Tuesday, June 20, 2017


And the gray.  This card is way out of my lane, but I had fun stretching this week!  The gray threw me at first but then I got this idea and bam!  The SCS color challenge and the SUO blog were both patriotic themes.....nice since I had a weekend marathon from Friday to Sunday of places to go and people to see!!  This card was fun.  BUT.  Actually it took me a LLLLOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG time to make my little teeny tiny mosaic of cs pieces on the back of that star border punch, long enough that I instantly decided this would not be a class card, someone might flip out, and liability and all.....I decided to only torture myself.  After that the rest of the card was a piece of cake, but I did question myself on the border punch idea.  Okay- next week I chose the colors and I have been having night terrors every time I think of using them, so stay tuned!! If I thought THIS was a challenge watch out for next week on the SCS color challenge!........Happy Tuesday everyone!!

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Kathy Macko said...

Loved the border right off the bat! Surely didn't realize what it entailed! You story is half the fun, always making me laugh.