Tuesday, July 21, 2015


SO the SUO challenge for this week was FAVORITE NEW STAMP SET, and I didn't have to think TWICE about that one - this is hands down my FAVORITE, this beautiful "hydrangea" which has been called out as a hydrangea, a rhododendron, a geranium, and I think even a few other interpretations  To me, it's a hydrangea, even though in my deepest heart of hearts I think it just might be a rhododendron, but hydrangeas are my absolute favorite, so I named it a hydrangea.  Hmph, I didn't even color it a hydrangea color, how do you like that?  That's the magic of stamping, it can be whatever I want it to be and I can color it however I want to color it! haha!!   Isn't it beautiful though??  Well, we are in the throes of moving, - closing on a new house the day after tomorrow - and we have been literally working round the clock to get ourselves out of this house by the weekend.  We have only lived in Ohio 9 years, so I'm not really sure how we accumulated so much STUFF, but we did.  I was on my way to the sack tonite to hit the hay when I remembered, OH GEEZ - color challenge night and SUO challenge blog night, and I turned right around and came back downstairs to post.  :) The days are all running together, and every day I go to work to get some rest. haha.  This too shall pass.   Happy Tuesday everyone - if you took the time to read this take another minute and leave me some love, I have been so much more motivated to blog the last couple of weeks with all that LOVE.  :) Next time I post it will be from our new house.  Thank you Jesus!! :) Happy Tuesday again, and this time I am headed to hit the hay for real.  Six AM comes reallllll soon.  :) Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


The SUO challenge this week is for designer paper…..and SU has some awesome new ones!! I used my favorite new one, which is English Garden…..so many pretty choices! I used my two favorites in that package, and I just covered them with a piece of vellum the same size to give them a more muted look.  Owl punch for some leaves, chalk talk framelets for the words and the butterfly die - voila!!  Quick, clean, and classy!  And since we are deep in the midst of packing up our house to move on July 25th, quick and clean and classy is about all I can eek out right now!! Stampers withdrawal!!! I have spent so much time packing up my beloved stamp studio, and have to start all over in the new house as my husband will be building me a new one in the basement - going to be a huge challenge!!!  So much of life is letting go of things we love to embrace new ones, isn't it?  A lesson to never hold on too tightly to "things"  - things are things and a house is a house but the people in it make it a home, and I am sure I will love my new home soon enough.  I have walked in circles in my present home, boxes everywhere, realizing a chapter in our lives is coming to an end.  No more Christmas's here with the laughter of grandchildren, no more picnics, no more hot tub, no more, no more, no more.  But the new house will bring it's own memories over the next few years.  Before long, it will be home sweet home.  Time marches on, and as followers of God He sometimes asks us to do the unexpected.  And if we do it, blessings follow.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  Like new houses, and new places to rest our weary heads.  God is good all the time.  All the time, God is good.  Until next time,  Karen  PS - 28 comments surely made me feel like someone reads this thing!!  I didn't mean to sound like a whiner, but 1 comment, 2 comments, 1 comment week after week really did have me wondering.  If you enjoy this - please continue to just leave me some love.  Means the WORLD to me…..and keeps me blogging.  :)