Tuesday, April 7, 2015


SO, the SUO challenge this week was to make a card with the team colors of your favorite baseball team.  HELLO BOSTON RED SOX!!!!  Having lived in New York for 23 years, it was no easy feat to be a RED SOX FAN.  But that is exactly what we were/are, having been born and raised in Connecticut.  I remember one night when they Red Sox were down by so many games in the playoffs that if they lost one more game they were out.  I can't remember what year it was, but my son and my nephew and my husband, all diehard fans, had retired - gone to bed when the game was almost over because they said they could not bear to see them get beat so bad.  The house was so quiet, and I was the only one up watching this painful scenario.  Suddenly - they began to pull it out.  The night ended with me shrilly screaming THEY WON, THEY WON, THEY WON!!! And waking up our entire family who all came running to see, and the Red Sox went on to win the World Series that year!!  We were like, HELLO~~ BOSTON ROCKS!!!!  THE SOX ROCK!!!  SO proud of those guys for pulling it out from way behind and winning!!  Never give up, that's a lesson you soon learn following the RED SOX!! It's not over till it's over.  That's a pretty good way to tackle life.  Never give up.  It's not over till it's over.   Happy Baseball Season everyone! The RED SOX played their first game of the season, and so far they are UNDEFEATED TONITE!!!  :) Never give up.  It's not over, till it's over.  Until next time……..Karen


Ann S. said...

I love that you made this little guy into a Soxer (Soxette?)! I have seen many colors on him, but never these. Looks like he just flew in from Boston...great job!

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful response to the challenge. I absolutely love the colors you used. How DO you get such bright colors?

Marge Waskiewicz said...

I didn't know you lived in CT ???? Nice story. I had to always go with the Yankees, because my husband loved them. My grandchildren love the Red Sox. I'm not into sports, but love to hear all that goes on with everything.
Very pretty card, Red Sos would be proud.

Kathy L said...

I love it, Karen! I live in SoCal and am a Sox fan! My son and his wife lived in Boston for 14 years and took us to Fenway when we'd visit. How could we not root for them? Oh, btw, adorable card. TFS a sweet bird.

Maria Rodriguez said...

Hello Karen: what a stunning card, the coloring of this little bird is amazing!!! Could you tell me if you used Copic or SU markers and what colors you used? This card is simply beautiful.
Thank you for sharing.