Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The SUO challenge for this week is Saleabration goodies!  This stamp set may just be my favorite!  This is the card that I made last week while I was "hanging in there" - actually I was hanging OVER there, but I thank you for all your well wishes, I am all better and even had my stamping weekend after all! I love my Orrville ladies!! Now I am late to work because I forgot to do this post last night, so this will be short and sweet!  This birdie is the cute bomb though......isn't she?  :) The motto is, whatever you are going through today, Hang in there!! ;) Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


The SUO challenge this week is BIRTHDAYS!  Aren't birthday's wonderful??  And we always need BIRTHDAY CARDS!!  I chose to post this one which I actually made for the SCS color challenge a couple of weeks ago, BECAUSE......I had the weekend from H-E double hockey sticks!!  I was supposed to go to Eastern Ohio this past weekend to hold a LARGE stamping event with some of my all time favorite stampers - but alas, I awoke on Friday morning at 2 am to spend about a half an hour before the great white throne, sick as a DOG for just about a half an hour and then off to bed I went, and when I woke up on Friday, I THOUGHT I was fine.  So I went about my day, not sure why I had to kind of choke my breakfast down, which is always cottage cheese and fruit, (I like feel totally disappointed if I eat anything else) and my coffee didn't taste all that great either, but I was just thinking I was a little queezy but I'll be fine....so on the day went, last minute packing, last minute cleaning....and at lunch time I was like, hmmmmm.....somehow I just can't eat my usual salad today, so I had a couple pieces of melba toast with peanut butter, trying to keep it bland.  My favorite scent in my Scentsy burner (blueberry cheesecake) was making me feel GREEN, and I kept thinking man, how come I usually love this smell and I HATE IT RIGHT NOW....but plug on, get ready, lots' to do, Keith will be home, gotta leave by 3:30, pack your outfit, don't forget the order forms, remember to pick up some pens, did you pack your boots? hey, stop, no, really, i said stop, lay down, before you fall down.  I went in and found my bed, which eventually led to a panic flight to the bathroom, where I spent the next couple of hours, and I won't get graphic here, but you can figure it out, right?  I was coming down with the nasty flu.....yes my friends, the NASTY one.  I have not been sick like that since I was in my 20's!!  In between episodes I text my dear friend Gloria, and say, Heads' up my friend, I am feeling rather SICK, and she texts me back and says, Immodium helps,,,,,and I chuckled, No, really, I can't swallow anything for the next few hours or I know where it will end up......I know TMI, but when I say I just KNEW in my heart of hearts that I wasn't going anywhere for the next several hours and maybe we could HOPE I could get up and leave at 2am or something.....but as the day wore on Gloria said, no, Karen, it's okay, go to bed and we will cancel - the LAST thing I wanted to do was feel like I could possibly push on through and then find out I passed it to 50 friends.......I HAD TO GIVE IT UP AND GO TO BED AND JUST WEAR OUT THE CARPET BETWEEN THE BED AND THE BATHROOM FOR THE REMAINDER OF FRIDAY.  SO.....when I named this entry THANK GOD IT'S NOT FRIDAY I WASN'T EXAGGERATING!!!!!   I AM SO GLAD IT'S MONDAY IT AIN'T EVEN FUNNY, and who says that????  SOMEONE WHO HAD THE FLU ALL WEEKEND THAT'S WHO!!!!  Also complete with aches, chills, and a rash.  YUP, a rash.  SO PLEASE FORGIVE ME IF I DIDN'T MAKE A NEW BIRTHDAY CARD AND CHOSE TO POST THIS ONE FROM TWO WEEKS AGO, OKAY?????  i am still so washed out that I went to bed and THEN remembered I needed to prepare this post so dragged myself out of bed, and here I am.....with my war story.  Forgive me, I digress.  Seriously time for this tired teddy bear to say goodnight and hit the hay.  Gonna reschedule with my girls in Eastern Ohio, I think they love me anyway!  :) Happy Tuesday everyone, and THANK GOD IT'S NOT FRIDAY!!!  Until next time, Karen