Monday, March 2, 2015


OKAY, so let me just say at the start here that I am definitely definitely DEFINITELY BLOG HOP CHALLENGED!!!!!  So the uber talented JULIE GEARINGER invited me to participate in a BLOG HOP CHALLENGE with her, and of course, after much fear and trembling I said YES!! But I said, JULIE, my HOUSE is a MESS, to be translated in blog language to this - The girl who used to update my blog for me doesn't do that anymore and I haven't been able to hook up with someone who does, so it's kinda like inviting COMPANY over when your HOUSE is a MESS - so sweet and gracious Julie offered to help me get my blog updated and to maybe teach my how to do that on my own going forward……(and we actually have a phone date tomorrow night to do just that), SO!! Silly lame me, I was thinking the blog hop part was AFTER THAT, and on my way to bed tonite I thought, "Hey, wait, didn't she say MARCH 2nd and isn't that the date I was writing all day at work and so doesnt' that mean I only have ONE HOUR LEFT to get my project posted the right day????? See???? I am the lamest blog hopper EVER!!! And since I was thinking I still had all kinds of TIME, I didn't ask anyone to hop along with me… thankfully I'm not the only one JULIE asked or the HOP would end here!!  I am so sorry Julie to be such a DREADFUL BLOG HOPPER!!!!  But for what it's worth, here is my card, - which is also part of the SCS color challenge this week!!  I APOLOGIZE for being such a LAME HOPPER!!!  I used the photopolymer stamp set YOU'RE WONDERFUL, and created an all over design with it on my main panel and then challenged myself to KEEP IT SIMPLE which is NOT my usual forte,,,,,but I mounted it all on white and white again, with my folders for texture, (practicing real restraint here to get that clean look that does NOT come natural to me, and then I colored with Blendabilities and added some Coastal Cabana ribbon and a sentiment punched out…and VOILA!! A CAS BLOG HOP COLOR CHALLENGE CREATION!! We were also to answer FOUR questions so here they are:  1. Why do you create what you  do?  Hmmmmm……I just LOVE starting with a blank piece of paper and seeing if I can make something that "sings to me" and I just keep playing until it sings!!!  My usual style is fussy and anything BUT CAS…but I love the look of CAS and every once in a while I churn out a CAS card that I actually love.  2. What are you working on?  I work as a hostess for the SCS color challenge each week, I am part of a team of great ladies and I LOVE being on that team and creating each week with a color scheme that is only my own when it's my turn to be the actual hostess, so all the other times I am being challenged by color combos picked out by other people - and I love that it gets me outside my COLOR BOX so to speak….haha…..or all cards would be my favorite colors, and it always turns out that some of my favorite cards are from someone else's interpretation of a great color combo.  I also work as a team member for the SUO CHALLENGE Blog and we do a JUST FOR FUN challenge every other week as well - and Julie Gearinger is on that team with me…I LOVE being a part of that because it keeps me BLOGGING!!  3. How does your creative process work?  Mine works with images of cards popping into my head at all the wrong times, i.e., at work, or when I am supposed to be sleeping at night….etc. - but when I actually stamp I just start and see where I go….most times I just play and stamp until the card sings to me!!  4. How does your work differ from others in your genre?  Let's see, I get a little tongue tied when I have to answer a question that could sound like I'm tooting my own horn….but let's see, I always get told that I am good with COLOR and that's why my work stands out - and one way that I am unique is that I usually have a signature BOW, like a card is not a Karen Barber card until there is a BOW, SOMEWHERE!!!  I guess that about does it…and I truly wish now that I had someone to link for you to HOP TO, but alas, I do not  - I am such a blog hop FLUNKY……woe is me…..Julie please don't be mad at me….Until next lame time, Karen


Julie Gearinger said...

Karen, your card is gorgeous and of course, I am not angry with you!! You did a fabulous job and we will work together on getting your blog updated :-) Hugs to you, my friend and God Bless!

Maria Rodriguez said...

Karen, what a gorgeous card you made, the colors are so bright and cheerful, just a perfect sight to see for us who are still in the grip of Winter.
How wonderful that you got some help getting your blog up and running, it's really awesome to have a friend with this kind of knowledge to guide you along. I have such a friend that is teaching me the ropes of blogging, thank goodness for her!!
Thank you for sharing your gorgeous card.

Mandy said...

It is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity