Tuesday, October 27, 2015


OKAY, I know pumpkins aren't blue.  But I saw some really cool ones at Christmas Tree Shops last week, and they were these colors.  Something may have gotten slightly lost in the translation.  It'll be a blue pumpkin without you……or let's see, It's my pumpkin and it'll be blue if I want to, blue if I want to, blue if I want to, you would be blue if it happened to you…..okay, I digress.  It was the old two for one, I had to make a Thankful card for the SUO challenge, and I had to use these colors for the color challenge on SCS, and why I turned to BLUE PUMPKINS I could not tell you - but what's done is done and here you have it, and this is all she wrote, so blue pumpkins it is!!  Since I am dozing as I type I think I will just call it a pumpkin, er I mean call it a night, and head to bed and have Sweet Pumpkin Dreams, but in my dreams, they will be orange.  Kind of boring, don't you think? Orange pumpkins?  Everyone has orange pumpkins but it takes someone special to make BLUE pumpkins, right?  Off to bed with me.  I am only making things worse.  :) Happy Tuesday everyone!!  Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


The SUO Challenge this week is to make a pocket card.  Okay, so my lips froze and I broke out in hives just thinking about it.  I'm not that girl.  I don't do score lines and cut lines and thing a ma jigs, or whatever you call that tool that helps you put things where they are supposed to go.  If I do do them, it's usually with someone standing over my shoulder telling me what to do next.  In a weak moment, I decided to stray from the one pocket card I have done successfully over the years and try something new.  So I stumbled upon a tutorial by Patty Bennett, who is expert at these sort of things.  I watched it so many times I could almost recite it….and all I can say is my cards come out "lumpy".  I tried several times to make one with that new snowman set that just came out this year, the one with the penguin, that you dress up, etc.  I sure miss Norman and Nelson, the last snowman set they discontinued.  The snowmen in this latest one just lack personality.  So I gave up after about three attempts.  I decided to fall back on the one thing I can't go wrong with, a flower.  So here you have it, my final attempt at a pocket card, and here's to hoping I don't have to make another one for a very long time.  Even under Patty's excellent tutalidge, I don't want to tell you how many pieces of paper I threw away.  I did it though!  And it's not too shabby. :) The color challenge over on SCS this week was ALSO a huge challenge to me - colors that I had to REALLLLLY think about.  Here is that card:
Both gave me fits in their own way.  The week before, when I chose my own colors because it was my turn to be hostess, it was no sweat.  I even made TWO cards I was having so much fun and both were completed on my first attempt.  But alas, the other ladies will not have red and pink and green and soft blue every week.  Upward and onward, they don't call these "challenges" for nothin' my friends…..it's always when I break out in hives and my lips freeze that I also come away with that victorious feeling of "I did it!!"  And when I even LIKE the final results, well that's even better. :) Did I mention that after total destroying my stamp studio to the point of oblivion, that my camera then went on strike and I had to take about a trillion pictures to get a good one of each? Some weeks are like that, yea they are.  I worked HARD this week.  So leave me some love.  :) (comments welcome) Let me know my labor was not in vain?  Happy Tuesday everyone!  And early Merry Christmas! :) Until next time, Karen