  So I carved out a bit of time when we got to a point in cleaning our garage where my husband really needed to be the one to move forward.  Kind of like him trying to clean my stamp room - he isn't sure where anything goes at some point. :) So I snuck up to the stamp room to make this card and after I got finished I reallllly liked it but then I thought, Oh man, I forgot to check the blog challenge, I could have combined….and then I started thinking oh, man, I have to make another card!! ( how I hate stamp time being rationed…but this too shall pass and my stamp time will be restored)ANYHOW to make a short story long…..when I went and checked the SUO challenge, it was to use embellishments from Page 208 and 209 in the catalog, BINGO!!  Pearls!! God cares about the little stuff……all's well that ends well, and I had time to do a few more things on our list…..such as some long over due weeding and gardening……did I ever tell you how much I hate gardening?  I love the flowers, but I HATE the work…..bugs, bugs and more bugs, oh, and dirt.  That's another whole blog entry…..until next time, Happy Stamping!! Karen