Tuesday, December 19, 2017


The SUO challenge this week is a favorite image, and holly berries and these ones in particular are a favorite for me.   I just love holly and ivy.....such an iconic part of Christmas.  At my house this year, our kids are here from Africa for a whole month....so not alot of stamping is getting done as I am spending every available moment soaking up the visit of my family.  My firstborn grand daughter is here...and her sister.  It's funny how much JOY it fills my soul with, and yet there is always an ache for the ones I am not near.  It even feels a bit more acute when I am with SOME of them but not ALL of them.  What's up with that?   At any rate, I am enjoying these two girls to the max.  God is GOOD.  Tears will fall when they leave, but I am always left with a grateful heart for the time I had.  That's it for today my friends, Merry Christmas to all!! Until next time, Karen