Tuesday, January 27, 2015


So the SUO challenge this week is valentines!  :) Yay! For Valentines!!  This new set called Sheltering Tree is so awesome, and I have only just BEGUN to play with it!!  and that SU glittery paper is to die for!   This is a quick and easy card I designed for a huge workshop I have in Eastern Ohio this coming weekend.  I love traveling there, to Amish country to see my friend Gloria.  I can already taste the pumpkin roll…..hmmmm….not gonna be good for my diet.  But I love going there, and seeing all the ladies I have come to know and love after at least a decade of workshops there- actually almost two decades I think. :) It's so true that being an SU demonstrator has blessed my life in so many ways,,,,none greater then in the friendships I have made along the way! So here's to a great weekend with a whole lot of Eastern Ohio ladies I love a lot!!  Happy Early VALENTINES everyone!! Until next time, Karen PS mmmmm….pumpkin roll.  :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


The SUO challenge blog today is DOTS.  I love polka dots, of any kind, so I had fun punching out these dots and adhering them to my background.  When I finished this card though, I was like, "meh" - I just don't feel like this kind of card cuts it with me.  It's okay, but I wasn't excited to upload tonite or anything.  The colors are from the SCS color challenge this week and they are difficult colors for me.  Oh well, it was fun to make.  I like this saying, especially the part about eating some ice cream too.  I live on a diet most of the time.  But I just celebrated a birthday, and I picked up two kinds of ice cream…..I texted my daughter to ask what kind her family likes and when she didn't see the text right away I just chose.  Black Raspberry Chocolate chip and Sea salt Caramel.  Oh man, I forgot how GOOD ice cream IS.  So worth the cheat.  In fact, even typing this made me want some more, so my sweet husband is getting me some now.  Gotta live a little.  I'll go back on it tomorrow, and eventually that darn stuff will be gone and I can get serious again.  Ice cream convinces me God loves me.  :) Gotta close and eat some now.  Until next time……Karen