Tuesday, September 12, 2017


The SUO challenge this week is FALL COLORS.....and maybe I stretched it a bit here as there is no orange....but this card gives me a happy fall feeling....Fall has always been my favorite time of year....that hunker down, pull out your hoodies and get ready for boots....hot cider, fires in the backyard, I just love fall.  I got married in fall, and had my first and last babies in fall.  So this new set, just is my most favorite of anything in the Holiday Mini at ALL.  HEY, this is RANDOM.  But I am kicking this month to try and get the Alaska cruise.  See that little 24/7 button at the top of my blog?  If you click on it you can help me sail!!! ;):):) I am a shameless begger.  haha.  All orders appreciated - save me from buying a lifetime supply of monoadhesive!!! SAVE ME, SAVE ME!!!  Okay enough - HAPPY FALL EVERYONE!!!

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